Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town review
The best Hand held game ever

The good:

Get married
have a kid
have lots of animals
Have a kichen
be every ones friend
Plant things like flowers
Ride a horse
live life on the farm
Can drink alchol

The bad:

Can only get married by the 4th year
Time passes really fast
Theres rivils for each girl but not for the hrvest Godess
Kid wines to much
cant get drunk
can get realy boring but if you play it after 7 days you live it agian.


I love this game for my GBA. Theres lots to do. Take care of chickens cows you dog and a horse and sheep. Built up money get a wife. Sort of feels like real life. name your farm your self. Stay up till 6:00AM. Have little spirits help you. Ship things for money Read books. See people a different times. See stores close up at 5 PM. i like how the stores are closed on Sunday. Oh friday the 13th you cant watch the news. Awy buy this game it Very fun.

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