Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

How to win the Dog Disk Tournament
If you're not aare that you obtain a powerberry by winning tis competition then now you know. DSo don't take this event for granted because powerberries are important too you know!

First Step is to buy a frisbee from Won. It costs 5000G so earn your money.

Second Step is to bring your dog along with you (yes, you will have to carry him.) Also bring along with you your frisbee then go to the beach.

Third Step is to examine the sign near Kai's seaside lodge. After examining it the sign ill ask you if you want to lay frisbee with your dog. Answer yes. By practicing, your dog will be able to catch the frisbee at a longer distance and sometimes you also find goodies while your dog's catching the frisbee like a treasure box.

So that's about it. Hope I answered your question my friend. Well, oodbye now.