Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Flowers and karen's getting red heart quick!
Karen can be expensive, but i found a way to get her heart going.

Firstly, while you make money, go buy animals and all, but dont forget to give her FLOWERS everyday! There are flowers all around gotz house (Around 4) but dont give too much flowers! It's only the first gift that counts, not them all. so if you give her lots of flowers everyday, you are flower wasting! Get two flowers one to her one to her mother. So do that and expand your house when you can. Then buy the whole kitchen set before winter. And always giving her flowers and her mothers. once its almost fall ending, you should have lots of money. So, go to the store, and buy chocolate like crazy. and put them on your basket. go home and put them in the shipment box (you pay 100 for it, sell it for 100, you dont lose any money but karens heart level increase) Now it's winter, you can cook, so cook french fries if you can, (i failed to cook for her) though, its one of her favorites, so if you can you should. and buy wine! after all you're rich from all those seasons. also give her apples in fall to raise the friendship, and soon, you wil be able to get into the store sooner and go through that door. Give her ONE WINE PER DAY. at the end of the season she should be at red heart. When i was in fall doing this, she was at orange heart already!