Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Making the most money before Winter
*Needs Refrigerator by Summer and Basket by Fall*
Use a tip from anyone here for making money on Spring, Save up all your money and try to not waste any. Before Summer starts (Spring 30) Waste all your money buying Pineapple Seeds, Plant them all on Summer 1 and water till Summer 21 and you can harvest them, but the best thing to do is SAVE THEM. Try to stuff your refrigerator with as many Pineapples as you can. Then Harvest again on Day 26 (They should re-grow) and sell them. Once Fall starts, Go directly to waste 70% or more of your money on Sweet Potatoes. Hopefully you can fill your land with sweet potatoes. Now get Sprites to help you water for a week, and make sure to hire more sprites after 6 days so the wont stop watering.

This requires lots of precision now. The Sweet Potatoes should be grown on 6th of Fall. They should be ready on 6th of fall (You can buy more and plant more on the same day but not later), so harvest them and they will re-grow on Fall 8. Then again on Fall 10 BUT!! Do NOT HARVEST ON FALL 10!! You need to have all your sweet potatoes ready to harvest on by Fall 11!!.

On Fall 10, tell the sprites to help you harvest. go to see the Shooting Stars at the Mothers peak at 6pm. Then ask for the 3rd Wish which will double your profits on Fall 11!!

On Fall 11, you should have lots of Sweet Potatoes and the sprites will Harvest them. While they do that, take out all the pineapples you gathered, put them in the basket in your house untill the basket is full, Then dump it out, and repeat till your pineapples are done. Also try selling everything (Things u can find outside, Mushrooms, apples, honey, sell your milk, sell eggs, and color grass)

If you have codebreaker, go to chicken coop or barn, use the code for mythic stone, then keep throwing mythic stones in the shipping box untill you're tired.

By the next day you will have doubled Profits (Pineapples will sell for 1000 each, Sweet Potatoes will sell for 600 each, and etc. everything will double and if you code break mythic stones, they will sell for 40,000 each!!)
By the end of the day you should have a nice amount of money

The next day you can invest and use the money to buy as many sweet potatoes, then plant them, harvest and crop them. By winter you should have a very decent amount of cash!

On Fall