Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Easy tips
Easy money: Well you'll need to have lost of money before but get a basket and own a large rucksack then on horse races bet on your own or (if your horse isn't old enough) bet on the highest horse with bets then win and trade your medals for broaches (save before you enter the town square)

another one if you give won apples or gold ores he'll let you sell stuff so that's means if you won a bottle of van's favourite wine you can sell it to won for 47,000 gold but only in MFoMT

OK to get Gray's heart up you need to give him gold ores to and branches but if he is on black don't GO into the black smith shop because Mary will come and have a heart event and then he'll go to the libray a lot! So get to the black smith really early and have your ore or branch and when he comes to work give him your stuff!