Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

The key to karens heart

It is easier to start in spring. Every day give her 1+ bamboo shoot(s), it will bring her heart up to purple, then all you need to do is the heart events and hopefuly in one year Karen will be all yours!

---->Heart Events<----
Black= (Do the above first) Go to store between 10am and 1pm. When you walk in she will see you and offer you some seeds, obviously, say yes.

Purple= Again go to the store between 10am and 1pm and you will find Karen and her mother having an argument with each other and poor Jeff is trying to calm them down, it turns out a cousin is i'll and they cant decide on the kind of flowers to send her. Karen will ask you to decide. you need to pick the flowers that karen wants so pay close attention to her, i think she wants moondrops.. but try and do it for yourself

Blue= Go to the store between 10am and 1 pm (suprise,suprise) Karen and her parents and duke there. It turn out that when Karen was born her Dad Got some wine for her and duke was to make it. It is now ready and she wants you to go get it with her, obviously say yes. you end up getting some wine and her heart being green.

Green= Go to Dougs in between 7:30pm and 9:30 on a sunday(Go sooner rather than later)and you will find Karen and Duke are going to have a drinking match (poor duke, obviously doesnt know shes an extreem drinker) she and she wants you to judge it, (Its up to you to decide this one but on mine i accidentaly pressed OK and her heart didnt go up)

Yellow= Yet again go to the store between 10am and 1 pm and you will see that karen has been cooking(Not Good) and she wants her parents to try it. they are trying to find a way to say no in a nice way and suddenly they notice you are here and decide you should try it. Karen asks you and obviously you should answer Yes. you go to try it and end up in hospital because you fainted. (Oh well at least her heart has gone up!)

Once her heart is orange the shop starts to sell Blue fethers (this is the equivilant to a ring) HOWEVER do not propose untill she has a red heart!

To get a red heart you will just have to spoil her with diamonds, wine and every thing else she likes.(sigh)

To get Married you also need to Have,
2nd house upgrade;
a vase (apparently but i dont think so)
a double bed;
and a kitchen and all the equipment