Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

What she likes: Honey, grasses, your puppy/dog, and amythists.
What she looks like: Long brown hair wears "old fashion" dress.
Where she works: Library
Opened/Closed: Opened 10:00am to 4:00pm; closed on mondays.
Lives: Besides the Library;)
S&S things about Mary:
Mary is a shy girl that loves to read. She is VERY shy, but is excpresive. Once you have her past a blue heart, she WANTS to talk to. She isn't forced, like when you FIRST talk to her. For example, when you first meet her, she is a shy, shy, girl. Now, at a pink heart, she is yap, yap, yap. You want to put duct tape on her mouth.

Mary's parents are Anna and Basil. On Mondays, you can find her in the mountains with Anna and Basil, even on Monday. When they leave, they will be at home. Sometimes, they will be in the Supermarket.

Well, that is it.