Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

easy way to marry mary
mary is the girl that works at the library, as you know, she is shy when you meet her. but, once you get to know her she will like you. i have her at a pink heart currently, so this will be easy.
Mary likes herbs, all colors. I got her to say, "Thank you! I love this!" (Or something like that, i forgot) when i gave her a orange herb, so she loves those. with the blue green ones, she says, "Thanks. This is a great gift!" (something like that, as i said, forgot). She also loves honey, but says, 'Th- thanks" when given flowers or milk. That will just waste G. But, she loves your dog! I had her at a yellow heart, showed her my dog, then she was at a pink heart. but, just showing her your dog continuesly (Ex: Karen on HM 64) you are just bothering her. But, she does love your dog, but no if you show her all the time. she would love it if you gave her a amethyst once in a while, but you can only get 'em in winter, so she has to wait. so, i hope i helped!