Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

An easier way to get Ann to like you
Okay, I have submited ohter cheats, so I am pratically a pro. (I've gotten questions!!) So, here are some more cheats that I've got for you.

Okay, to get Ann to like you, she only likes certain things. Somethings, like if you give her stuff on her birthday, she'll pretand to like them. Once, I gave her a blue grass and she pretanded to like it. Somethings, she likes, but doesn't want them. I gave her a perfume, and she "liked" it. So then I figured, "Hey? Why not give her what she likes!" So then, I didn't give her perfumes or dresses, because she doesn't like them.

Oh, she likes: Sweet potatoes, sweet potato dishes, flowers, eggs, and she also likes your dog\puppy. She also likes grape and fruit juice. Oh, and rice cakes. I married her by giving her this stuff (I forgot to give her sweet potatoes but I married her in the 1st year) So, that's all there is to it!