Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

How to get Elli to a red heart in less than 1 month and 25 days
At the beginning of the game you need to get all of the herbs and things for money every day(you will need the money later). Get the flowers from below your farm every day and wrap them and give them to Elli(make shure thier not herbs). She really likes toy flowers and cat flowers. Four days before her bithday, mine for orcalics and buy a necklace(from the blacksmith for $1000 and orcalics). Pick up the necklace 3 days later and give it to Elli on Spring 16(alternate 20th), her birthday. keep on giving her wrapped flowers and see her heart events. She should be at a red heart by Summer the 25. It is also a good idea to start buying stuff from the T.V shopping channel early in the game.(on saturdays in the "inn" where there is a phone.