Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

How To Win 10,000,000 in 1 year
in summer you can collect all the things you see you put it in the shipping box,all the days you do that and you will get like 40,000(all the summers) then you go to the horse riding festival participate in it win many coins and buy necklaces fill your bow woth that that will give you 50,000 then in winter go to the winter mine get to level 30 or more and get all the diamonds and gems that you see then you put it in you basket.Then In Spring and Autumn plant seeds in all your farm then give bread to the harvest spirits all the days and they will help you to water the seeds and give food to your animals and what you only have to do is go to the forest and pick what you see and that will give you like 70,000 and you can fish,if you fish one of the king fish you will get many coins!!! and you will get 10,000,000 in 1 years!!