Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Okay, all you have to do is have a chicken that lays good quality (Did I spell that right?) eggs. Then get one Eggplant, one Buckwheat flour thing, and one rice cake, oh- and one-two flower(s). Ann will be at the Spring Mine. Give her the egg, the flour, and the flower. **I got her up to a green heart to a yellow heart by doing this, okay?** At 11:30, go into the Inn. You will have her heart scene. **Whenever her heart changes, go into the Inn at 11:30 and you\'ll get a heart scene** THIS MAY BE A SPOILER!!! Okay, for this heart scene (I think it is this scene. Tell me if I\'m wrong, okay?) Doug says, \"What do you think of Ann?\" or something like that. You can either say, \"I like her\" or \"Only as a friend\". If you hit \"I like her\", Doug will say something like, \"Phew! I was so nervous! Ann, come down here!\" And then Ann will come down and ask if anything is wrong. Doug says go stand by **your game name**. And he\'ll say, \"Ann, what do you fell about **your game name**?\" And Ann will say that it is none of his buisness and then she\'ll stomping up the stairs and Doug says, \"Ha, ha, ha! I\'ve never seen her that embarrased!!\" And then you go out and then you\'ll be back to normal.
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