Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Here are a few cheats to get Ann\'s extra love points:
Give her flowers, eggs, apples, or something else like Sweet Potatoes everyday. But once, give her something different like, after you go to the Horse race by a diamond or a necklace, or a broach, but no PERFUME OF DRESSES!! She doesn\'t like them!! I got her to a pink heart by The third year in Summer.
Here\'s a sad story:
I had the blue feather, Ann\'s pink heart, EVERYTHING FROM THE SHOPPING NETWORK (except the Power Berry), all of the upgrades, a beautiful farm, a great chicken named Claira, and a pretty cow named...., and I turned of the Gameboy to change to the SP because it was like 10 o\'clock and I didn\'t want to waste light, and when I turned on the SP, there was no \'continue button\'. I let the Game Pak rest for the rest of the night and when I tried it, still, there was no \'continue\' button. So, to be careful, don\'t be really into your game and then find out that one day, which I hope won\'t happen to you peoplers, that there is no continue button... so, hope I make all of ya\'ll beople fell better! ( ) :**o(
E-mail me if you have any questions. I\'ll be really happy to help you!