Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Nice Things to Know
When you fish on the dock and throw the fish or junk that you don't want back into the water, it counts as LITTERING, and people hate you for it. So make sure to throw it away with the garbage can at the Square or restart the game if you can. If you've already littered and you aren't getting cards from people on your birthday or some such, then you'll have to go talk to Carter in his confessional room. You better save, because sometimes he says your forgiven, and sometimes he chews you out like none other.
Ann's dad Doug doesn't give you the proper recipe for his Cheese Fondue. He forgot to say bread. So the real recipe is:

Eer, that's the complex one, anyway. In any case, be sure to add the bread.
Here are all the powerberries I've found; I see others don't match up with my list;

-Dig in your farm
-From the harvest lady if you give her things (flowers; crops) for 10 days in a row
-Exchange medals in the horse race
-You get one as a prize for winning the Horse Race
-You win one in the Frisbee tournament (I got this from a friend; I've never managed to win that tournament)
-Fish on the dock with a mythril fishing pole
-One from the TV shopping network
-Behind the cave on the Lake in Winter
-In level 19 in the Lake Mine
-Level 100 in the Spring mine
*It may be the other way around. I'm pretty sure that's it, but just to be cautious...)

If you've seen all your rival's heart events but aren't friends with them, 7 days after you saw the last one, go to the church to see their wedding.
I can't remember if someone said this or not;
If you want to see a special scene envolving Cliff, any day in Winter while its snowing, enter the Square from the *bottom*/south entrance.