Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Guide for Ann (Newbie Guide)
I am new so this will be short ... to get Ann to like you, you must bring her things she likes which are... spa-boiled eggs, chocolate, cheese fondue, which since I am new I can not make her because you have to have a kitchen. If you take your dog to her she will say "ahh... it's so cute" and that will give you extra points with Ann. I got to the blue heart level by bringing her things as often as I could and eventually on her B-Day I gave her chocolates wrapped and then I got the purple heart. As her on other Guides, there are heart levels.There are events, the black one is triggered between 10am and 1pm, she and her father will offer you a meal ...accept, then you got to get a purple heart with her, so buy her things she likes. Then that event is on the second floor of Doug's inn (where Ann lives) between 10am and 1pm. This is how far I am, I will try to to update this but I hoped I helped you out with Ann... good luck.