Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Evening Wildlife
This will only happen at night when your cattle and chickens are outside. At night, sometimes wild dogs will come and try to scare off your cattle and/or chickens. The only way to save your cattle is to have a wooden or stone fence with plenty of grass in it to keep them safe. There are three ways to tell if there is a wild dog on your farm:

1. You hear very loud barking.
2. You see it on your farm map.
3.You see it running past you.

There are three ways to make a wild dog go away:
1. Have your dog chase it away, your dog has to be outside on your farm to chase the wild-dog away, your dog does this on his own.
2.If you want to be violent, hack away at it with your hammer, axe, sithe, or hoe.
3. Put your dog inside and wait for it to leave, don't worry, it can't get to your animals if they are all inside the fence.

Also, the wid dogs can't hurt you. They are just bluffing and being arrogant when they do that really loud barking. Also don't leave your animals outside if it is going to rain the next day, they will almost always get sick, and you can check the weather on the weather channel on your t.v. every day! Well, I hope I helped you! Bye! ^-^

P.S.- chickens don't need to be fed, so they don't need grass, they can find things on their own, don't waste the money if you don't want to!