Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

The Summer's Night Flower
Okay, sometime in the summer, and if you are friends with Ellen(Elli's Grandma)well, first off, if you are not very good friends with her, she loves Jam, any kind, Pink Cat flowers, homemade food, mostly any kind, and be very nice to Stu, (this is her grandson) being nice to him will help, most days at 1:00 P.M. you'll find him outside the church with Carter and May. Stu likes sweets, and if you could guess, he hates vegetables, that means anything homegrown... (believe me, I've even tried sweet potatoes, but that's not the point) he also likes balls, which you can buy from Won the merchant who is currently residing at Zach's beach house, you can buy them from him, but only one at a time. Oh, and you should be nice to Elli, Ellen's grandaughter, she likes jewelery,hot milk, and any kind of flower, just don't give her herbs.

Ok, once you've gotten Ellen to be your friend, one day go to Ellen's house on the north side of town, and she'll say that Basil will be coming over soon, just wait! When he does come, Ellen will say there is a flower that only blooms on a summer's night and she want's to see it again before she dies. The flower should appear on the Peak of Mother's Hill. ( don't worry, if she see's the flower, she won't die, i can promise you that) i hope it works for you! bye! ^-^