Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Power berries!!
1. Give one flower daily to the harvest goddess, for ten days. On the tenth day, she will thank you for visiting her, and give you a power berry.

2. In winter, go to the winter mine, but don't enter it, go behind it and press A. There will be a power berry there.

3. In spring, grow cucumbers and drop one in to the lake (where the kappa lives) every day for approximately 10 days. He will give you a blue power berry.

4. Win 900 medals from the horse races and exchange it for a power berry.

5. Dig in you farm, (where you grow crops) and you will eventually find a power berry.

6. Once you've bought everything from the tv shopping network (on saturdays) you will be able to buy a power berry for 10 000 g i think, (tell me if i'm wrong.)

There are other ways to get powerberries, like digging in the spring mine, but i haven't done that yet so you'll have to figure the rest out.