Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Have a son
To have a son you have to be married first choose from the six girls: Ann, Karen, Elli, Popuri, Mary, or the havest godess. then be very nice to your wife by giving her presents everyday and one day when you woke up your wife will say that her tummy hurts and take her to the doctor and he will say she is pregnent.
After one or two season you will wake up walking around the house and hearing your wife screaming.
After that your son is born, but for the first few season your wife will be holding your son so you can't talk to him yet. Another day when you woke up you heard your wife say to you your son fell off the bed,that is when you could talk toyou son:After the doctor said your son was OK.You could talk to your son right after that and if you want him to like you more you could hive him stuff he likes almost anything other than vegetables.