Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Get Poupri to Red in less than 3 seasons!!!
This does cost some gold, but not too much. First, you need to buy one Chicken, which is 1500 gold, then build a rock fence and keep the Chicken in it. Put the first egg it lays into the incubator. Eveyday get the egg it lays and then give it to Poupri (she loves eggs) at the Hot Spring area, she is there around 8:00. Keep doing this, and everyday another Chicken starts laying eggs, put one in the incubator. I ended up giving Poupri 4 eggs a day.

If you upgrade your Chicken coop, you can have more Chickens, if you give Poupri the eggs you get from them, too, you can get her to red much faster.

Also, during the Fall, give her the three apples that fall off your tree, she loves them, too.