Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Tips

Get 1000000G or more in 3 season
On spring, the first five days check your tv until you find the Harvest Goddess game show. Win 10-15 times until you get a relaxation tea leaves. Keep on doing that and earn 50000G. Then bring your baasket on the 18 and trade your meadals for broaches and fill your basket and your bag.it gives you 68000G if you've fully expanded your rucksack. Then forage and plant cucumbers and turnips. Plant 20 crops in a 9x9 pattern. It gives you around 200000G. Now in spring you have 219000G.

ON summer plant pinneaples. Plant 20 bags in a 9pattern and earn a profit of 200000G. Forage some plants and earn around 50000G.By now you will have 250000G.

On fall.... This is my favourite season!!! A money making favourite ^^. Gather truffles and other foraging items and earn 100000G. You may find truffles behind the church or at the mountain behind the huge sone, break it using a blessed hammer. Plant 20 sweet potatoes in a 9x9 pattern. Earn a total of 600000g. Now go to the horse race in 18th. Fill your basket and rucksack and earn 68000G.

In winter just forage and play with your animals. Milk, sheer and ship animal stuffs and earn 20000G.

In one year now you have around 1100000G