Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Make 60,000 G in a Horse Race

This is similar to the other cheat, How to get 10,000G fast, but instead of earning 10,000 G, you can earn 60,000 G.

The day of the Horse Race (Spring or Fall 18) bring your basket with you and go to the Rose Square. But save your game before entering the festival, which starts at 10:00 AM.

When you enter, immediately watch all of the races, do not make any bets; racing in the third race is optional.

When watching the races, record which horse wins each race. Then, restart your game.

When the Gameboy turns back on, you will return in front of the Rose Square before the festival starts. Go to the betting booth and bet all of your money on the Horse who won before; the outcome should be the same.

But for the third Horse Race, if you are participating, it is really easy to win. If you are positive that you will win, bet on yourself before the third race begins.

After all of the races, you should have a lot of metals. Exchange all of your metals for broaches and put the broaches into your basket. (broaches are the most profitable item you can exchange for in the Horse Races. It sells for 2,000 G each when shipped, and takes 18 metals to exchange.) It is a little time consuming, but worth it. When your basket is filled, you should receive 60,000 the next day when Zack collects the shipment.

If you want to make some more money, have all of your rucksack slots empty. If you have a basket and a size 8 rucksack, you will receive 76,000 G. If you have a basket and a size 4 rucksack, you will receive 68,000 G. And if you have the rucksack you start your game off with, you will receive 64,000.

But if you want to make 2,000 G more, fill in all of your rucksack slots, including the one you carry an item with. Since you have your hands full, you will have to return to the Rose Plaza the next day and pick up your basket. Don't worry, the basket will remain in the same place you left it.

Since the Horse Races occur twice a year, you can receive 120,000 G just by participating in a festival.

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There is a chance that the second race will not always receive the same winning horse. If that happens, try restarting your game. If that doesn't work either, bet on a different horse. The first horse race will always have the same winner every time, the second one is random, and the third one, you can almost guarantee that you will be the winner. Either way, you will still receive a lot of metals.