Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Fishing for Money: Advanced
This will only work if you have the Cursed Fishing Pole (Located on the 29th level of the Winter Mine), Blessed Fishing Pole (Use the Cursed Pole 255 times to remove the curse and change the item into the Blessed Fishing Pole), or the Mythic Fishing Pole.

During the Summer there are 2 Festivals that occur on the beach. (The Dog Frisbee Festival, and the Fireworks Festival.) On those days you can make a lot of money fishing. Here is how:

Bring your basket and Cursed/Blessed/ or Mythic Fishing Pole to the beach. Since no time passes, and no energy is used, you can fish until your basket and 8 slots in your rucksack are full. (I averaged 1 Pirate Treasure every couple of minutes, so it will take 1-2 hours to coplete. Note: You cannot save during the festival!)

When fishing, keep only the Pirate's Treasure, toss everything else. Place the Pirate's Treasure in your basket util it i full. Keep fishing until 8 slots in your rucksack are also full. (Be sure not to try and keep 9 in your rucksack or you won't be able to pick up your rucksack.)

Net result for the fishing trip will be 380,000G.

A Word of Warning:

There is a drawback to this cheat. The heart level for the Sprites, and your wife, will drop. The first time I used this method everyone's Heart level had dropped by 3. The second time I used this method everyone's Heart level had dropped all the way to 0! Yes, you will have to work to get them back up.