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4 jewels of truth
(9 in all)
UnlockableHow to unlock
1library,second last bookshelf
2next to the barn,dog house
3in the stable,watertank
4from church to town square,the first streetlamp
5mountain house, behind calendar
64 jewels of truth
6buy from Won(in zack's house)
7exchange from mayor in horse festival
8Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
9Take all 8 to Thomas' house and check the refrigerator
Carter's Confessional
On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Rainy Days between 1 and 4 PM, Carter will be in the upper-left room and is able to remove cursed tools and accept confessionals. You are given one chance to confess to something. If he forgives you, then you will be encouraged to move on and something will happen. If you are not forgiven, you are scolded and the result may potentially be the opposite. The confessions not mentioned have little or no effect.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Increase ALL animals' affection toward you.Confess "I was cruel to my animals"
Increase ALL animals' affection toward you.Confess "I did not care for my animals"
ALL villagers will increase in affection toward you.Confess "The townspeople don't like me"
ALL Harvest Sprites will increase in affection towards you.Confess "I overwork the Harvest Sprites"
You may marry the Harvest Goddess after meeting certain criteria.Confess "I want to marry the Harvest Goddess"
Wake up normallyConfess "I slept in late."
Gain back the villagers love if you littered the roadConfess "I literred in the road"
Decrease all animals affection toward youConfess "I was cruel to my animals" and don't get forgiven
Decrease all animals affection toward youConfess "I did not care for my animals" and don't get forgiven.
Have a higher chance to wake up laterConfess "I slept in late." and don't get forgiven
Decrease ALL harvest sprites affectionConfess "I overwork the Harvest Sprites" and don't get forgiven
Harder to marry the Harvest GoddessConfess "I want to marry the Harvest Goddess" and don't get forgiven
Unlockable Items
Extra Types of Seeds!
UnlockableHow to unlock
moon stonedig until 19th floor at the winter mine
Unlockable Items
To unlock the below items, you'll need to perform these tasks:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Teleport StoneBe in at least year 3 on your farm and dig for it on the 255th floor of the Sping Mine.
Jewel Of Truth'sBuy the Shelf from the Saturday Shopping Network.
Mythic StonesFound in floor 60 and below after blessing all the cursed tools.
Record PlayerBuy it from Van (aka Lou) after linking with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life with the necessary tasks completed on that game.
Record CDsBuy from Van (aka Lou) after linking with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.
Gem of TruthCollect 9 jewel of truth and give them to Mayor Thomas, (you must empty tool in rucksack)


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5 ways Earning 3K or more sorry if less
Requirements:4 Turnip Seeds(At least spring 4 but date you want but not spring 20 well you can but i warned you) Tools for the job and Bold or Other Harvest Sprite must be 3 hearts or they w'ont help you
1.Till the Hoe 3x3(4x)
2.Water it (do this every day you need a harvest sprite) for that
3.Wait For Days Until They Are fully grown
4.ship it
5.Enjoy 3,000K or more
Note:Those who want Extra K Gather items from mountains And Mines
50G Curry Powder
When you're going to buy a Curry Powder in the store, it says it's 100G, but it's actually 50G only!
Affection of Karen
To make Karen love you more instead of giving her popcorn, wine and french fries, you can go to the supermarket any time except Sunday and Tuesday 1 pm to 4 pm (When she is outside), get your basket (If you have), buy all the chocolates in the supermarket by filling up your basket and rucksack and then sell it in shipment box when you buy it it is 100 G when you sell it it is 100 G too so it won't affect any of your money. Another is you don't need to fill all of your rucksack and basket you just need to spend all your money or until you can't buy anymore.
Affection of villagers
To increase affection towards villagers, give many gifts on their birthdays. To know if they like you or not (except girl that you can marry), 1st that you can go inside their bedroom, 2nd is that married wives tell you receips of how to cook something.
An easier way to get Ann to like you
Okay, I have submited ohter cheats, so I am pratically a pro. (I've gotten questions!!) So, here are some more cheats that I've got for you.

Okay, to get Ann to like you, she only likes certain things. Somethings, like if you give her stuff on her birthday, she'll pretand to like them. Once, I gave her a blue grass and she pretanded to like it. Somethings, she likes, but doesn't want them. I gave her a perfume, and she "liked" it. So then I figured, "Hey? Why not give her what she likes!" So then, I didn't give her perfumes or dresses, because she doesn't like them.

Oh, she likes: Sweet potatoes, sweet potato dishes, flowers, eggs, and she also likes your dog\puppy. She also likes grape and fruit juice. Oh, and rice cakes. I married her by giving her this stuff (I forgot to give her sweet potatoes but I married her in the 1st year) So, that's all there is to it!
An easy way to get Karens heart points to go up...sky rocketing
Kay its really simple. For every merchandise you buy from the store you get a heart point for Karen. You may think, hey i don't want to waste money. But there is a way. Buy chocolates which is 100g and ship it for 100g. In the end you get your money back guaranteed. This was from another cheat i have read.

But to make it better is bring a bucket, put the bucket a side close to where you buy the chocolates. For example to your right is your bucket and to your left is the chocolates. Buy 1 chocolate at a time (if you want to buy tons at a time but the rest cant fit in your sac) and put it in the bucket. Repeat this until you either ran out of money or your bucket is full. Go to your shipping bin and dump all the chocolates in there. If you got time before the 5pm shipment, return to the shop to buy even more chocolates. Do this till your out of money and you have delivered the chocolates in time for the 5pm shipment.

Karen had a purple heart at the time i figured this cheat out. When i had made 2 full shipments of chocolates in one day, the next day i went to Karen and found a blue heart. Before you know it maybe you can get Karen to marry you in a month. Though i have not varified this yet but its really plausible
Angry villagers
If you put golden lumber in your field the next day all of the townspeople will get angry and call you names like "moneybags". But their just jealous that you have enough money to buy a golden lumber and they don't.

WARNING! putting gold lumber in your field will make your wife's hearts go down and if your not married she will not like you as much as before.
Animal medicine
When your animal gets sick, press B when using the animal medicine as a tool then the animal will get cured/happy again.
Ann's 'Mother'
Ann's mother died when she was still young,so, she doesn't have much memory of her.But on 5th of Autumn,go to the peak of mother's hill.You will see Doug thinking of her as it was her death anniversary(you can give him a mushroom to cheer him up).If you go to Doug's Inn, you will see Ann working by herself.She will go like"It's hard to take care of thing when my dad isn't here!".
Here are a few cheats to get Ann\'s extra love points:
Give her flowers, eggs, apples, or something else like Sweet Potatoes everyday. But once, give her something different like, after you go to the Horse race by a diamond or a necklace, or a broach, but no PERFUME OF DRESSES!! She doesn\'t like them!! I got her to a pink heart by The third year in Summer.
Here\'s a sad story:
I had the blue feather, Ann\'s pink heart, EVERYTHING FROM THE SHOPPING NETWORK (except the Power Berry), all of the upgrades, a beautiful farm, a great chicken named Claira, and a pretty cow named...., and I turned of the Gameboy to change to the SP because it was like 10 o\'clock and I didn\'t want to waste light, and when I turned on the SP, there was no \'continue button\'. I let the Game Pak rest for the rest of the night and when I tried it, still, there was no \'continue\' button. So, to be careful, don\'t be really into your game and then find out that one day, which I hope won\'t happen to you peoplers, that there is no continue button... so, hope I make all of ya\'ll beople fell better! ( ) :**o(
E-mail me if you have any questions. I\'ll be really happy to help you!
You know that you have to put your animals in on a stormy/snowy/etc. day, well now you don't. Simply save one night and go to sleep. In the morning check the weather for the next day. if it is stormy/etc. then reload the game from the last night and go to sleep again.


You know on one of the days in winter the mayor comes to see if you have a certain object (I believe it is the 2nd) and will give you something for it? Save the game the night before and go outside in the morning, he will ask you if you have an object but if you don't reload the game and go to sleep. Go outside the day he comes and he will ask for something different!
Becoming friends with the Harvest Sprites
To get the Harvest Sprites to do jobs for you, you have to have a 3 heart relationship with them. To get them to have a good friendship you need to give them presents. Harvest Sprites love flour so buy loads of flour and give it to one who you want to do your jobs for you and keep doing it until you get a 3 heart relationship.
Once you have done that you can play games with them and they will have look after the farm. Remember to reward them for their work or they will lose hearts! Hope I helped!!!!!
Befriend The Sprites

Trying to make friends with the Harvest Sprites? An easy way to make them like you is to give them the herbs on the beach from spring to fall. They are located very close to their house (behind the church) and they love them. You'll be playing with the gnomes and having them do your work in no time.

When giving grass to harvest sprites, make sure to try and color coordinate (e.g. give the blue sprite blue grass, purple sprite purple grass, etc.) This will have a much bigger effect in building friendships.
Birthday Letter
On your birthday if it is not in Summer and you know Kai he will give you a happy birthday letter. And the girls with yellow heart and above will give you too.
Bodigizer XL
Some recipes require Bodigizer XL, and if you haven't noticed, they don't sell that at the hospital, so to bake this you need Bodigizer (get from the hospital), blue grass, and a mixer.
bottom of the spring mine
now am gonna tell the easiest way to get to the bottom of the spring mine:

1.when youre inside the floor youre in dont do anything just save your game.

2.then find the way downstairs to the next floor.

3.after you find it you gotta memorize it.

4.after you memorized it load the saved file you saved.

5.then go to the spot where you find the stairs.

do this in every stage you went and i assure you you will get the teleport stone oh i forgot to tell do this after 3 years


Broaches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
By a broach, necklace, earrings or bracelet at the blacksmith's. They cost 1,000G. Then sell them in your shipment box for 2,000G. You just made 1,000G!
Burning Rubbish
If you have a cooking failure/garbage
1. Keep A Lot Of Wood/Lumber
2. If you have cooking failure/rubbish
3. Put the wood in the Fireplace (Anyway you must have a 3rd House Extantion
4. Then Put anything into the fireplace (It must have fire in it)

I hope it helped
Carter, He speaks German
On the day that Duke comes to your house. I think that it is Fall 15 or near there. If you say yes he will ask you to bring one other person. I asked Cliff. But if you are just joking around then ask Carter and he will talk in German. Choose the bottom one if you were joking.
Catrer/Girls Love/Friendships
When you want to marry a girl, you only need to giver her one item a day. *For Example:*You want to marry Popuri. You are giving her 8 eggs a day. The first eeg you give her encreases her love points. The other 7 just increase friendship points.
Hope i helped.
PS Carter likes Moon Dumplings (sugar and muffin mix) and Miso Soup (miso and a fish)* (you might need a pot) *
When you give carter something, he will say "thank you i am in your debt". If you give him something and he says "my the harvest goddess bless you", go into the church and go to the door on the left. It should open, revealing carters backyard.
Change The Weather!!!
Everyday once you've finished your work, before you sleep, save. The next day if there is a weather(Sun,rain,typhoon,etc.,etc.) you don't want, load the game you saved the night before and go to sleep. The next day, the weather should be different. If it isnt then keep trying! Good Luck!

Cheese, yarn and mayonnaise maker
To obtain these makers you must have the first upgrade for your barn, each of these cost $20,000.. you need the yarn maker in order to make socks.

To get socks- You must be friends with Ellen(Old lady), after she has given you the sandwich recipe, in the wintertime if you give her yarn she will make you socks. Hang these socks on Winter 25.. or someday near there im not sure.. and you will recieve a present from Thomas in the nightime.

You DO NOT need to buy this. Don;t waste your money. To make mayonnaise you can just cook it. Recipe: Normal egg, oil, whisk, vinegar
You can either choose Cliff to stay in town or go away and never come back.
To make Cliff stay in town, in Fall, Manna's husband will come and ask you if you can help him harvest his grapes. Agree and before he left, he will say that you can bring another person to help him. Ask Cliff, then he will agree. Next day he will come with you and he will have a job and never leave the town.
Cooking School
After you've become good friends with Anna, go to Basil's House on a Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm. Inside you'll find Anna and Manna. Manna is in need of some cooking instructions and has asked Anna to give her some pointers. Anna asks if you would like to participate too. If you tell her you would, she'll tell you to come back next Saturday.

For the next 5 times you visit Basil's house on Saturday between 10am and 1pm, you'll receive a new cooking recipe from "teacher" Anna. You'll learn how to make Cookies, Pudding, Ice Cream, and three other nummy desserts.
Daily Chanels
This is my first helps I know this is mostly for beginners but still I like to help!

Monday : Fishing Hour

Tuesday : Dueliing Chefs

Wednesday : Aaron Changes

Thursday : Star Lilly, Bandit Girl

Friday : Mechabot Ultror

Saturday :TV Shopping Network or St.Emerald Academy

Sunday : My Dear Princess

Ps:sorry for my grammar errors, very sorry

Ps:Hope i helped! =D
dates to avoid with elli
if you're trying to marry elli without distractions from rival events
avoid theese time to see elli

if elli has black heart avoid the clinic on moday through wednesday.
if elli has a blue heart avoid ellen's house (house to the right of library) on monday between 9am through 7pm.
if elli hs a green heart in the second year avoid the Clinic on Thursday between 9am and 7pm.
if elli is at orange heart by year 4 avoid Mineral Beach on a Wednesday between 7pm and 10pm.
Dirty Mark!!
After u hoe the ground and plant anything,and after the plants harvest,marks on the ground made by the hoes would be still there
Get rid of them by throwing small stones one them =]
Dog Hearts Faster
If you take you're dog to bed and let him stay with the horse/cows/sheep/chickens ect. he will be happier and his hearts will increase faster. But always remember to pick up you're dog every day by pressing A and put him down by pressing A again.
Don't always trust the mines!
When you go into either of the mines, sometimes when you use your plow to find the stairs, there might not be any stairs. Thats what happened to me, and I was on the 21 floor on the winter mine!
Earn 1,000,000++ on Summer alone!
You must have a mythic Fishing Rod (which you can get on the Spring mine level 60 below after blessing all the Cursed Tools) and fish at least 2 Pirate Treasure a day while planting Pineapples on the whole field. (looks over but I meant it, the WHOLE FIELD).

On the Summer Dog Festival, I got 490k by getting 30 Pirate Treasure, which time doesn't move nor stamina will deplete!

By the end of the Summer I earned 2M which is a big jump than Fall's Sweet Potatoes!
Earn money by chickens
you can earn money by chickens.
put a egg to born a chick and then when it grows into a chicken sell it you have to buy foder of 70 and you can sell it for 500$ means you have profit of 430$<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.
earn up to 100K in Autumn
First, buy at least 6 or 8 bags of sweet potato from the supermarket and plant them on the 1st or 2nd day of Fall. Sweet Potato costs 120 so if you have a 6 9x9 plant of sweet potato, you will earn up to 90K in Fall. 90K in just sweet potato. If you want to earn more, just add 3 9x9 plant of carrots and in addition, you will earn up to 100K. Oh, I forgot, you have to befriend the Harvest sprites to help you to water and harvest your crops. It works. I earned up to 110K in Fall. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Cooking Contest Win
In your first year if you have Elli as your girl freind, she'll come to you on August of the Pumpkin Festival and she'lll give you chocolate cake. On the next Cooking contest if the topic is dessert take the chocolate cake and enter it. The Gourmet should declare you the winner. It really worked for me.
Easy Money!!
Ok so ya might want to have the large rucksack and the basket to do this. Go to one of the horse races but stop right before you go in. Save your game and go inside. Start the race and remember who won. Turn your game off and back on, and go in the races. Bet on the winning horse with all the money you got. The horse that won last time will win this time too. Go collect your winnings and get as many broaches as will fit in the basket. Fill up your rucksack too. Go home and sell all of them, and the next day at 5pm if you did this right you'll have almost 100,000 added to your gold. There are two horse races a year, so if you do this then you'll be rich in no time!
easy money!! $$$$$
when horse racing comes.... tkae your basket to the races and bet lots of medals on each horse.(if you have a horse, enter it and lose purposely and bet loads on your oponents) then fill your basket up with necklaces! these sell for 2.000g each so a full basket= 60,000g. also fill up your 8 spaces in your rucksack. Then empty your basket and rucksack into your shipment box.
Easy tips
Easy money: Well you'll need to have lost of money before but get a basket and own a large rucksack then on horse races bet on your own or (if your horse isn't old enough) bet on the highest horse with bets then win and trade your medals for broaches (save before you enter the town square)

another one if you give won apples or gold ores he'll let you sell stuff so that's means if you won a bottle of van's favourite wine you can sell it to won for 47,000 gold but only in MFoMT

OK to get Gray's heart up you need to give him gold ores to and branches but if he is on black don't GO into the black smith shop because Mary will come and have a heart event and then he'll go to the libray a lot! So get to the black smith really early and have your ore or branch and when he comes to work give him your stuff!
easy tool experience
Go into your house and use your tool over and over again until you get full experience.
while you do this your time wont go down but your energy will
easy way to earn $$$
get your hammer and go to any mine then mine around until your rucksack is full of copper/silver and go ship it then fish:)
easy way to marry mary
mary is the girl that works at the library, as you know, she is shy when you meet her. but, once you get to know her she will like you. i have her at a pink heart currently, so this will be easy.
Mary likes herbs, all colors. I got her to say, "Thank you! I love this!" (Or something like that, i forgot) when i gave her a orange herb, so she loves those. with the blue green ones, she says, "Thanks. This is a great gift!" (something like that, as i said, forgot). She also loves honey, but says, 'Th- thanks" when given flowers or milk. That will just waste G. But, she loves your dog! I had her at a yellow heart, showed her my dog, then she was at a pink heart. but, just showing her your dog continuesly (Ex: Karen on HM 64) you are just bothering her. But, she does love your dog, but no if you show her all the time. she would love it if you gave her a amethyst once in a while, but you can only get 'em in winter, so she has to wait. so, i hope i helped!

If you befriend Ellen she will do 3 things.

1. She will give you the recipe for Sandwiches. (Butter+Bread+Cucumbers+Hao-ÝBoiled Egg+Tomato)

2. Give her yarn in Winter and she will knit you socks for you to hang up on Christmas & get a prize.

3. In summer she will ask you to find a flower to keep her alive. {I haven't experienced this 1st hand, but someone told me about it}
Everything on the Shopping Network
When the TV shopping channel is on, these are the items you can get:

No special requirements

Mirror----------1000 G
Clock----------2000 G

1st house extension

Refrigerator----2500 G
Cabinet--------2500 G

1st extension + refrigerator

Kitchen---------4000 G
Seasoning Set--2500 G
Knife-----------1500 G
Frying Pan-----1200 G
Pot------------1000 G
Mixer----------1200 G
Whisk----------500 G
Rolling Pin------750 G
Oven-----------2500 G

2nd house extension

Rug-------------5000 G
Big Bed---------10000 G
Power Berry-----10000 G
EXP on Rod
If you cant be bothered to waste time fishing to get your rods exp up.Stay indoors and keep on using your rod and when you get tired take a bath or eat something keep doing this untill you get the level that you want.
Extra Lumber
When fishing on your farm (or anywhere else), if you fish out a branch, keep it. Then go and place it in the brown land where you plant crops. Chop it with your axe and you'll have an extra piece of lumber.
Favorites of Ann
Here are some things that she LOVES:
Boiled Egg
Scrambled Eggs
Baked Sweet Potato*
Sweet Potato
Anything you grow
your PUPPY

*I had a green heart for ann and when I gave her baked sweet potatos wrapped, it turned yellow!
Fire place
You can have the fire place when you upgrade the house for 2 times. 1st time you will get kitchen 2nd time you will get a space for the big bed and a fire place. It helps you recuperate the stamina and fatigue if you put lumber inside. Because when you put lumber inside there will be fire and then you can throw anything inside the fire to burn it.
Note: when you throw something inside you cant take it out anymore.
Fish List:
Here is a listing of what fish there are in the game, when & where you can catch them, and what sizes you can expect. The listings are in alphabetical order per category.

Sea Fishes:

Blowfish: Winter: Medium, Large
Bonito: Summer & Fall: Large
Cod: Winter: Medium, Large
Dorado: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Large
Filefish: Winter: Small, Medium
Flounder: Any Season: Large
Fluke: Fall & Winter: Medium, Large
Greenling: Spring & Winter: Small, Medium
Herring: Spring, Summer, & Winter: Small, Medium
Kelp Bass: Fall & Winter: Large
Lionfish: Any Season: Small, Medium
Mackerel: Fall & Winter: Medium, Large
Needlefish: Spring: Small, Medium
Ocean Sunfish: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Large
Pigfish: Spring & Summer: Small, Medium
Red Snapper: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Large
Rock Trout: Spring & Winter: Small, Medium
Sandfish: Winter: Small
Sardine: Any Season: Small
Saury Pike: Fall: Small, Medium
Scad: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Spanish Mackerel: Spring & Winter: Large
Tuna: Any Season: Large
Yellowtail: Summer & Winter: Large

Mother's Lake Fishes:

Black Bass: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Medium, Large
Bluegill: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Cherry Salmon: Summer & Fall: Small, Medium
Crucian Carp: Any Season: Medium, Large
Fat Minnow: Any Season: Small

Upstream Fishes:

Black Bass: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Medium, Large
Bluegill: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Cherry Salmon: Summer & Fall: Small, Medium
Fat Minnow: Any Season: Small
L. Salmon: Spring & Fall: Small, Medium
Mountain Trout: Spring, Summer & Fall: Small, Medium, Large

Upstream can only be accessed from the Bridge leading the Mother's Peak.

Downstream Fishes:

Bighead: Any Season: Large
Bitterling: Any Season: small
Black Bass: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Medium, Large
Bluegill: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Brown Hakeling: Spring, Summer, & Winter: Small, Medium
Eel: Summer & Fall: Large
Golden Carp: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small
Lake Smelt: Winter: Small, Large
Roach: Spring & Fall: Small
Salmon: Summer & Fall: Medium, Large
Silver Carp: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Silver Carp: Any Season: Large
Snakehead: Summer & Fall: Medium, Large
Whitefish: Any Season: Small, Medium

Downstream runs along your farm and down past Lillia's and the Yodel Ranch.

Goddess Pond Fishes:

Black Bass: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Medium, Large
Bluegill: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Crucian Carp: Any Season: Medium, Large
Golden Carp: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small
Lake Smelt: Winter: Small, Large
Silver Carp: Spring, Summer, & Fall: Small, Medium
Snakehead: Summer & Fall: Medium, Large
Whitefish: Any Season: Small, Medium

--- Yes I realize that there is a double listing for Silver Carp. At a guess someone mucked up the translation again. =/
Flowers and karen's getting red heart quick!
Karen can be expensive, but i found a way to get her heart going.

Firstly, while you make money, go buy animals and all, but dont forget to give her FLOWERS everyday! There are flowers all around gotz house (Around 4) but dont give too much flowers! It's only the first gift that counts, not them all. so if you give her lots of flowers everyday, you are flower wasting! Get two flowers one to her one to her mother. So do that and expand your house when you can. Then buy the whole kitchen set before winter. And always giving her flowers and her mothers. once its almost fall ending, you should have lots of money. So, go to the store, and buy chocolate like crazy. and put them on your basket. go home and put them in the shipment box (you pay 100 for it, sell it for 100, you dont lose any money but karens heart level increase) Now it's winter, you can cook, so cook french fries if you can, (i failed to cook for her) though, its one of her favorites, so if you can you should. and buy wine! after all you're rich from all those seasons. also give her apples in fall to raise the friendship, and soon, you wil be able to get into the store sooner and go through that door. Give her ONE WINE PER DAY. at the end of the season she should be at red heart. When i was in fall doing this, she was at orange heart already!
Flowers last
once you have a vase choose a flower that grows that season you are in because if you choose a flower that only grows in winter and you put it in the vase during summer it will only last one day but if you choose a flower in season it will last up to a week!
For Beginers!!!
1)You can Put corn on the WATERMILL(beside the chicken coop) to make 30 Bushels of chicken feed

2)Throw "Blue magic grass" or any magic grass in the river beside the hot spring ,every day...the Harvest goddess will ask you if you want to communicate with a GAMECUBE,choose "NO"....Here are the REWARDS:

1st ten days: Power Berry
2nd ten days: A wish to make the girl you like love you more.
3rd ten days(or more): White flower....

Hope it Helped
Free chicken food
If you dont want to buy chicked food or its the day of an event and you just noticed you havent got any chicken food left, all you have to do is make a fence out of stones on your farm and then put your chickens in there. They feed themselves off of stuff on the floor so you haev another day to get food. Make sure when you put your chickens out that it is not raining or snowing and make sure you chexc the weather for the next day as it maybe a storm. As long as the weather is sunny this cheat wont harm your animals. Hope this is a help.It works for me. Cya x
Get Red Magic Grass
Save the game before doing this.
In fall go to won's place and buy two blue magic grass packets and plant them. Take a look on the farm map, where you planted them. Most of the grass wll look blue, but if you are lucky, one or two will appear red. If no red ones appear, Load the game up again and do this until you see the red grass.
Get 1000000G or more in 3 season
On spring, the first five days check your tv until you find the Harvest Goddess game show. Win 10-15 times until you get a relaxation tea leaves. Keep on doing that and earn 50000G. Then bring your baasket on the 18 and trade your meadals for broaches and fill your basket and your bag.it gives you 68000G if you've fully expanded your rucksack. Then forage and plant cucumbers and turnips. Plant 20 crops in a 9x9 pattern. It gives you around 200000G. Now in spring you have 219000G.

ON summer plant pinneaples. Plant 20 bags in a 9pattern and earn a profit of 200000G. Forage some plants and earn around 50000G.By now you will have 250000G.

On fall.... This is my favourite season!!! A money making favourite ^^. Gather truffles and other foraging items and earn 100000G. You may find truffles behind the church or at the mountain behind the huge sone, break it using a blessed hammer. Plant 20 sweet potatoes in a 9x9 pattern. Earn a total of 600000g. Now go to the horse race in 18th. Fill your basket and rucksack and earn 68000G.

In winter just forage and play with your animals. Milk, sheer and ship animal stuffs and earn 20000G.

In one year now you have around 1100000G
Get Ann to purple in the first year
This cheat worked for me, I\'m not sure if it\'ll work for everyone else because I might\'ve just been lucky. What I did to get Ann was I\'d give her the flowers that were growing in that season everyday. I\'d go to talk to her everywhere she was everyday, each time giving her a flower.
During the winter, since there are no flowers growing, I went to the mine and found the purple-ish stone, I think it\'s called Amitheist or something. I gave that to her and her heart went purple.

Afterward, I started giving her grapes in the Summer and her heart went higher.
Get Elli to red heart in a year!!!
To get Elli to red heart in a year, all you have to do is give her (everyday) the Toy flowers in spring (The white ones you get from mothers hill.), Pink cat flowers in summer, magic blue grass in winter and talk to her winter!!
P.S. If you want her to be at red heart faster and you have a reasonable amount of money, wrap the presents when you can!!
Get heart points on popuri
Get a chicken that lays P eggs (win contest and chicken has spent 600+ game hours outside), get 20 f its eggs, turn one into mayo (oil + egg + whisk + vinegar) and then make scrambled eggs (oil + egg + mayo + frying pan), wrap it and give it to popuri. It is her fave thing in the world. also have 8 chickens.
Get in supermarket early
Ok its pretty simple. After you become from friends with Karen and a little with her dad you will be able to go into the supermarket at 8:00 a.m. Hope that helps
get karen fast and befriend harvest sprites
ok to get Karen just buy chocolates and ship it she likes if you buy anything from her dad so you can buy flour and wrap it (I suggest 5 flours)but you'll need a lot of money with you but it's okay.Give it to a harvest sprite which has three hearts or more it'll be easier.once that's done lets get back to Karen's business if you have a lot of money collect 3 bamboo shoots and give it to Karen she likes bamboo shoots 3 of them makes it better and buy wine too.This is the easiest way to get Karen and it's never takes too much time either bye
Get karen, Quick!
Karen is the quickest and easiest girl in the town so here are a few tips to get her even quicker

1) Get wine from the winery wrap it up and give 1 bottle to her every day except in spring, in spring you should give her bamboo shoots to save money, she loves them just as much

2)If you are good in the kitchen make her some pizza or french fries because she realy loves them and they are her favourite and her heart will go up ultra quick

also if you buy things from the store she likes you more.

get lots of hearts on the harvest sprites.
first you got to give each harvest sprites flavour until they have 3 hearts. then you ask them to help you on their farm. each day they come on your farm give then one flavour and each time you ask them to help you you give them on flavour. this will turn up the heart points really quick
get medium milk quickly
When you get a cow pregnant, name the calf whatever you want, but add a heart at the end. When your cow grows up it skip small milk and go straight to medium milk. Why? Because its hearts get up faster.

get money in winter
Make sure you have a basket. every day, got to the lake mine and collect jewels until you turn blue. empty your basket. Then go to the spring for 1 hour, and fish till midnight. (but don't forget to take care of your animals)
Get Popuri heart points up faster
Get Popuri heart points up quicker
Firstly you need to have the 2nd upgrade on the house and the cooking materials to do this. Upgrade the chicken coop and get 8 chickens, then get the 3 of the small egg or whatever egg size it is and put it into your bag. Go inside your house and use the frying pan + egg + oil (from the supermarket) do this until you get 3 of them, then you give them to Popuri she will blush do this every day and this will makes her heart point go up faster.
I hope this will help you, It did for me!
Get Poupri to Red in less than 3 seasons!!!
This does cost some gold, but not too much. First, you need to buy one Chicken, which is 1500 gold, then build a rock fence and keep the Chicken in it. Put the first egg it lays into the incubator. Eveyday get the egg it lays and then give it to Poupri (she loves eggs) at the Hot Spring area, she is there around 8:00. Keep doing this, and everyday another Chicken starts laying eggs, put one in the incubator. I ended up giving Poupri 4 eggs a day.

If you upgrade your Chicken coop, you can have more Chickens, if you give Poupri the eggs you get from them, too, you can get her to red much faster.

Also, during the Fall, give her the three apples that fall off your tree, she loves them, too.
get white grass
Go down to Gots house (you can only do this in winter)but dont go in instead go up behind it there you will see a path (theres nothing there in spring summer or fall)go down the path to the very end of it there you will find white grass which sells for 150g. Also you can win some on the new years game show if you guess right I think it was in about 5 or 6 times in a row. Hope I was a help.
Getting Karen a red heart in less than one year!
Spring- Give 3 flowers each day to Karen and she'll have a pink heart...........oh and giver her wine! mine turned blue on the 24th day

Summer-Give her bamboo shoots and wine and she'll have a yellow heart

Fall- her birthday is the 15 unless your birthday is the 15th then her bday is 23 so give her lots of flowers, wine, and try to buy diamonds in the horse race!her heart will be orange Winter- Give her diamonds,wine and amythests that are wrapped and her heart will be red! so on the starry night festival you have to ask her she doesnt ask you it will be a sunday so go to the bar at 7:30 and ask her her heart has to be yellow so once its red you have to buy this stuff:
Gifts of girls
When you are in the blue heart event:
Mary: book
Karen: Wine
Elli: Pressed flower
Ann: Broken recorder
Popuri: Mud Ball

In winter's thanksgiving day the girl that have a purple heart and above will give you a chocolate/chocolate cake. They will come one by one. 1st is 6 am then 8 am then 10 am then 12 noon then 2 pm.
Give different gift
if you give the same gift to people the second gift efficiency will decrease by half.
Hospital Sign is spelled wrong.

Talk to police officer when it is snowing and he will say it is raining.

If you are trapped between a door and another person, you can walk through them.
Golden Lumber
If oyu ever get this item do not put it on your lawn. It will result with everyone coming to your house everyday untill you put it down.So just put it in your cupboard.
Guide for Ann (Newbie Guide)
I am new so this will be short ... to get Ann to like you, you must bring her things she likes which are... spa-boiled eggs, chocolate, cheese fondue, which since I am new I can not make her because you have to have a kitchen. If you take your dog to her she will say "ahh... it's so cute" and that will give you extra points with Ann. I got to the blue heart level by bringing her things as often as I could and eventually on her B-Day I gave her chocolates wrapped and then I got the purple heart. As her on other Guides, there are heart levels.There are events, the black one is triggered between 10am and 1pm, she and her father will offer you a meal ...accept, then you got to get a purple heart with her, so buy her things she likes. Then that event is on the second floor of Doug's inn (where Ann lives) between 10am and 1pm. This is how far I am, I will try to to update this but I hoped I helped you out with Ann... good luck.
Harvest Goddess game prizes
If you win __ times:
1: Nothing
2: Grass/herb
3 to 9: Noodle Power/Truffle/New year rice cake
10 to 14: Tea leaves
15 to 19: Lotion
20 to 24: Water
25 to 29: Tissue
30 to 39: Perfume
40 to 49: Dress
50 to 59: Golden Log
60 to 69: Fish Fossil(5000 G)
70 to 79: Treasure box(10000 G)
80 to 89: Ketchup recipe
90 to 99: Fried potato recipe
100: Book
Harvest Goddess in the Spring
give her wild flowers everyday every 10 days she will give you something.
1st ten days: Power Berry
2nd ten days: A wish to make the girl you like love you more.
3rd and more tenth days: White flower.
Harvest Sprite Business
There are several different colour wild grasses all around The Mineral Town, and there are several different Harvest Sprite colours. Have you figured it out yet??? If you want the Harvest Sprites to like you, give the the same colour of wild grass to the colour of their clothes!
harvest sprite help
Ok if you want to play or get help from the harvest sprits give the a lot of flower and bread a day you\'ll get them to like you faster
Harvest Sprites
To make friends with Harvest Sprites, give them flour everyday, average 2 flour equals to 1 heart. The best is giving them on their birthdays.
If they have 3 hearts and more with you, it means you are friends with them.
After making friends with them, you can ask them to water your crops, harvest your crops, or take care of your animals (not including dog and horse).
You can make them faster finish the jobs by training them when they are in their house, though you can only train them once a day.
Harvest sprites affection
The harvest sprite each have a birthday and if you wrap a package of Flour as many times as possible for each sprite whos b-day it is you can get 10 hearts in one day for the sprite.(ex:I gave hoggy about 15 packs of flour all wrapped and his hearts went from 0-10 in 5 minutes!!!)
Have a son
To have a son you have to be married first choose from the six girls: Ann, Karen, Elli, Popuri, Mary, or the havest godess. then be very nice to your wife by giving her presents everyday and one day when you woke up your wife will say that her tummy hurts and take her to the doctor and he will say she is pregnent.
After one or two season you will wake up walking around the house and hearing your wife screaming.
After that your son is born, but for the first few season your wife will be holding your son so you can't talk to him yet. Another day when you woke up you heard your wife say to you your son fell off the bed,that is when you could talk toyou son:After the doctor said your son was OK.You could talk to your son right after that and if you want him to like you more you could hive him stuff he likes almost anything other than vegetables.
heart points with elli (no heart events)
birthday: spring 16 (alternate spring 20)
special items: Moon Dumpling, Red Magic Grass, Hot Milk

favorite items: Milk, Strawberries, Elli Leaves, all accessories, Pink Cat flower, Toy flower, Blue Magic Grass, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Strawberry Milk, Noodles

extra love point: pay 10gp and have the doctor examine you
Help on Getting a Wife
If you want some help on getting a wife, everyday, go to Mother's Hill and throw in a gift into the spring for the goddess. Do this daily. She likes flowers. After a while she will give you a gift. SHe does this every now and then. One day she will ask you if there is a girl you like. Select a girl and the goddess says she will make this girl feel more romantically to you.

Too sad that I chose Ann when I meant Karen. It'd be funny since my name is Karen and in the game, my wife is also called Karen.
Hidden Egg
Sometimes in your Chicken Coop You cant find one or more eggs, look by the walls and you may find an egg of your chicken if you dont have found it before.
Beware to dont take the egg and throw it away pressing A again!
Hidden White Grass Behind The Church!
In the church, there are 2 doors in the back.if you are able to go through the one on the top right, you can find items.In the fall you can find mushrooms and truffles, but what no one has noticed is that in the winter, there is a hidden white grass! Which sells for 150 Gold. If you can find the outher white grass in the mountain, then you can make 300 gold a day!
High heart levels for animals
Go to the church on a monday or a wednesday and save the game. Go to the door on the left in the church to confess that you dont take care of animals or that you were cruel to your animals, if the HG forgives you then you will get one heart point for one of your animals, if the HG doesnt forgive you then reload the game and try again. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
To get a horse, you should let Barley know you first.
To get the horse earliest, it is on Wednesday if it is Sunny. Hold something then go out and Barley will come. If you didn't hold anything , Won will come and sell him apples.
how 2 raise baby hearts
you pick up your dog and walk in frount of your baby and wait 2 or 3 mins and at the end of the day his heart meater will go up by 1.
How I got Ann to Red Heart in 1 Year!! (The Easy Way)
Yes, I'm a girl who plays this game but i don't really care because HM FOMT rocks! Btw, this is my first hint/tip thing, so i'm sorry if this seems confusing! I'll try to get better for you guys!!

Anywayz, so what i did was:

-First, I made money to buy a chicken (i think 1,500 G) This was done by buying cucumber, potato,and turnip seeds from the Supermarket and planting them. (I did the same for all the other seasons too)

-While waiting for crops to grow, I would continuously give Ann flowers. I gave stuff to her 3 times a day, but she didn't really care.

-After selling some crops and making enough money, I bought me a Chicken! Oh, and don't forget to buy some feed (or make a fence using stone and drop the Chicken into there so it could feed itself; WHEN IT'S SUNNY ONLY!!).

-As soon as my Chicken starting laying eggs, I placed one in the incubator box on the left side of the coop. The next day it laid eggs, I brought it over to the Hot Spring by the Harvest Goddess pond. ANN LIKES SPA-BOILED EGGS (or any Egg recipe, as a matter of fact)!! When you stand north of the Spring and throw in the egg, out comes a Spa-Boiled Egg!

-To save time of running ALL the way to the Inn, give Ann the Spa-Boiled Egg when she's already at the Pond, which is 8:00 AM-10:00 AM.
*ANN'S BIRTHDAY IS ON FALL 17!! FOR EXTRA LOVE POINTS WRAP UP A SPA--BOILED EGG AT THE SUPERMARKET AND GIVE IT TO HER <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

~By doing this, I/you'll had/have Ann at a Red Heart by Winter.
Hope this helped! x3
How to get 10,000G fast
This comes in # easy steps:

1) Have your bag upgraded once
2) Go to the horse races(as soon as they come) with an empty bag
3) watch all 3 races (bet if you want)
4) If you have at least 100 medals , trade them in for necklaces- completley fill your bag with them and hold one. If not, then you can't do this cheat.
5)Take home the necklaces and put them ALL in the shipment box.
6)Each one sells for 2,000G so...
7) When Zack comes the next day, you'll recive 10,000G!

By the way, I HAVE tried this and it DOES work.
Okay, all you have to do is have a chicken that lays good quality (Did I spell that right?) eggs. Then get one Eggplant, one Buckwheat flour thing, and one rice cake, oh- and one-two flower(s). Ann will be at the Spring Mine. Give her the egg, the flour, and the flower. **I got her up to a green heart to a yellow heart by doing this, okay?** At 11:30, go into the Inn. You will have her heart scene. **Whenever her heart changes, go into the Inn at 11:30 and you\'ll get a heart scene** THIS MAY BE A SPOILER!!! Okay, for this heart scene (I think it is this scene. Tell me if I\'m wrong, okay?) Doug says, \"What do you think of Ann?\" or something like that. You can either say, \"I like her\" or \"Only as a friend\". If you hit \"I like her\", Doug will say something like, \"Phew! I was so nervous! Ann, come down here!\" And then Ann will come down and ask if anything is wrong. Doug says go stand by **your game name**. And he\'ll say, \"Ann, what do you fell about **your game name**?\" And Ann will say that it is none of his buisness and then she\'ll stomping up the stairs and Doug says, \"Ha, ha, ha! I\'ve never seen her that embarrased!!\" And then you go out and then you\'ll be back to normal.
E- mail me if you you got any questions. THanks.
Tulsaproject@cs.com (Don\'t add me to your address... or I\'ll delete all of your messages. Thanks!)
How to get Elli to a red heart in less than 1 month and 25 days
At the beginning of the game you need to get all of the herbs and things for money every day(you will need the money later). Get the flowers from below your farm every day and wrap them and give them to Elli(make shure thier not herbs). She really likes toy flowers and cat flowers. Four days before her bithday, mine for orcalics and buy a necklace(from the blacksmith for $1000 and orcalics). Pick up the necklace 3 days later and give it to Elli on Spring 16(alternate 20th), her birthday. keep on giving her wrapped flowers and see her heart events. She should be at a red heart by Summer the 25. It is also a good idea to start buying stuff from the T.V shopping channel early in the game.(on saturdays in the "inn" where there is a phone.
How to get lots of $ if you are patient
For this,you need a mystrile fishing rod.Remember to carry a basket with you.Go to the winters mine.Dig to lv9.You will see a passage.GO in and use your mystrile rod on the lake.The first few times you will fish up trash.If you are patient enough,you will fish a fish fossil.Put it in your basket.Then fill your 8 slots with it.This takes a long time.This will work with a mystrile rod or higher.With this method,each time participating you will get over 150,000g.You can do this a lot of times every day since time doesn't continue in the mine.
How to Get Socks
Be really good friends with Ellen (Elli's grandma) and in the winter give her any size yarn.
How to Get The other White Grass
If you are good enough friends with Pastor Carter (You can become friends with him by giving him daily offerings of some of his favorite items such as; Eggs, Turnips, all Fish, Curry) then he will let you in the back door in the back of the church. In the Fall you can gather mushrooms & a Truffle. In the winter you will find a white grass. Look carefully because it blends in.
How to get three girls to like you in one year:
When you are getting stuff from Mother's Hill, keep one bamboo shoot, one flower, and one regular quality egg in your rucksack. Spa-Boil the egg and give to Ann, give the flower to Elli, and give the bamboo shoot to Karen. After one year, Karen and Elli were up to a red heart, and Ann was up to orange.
HOW TO MAKE affection of girl towards you faster.
harvest moon is almost like a real life. so there is a character of every people. that's mean they like something and hate something too. here is my tips :

- karen like wine ( you can buy it )
- mary like vegetable juice ( make it by cucumber and mixer )
- ellen like milk and hot milk ( make it by pot and milk )
- poppuri like scramble egg's ( egg, oil, and frying pan )
- Ann like egg on rice. (egg, rice, and pot ).

of course there is the other thing they like. but that is what i know and i do often, but don't forget to visit them often and find the event. i hope it helpful.
how to raise heart points with your cow
To do this you need the following:
brush and milker (when the cow is ready to milk)

1. talk to your cow
2. milk it
3. brush it
this also gets you better quality milk if your interested!!!! :-)
How To Win 10,000,000 in 1 year
in summer you can collect all the things you see you put it in the shipping box,all the days you do that and you will get like 40,000(all the summers) then you go to the horse riding festival participate in it win many coins and buy necklaces fill your bow woth that that will give you 50,000 then in winter go to the winter mine get to level 30 or more and get all the diamonds and gems that you see then you put it in you basket.Then In Spring and Autumn plant seeds in all your farm then give bread to the harvest spirits all the days and they will help you to water the seeds and give food to your animals and what you only have to do is go to the forest and pick what you see and that will give you like 70,000 and you can fish,if you fish one of the king fish you will get many coins!!! and you will get 10,000,000 in 1 years!!
how to win in the cooking contest easily
If your theme for this year is desserts you shoukd try this recipe:

ice cream\pot,whisk,sugar.The ingredients are apple,SUGDW apple,HMSGB apple,
AEPFE apple,milk,honey and egg...

i won with this recipe.Hope that i help,,
How to win the cooking festival in the 2nd year
How to win the cooking festival in the 2nd year??Is simple, Well you will need to raise a girl heart higher than the green, then you will have to have a fridge to store food. When the winter thanksgiving come, A girl will come a give you a give ( like a chocolate cake )to you...But don't it eat yet, you have to store it in the fridge then wait for the cooking festival to begin.
How to win the Dog Disk Tournament
If you're not aare that you obtain a powerberry by winning tis competition then now you know. DSo don't take this event for granted because powerberries are important too you know!

First Step is to buy a frisbee from Won. It costs 5000G so earn your money.

Second Step is to bring your dog along with you (yes, you will have to carry him.) Also bring along with you your frisbee then go to the beach.

Third Step is to examine the sign near Kai's seaside lodge. After examining it the sign ill ask you if you want to lay frisbee with your dog. Answer yes. By practicing, your dog will be able to catch the frisbee at a longer distance and sometimes you also find goodies while your dog's catching the frisbee like a treasure box.

So that's about it. Hope I answered your question my friend. Well, oodbye now.
Info on Jewel of Truth
I found a Jewel of Truth at Summer 29 at Mary's Library on 10:00 AM, then found another one at the Lamp post between the Church and the Lamp post near Rose Square, then another at your dog's house and at the water from the stable, you need to wait until Winter comes for the Jewel of Truth at the back of the Lake mine, and the and the 4 most hard to get is from Won and the Horse Race especially from the Mountain Cottage calendar.
Item Cost List
$Cost List:$


(Where you can buy it: Grocery Store)
Shop Hours: 09am - 05pm, closed on Sundays and Tuesdays

  • 3000 G Rucksack, size 4
  • 5000 G Rucksack, size 8
  • 5000 G Basket
  • 100 G Wrapping Paper
  • 1000 G Blue Feather
  • 100 G Bread
  • 100 G Rice Balls
  • 50 G Curry Powder
  • 50 G Flour
  • 50 G Oil
  • 100 G Chocolate
  • 100 G Muffin Mix
  • 120 G Turnip
  • 150 G Potato
  • 200 G Cucumber
  • 150 G Strawberries
  • 200 G Tomato
  • 300 G Corn
  • 150 G Onion
  • 500 G Pumpkin
  • 120 G Eggplant
  • 300 G Carrot
  • 300 G Sweet Potato
  • 200 G Spinich
  • 500 G Grass


    (Where you can buy it: Carpenter's House.)
    Shop Hours:11am - 04pm, closed on Saturdays

  • Wood : 50 G each, buys you 1 piece of wood
  • Golden Wood : 100,000 G each, appears after you collect 999 wood
  • House upgrade #1 - 3,000 G + 200 wood
  • House upgrade #2 - 10,000 G + 700 wood
  • Chicken barn upgrade - 5,000 G + 420 wood
  • Animal barn upgrade - 6,800 G + 500 wood
  • Vacation Home- 100,000,000 G + 999 wood
  • Bathroom - 30,000 G + 580 wood
  • Home Window redesign - 25,000 G + 300 wood
  • Dog House redesign - 20,000 G + 500 wood
  • Mailbox redesign - 10,000 G + 200 wood


    (Where you can find it: Chicken Farm)
    Shop Hours:
    Open: 11:00am - 04:00pm
    Closed: Sundays

  • 10 G Chicken Feed
  • 1000 G Animal Medicine
  • 1500 G Buy a Chicken


    (Where it can be found: Blacksmith)
    Shop Hours: 10am - 04pm, closed on Thursdays

  • Tool upgrades : 1000 G - 50000 G :
  • Brush : 800 G
  • Milker : 2000 G
  • Scissors : 1800 G
  • Mayo Maker : 20000 G + Adamantite
  • Cheese Maker : 20000 G + Adamantite
  • Yarn Maker : 20000 G + Adamantite
  • Necklace : 1000 G + Orihalcum
  • Earrings : 1000 G + Orihalcum
  • Bracelet : 1000 G + Orihalcum


    (Where it can be found: Yodel Ranch)
    Shop Hours: 10am - 03pm, closed on Mondays

  • Fodder - 20 G
  • Buy a medium Cow - 5000 G
  • Buy a medium Sheep - 4000 G
  • Cow Magic Potion - 3000 G
  • Sheep Magic Potion - 3000 G
  • Animal Medicine - 1000 G
  • Bell - 500 G


    (Where it can be found: Snack Shack)
    Shop Hours: 11am - 01pm, 05pm - 07pm, closed on Sundays

  • Water - 0 G
  • Baked Corn - 250 G
  • Spaghetti - 300 G
  • Pizza - 200 G
  • Snowcone - 300 G


    (Where it can be found: Zack and Won's house)
    Shop Hours: 11am - 04pm, every day except holidays

  • Dog Ball - 100 G
  • Frisbee - 5000 G
  • Cabbage Seeds - 500 G
  • Pineapple Seeds - 1000 G
  • Bell Pepper Seeds 150 G
  • Moondrop Flower Seeds - 500 G
  • Pink Cat Flower Seeds - 300 G
  • Magic Red Flower Seeds 600 G
  • Toy Flower Seeds - 400 G
  • Truth Jewel - 50000 G


    (Where it can be found: Doug's Inn)
    Shop Hours: Shop Hours: 08am - 09pm, every day except holidays

    Inn daytime menu items for sale
    08:00am - 01:00pm / 03:00pm - 06:00pm

  • Water - 0 G
  • Daily Special - 500 G
  • Salad - 300 G
  • Apple Pie - 300 G
  • Cheesecake - 250 G
  • Cookies - 200 G

    Inn evening menu items for sale
    06:00pm - 09:00pm

  • Water - 0 G
  • Mt.Grape Wine - 500 G
  • Pineapple Juice - 300 G
  • Milk - 200 G


    (Where it can be located: Aja Winery)
    Shop Hours: 10am - noon, closed on Saturdays

  • Wine - 300 G
  • Grape Juice - 200 G

    (Where it can be located: Library)
    Shop Hours: 10am - 04pm, closed on Mondays

  • Does not sell books. You can read it by pressing A while facing the book shelves.
  • Just a Little More Fishin' Help
    Besides during festivals, the time bar will also disappear during heart events (ex: between Kai & Popuri). Fishing at these times will not decrease stamina or fatigue either but your rod won't gain any experience. If you don't have your rod at the time you can go back to your last save and bring it- saving often alwaws helps too.
    Kappa and HG
    In spring plant Cucumbers and throw them to the Kappa (on mothers hill in the lake) for ten days in a row. he will give you a special blue berry which decrease the amount of stamina and fatiuge used. Then, plant turnips because they are the cheapest and throw on into the HG pond. In ten days she will give you a power berry. In another eleven days she will ask you 'Is there a girl that you like?' Say yes and pick a girl and she will raise her affection!
    Kappa Jewel
    k this only happens in the winter time. u go to the mine near the mountain ( mother"s Peak ) and start looking for gems. If u keep on coming out and going bak in and start hammering on stones u will find a kappa jewel sumwhere. If u collect all nine of them sumthing may happen. U can ONLY find kappa jewels in mines!! i will tell u wat happens when u collect all nine!!

    Hoped i helped u all!!
    Karen in a few easy steps
    Everyday the Store is open (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday), meet Karen outside the store between 8:00 and 10:00 and give her a wrapped bottle of wine or more. If you miss this time slot, she is in the store from 10:00 to 6:00 when the store closes for the night
    On Tuesdays, meet her at the Hot Springs between 2:00 and 4:00. Take your dog with you because she thinks it's cute and bring her a bottle of wine
    On Sundays, Join her in the Inn after 7:30 and give her some wine
    Everday in Summer, go up the mountain and collect the 3 bamboo shoots there. Put 2 of them in the fridge each day and give the other to karen along with that days wine. After Summer you will hopefully have enough left over in the fridge to last her needs for the next couple of seasons
    Karens Birthday is the 15th of Fall so give her 5 or more bottles of wine and some bamboo as a gift

    Karens (and the other girls) heart order goes like this:
    - Grey Heart; she is hardly attracted to you at all, you only just know each other
    - Pink Heart; she might have a bit of a crush on you
    - Blue Heart; she really does like you
    - Green Heart; getting more serious
    - Yellow Heart; probably loves you
    - Scarlet Heart; you can now buy a Blue Feather at the shop
    - Dark Red Heart; Marriage?

    Karen also likes you buying from the shop where her parents work. A simple way of getting her love is spending all your money on Chocolate or Curry Powder ($100 a peice) and then selling them again for the same price. You lose no money and Karen likes you for spending all that money at the shop!

    Good Luck Marrying Karen!
    keep time
    When you put items in the shipment box you lose time. Go into your chicken coop or barn and use the shipment box there. Then you wont lose any time.
    Keeping Cliff in town
    When Duke visits your house on the 14 of Fall he'll ask you to help them with the grape picking. Say, "Sure I'll help" and then he'll say "oh and you will need some1 to help u". Go and find cliff and ask him about it
    less popularity from town
    if you fish on a day (festvil) at beach you lose popularty in town by 100% and if you have wife her heart will drop 100%
    Lots of chicken feed
    All you need is corn go up to your chicken pen to the left off it holding corn press a on the left side of the pen and get 30 chicken feed
    Love Points
    Ann's Extra Love Point
    When you start your game, there is an EASY way to earn a girl's extra love point. For Anne, all you have to do is buy food from the Inn, but the 0 G Water doesn't count.

    Karen's Extra Love Point
    When you start your game, there is an EASY way to earn a girl's extra love point. For Karen, all you have to do is buy anything from the grocery store!

    Mary's Extra Love Point
    When you start your game, there is an EASY way to earn a girl's extra love point. For Mary, all you have to do is walk up to the 2nd floor of the Library. Simple, no?

    The Harvest Goddess's Extra Love Point
    When you start your game, there is an EASY way to earn a girl's extra love point. Unfortunately, for the Harvest Goddes, obtaining this extra love point isn't so easy. In order to do this, you have to use the Pedometer, fish, or ship items in quantities of 10², 10³, etc.

    Popuri's Extra Love Point
    When you start your game, there is an EASY way to earn a girl's extra love point. For Popuri, all you have to do is own eight chickens.
    Love Points for Karen
    During spring, go to the lake near mother's hill and pick the bamboo shoots. Keep them in your refrigerator and give one a day to Karen. SHE LOVES THEM.

    Also during winter when you can go to the mine on the lake; GET ONLY AMETHYSTS! Wrap and give to Karen to get that heart level up.

    She also likes french fries, popcorn, and wine. Her B-Day is Fall 15 so save up some bamboo shoots and give her one of those and amethyst, popcorn, french fries, and a thing of wine (wrapped of course).

    If you do all of this, she will be your wife in no time.
    first you need to but the basket(5,000) then save your game befor the races. watch them. don't bet. resstart game. the first one will definitly be the same so bid the highest on that. the second one is random so use your best judgement. if you are sure you can win bid on yourself. them exchange what you win for broaches. you can only hold 30 so don't go crazy. then put them in the bin and the next day when zack pickes up your order you will have 60,000 gold!!!!!

    hope i helped

    Ps. sorry for the misspellings if there are any (witch there probably are!!)
    make money in winter!!!!!!!!!
    In the winter, go above Gotz's house and go to the entrance to your farm. Then walk totally right and beside the tree there will be white grass.

    White Grass can be sold for 150gp!
    Make people happy/like you
    Here are some tips to make people like you:

    But plenty of chocolate from her shop which will increase her heart level

    Give him lumber once or twice a week so he will still upgrade your things

    You Dog:
    Lift your dog up everyday! If you want to make him happier go play ball with hi at the beach.

    To make Ellen happy,give her yarn every time your sheep gives wool. Keep it up and she will get you a sock to hang up on Christmas.

    Jeff:(Karens dad)
    Buy many things from his shop, so he will have more trust in you if you marry Karen.

    You should befriends with Rick, by giving him eggs once in a while or visiting there shop everyday.(Hint: If you wish to marry Popturi, Rick won't be as mad.)

    To make Carter happy, give him anything! He appreciates anything you give him. (Hint: This will make you unlock the secret door at the back of the church.)

    Give Elli grasses or things you like. She also likes it when you be nice to her family members.

    I hope some of these clues helped you!
    Making the most money before Winter
    *Needs Refrigerator by Summer and Basket by Fall*
    Use a tip from anyone here for making money on Spring, Save up all your money and try to not waste any. Before Summer starts (Spring 30) Waste all your money buying Pineapple Seeds, Plant them all on Summer 1 and water till Summer 21 and you can harvest them, but the best thing to do is SAVE THEM. Try to stuff your refrigerator with as many Pineapples as you can. Then Harvest again on Day 26 (They should re-grow) and sell them. Once Fall starts, Go directly to waste 70% or more of your money on Sweet Potatoes. Hopefully you can fill your land with sweet potatoes. Now get Sprites to help you water for a week, and make sure to hire more sprites after 6 days so the wont stop watering.

    This requires lots of precision now. The Sweet Potatoes should be grown on 6th of Fall. They should be ready on 6th of fall (You can buy more and plant more on the same day but not later), so harvest them and they will re-grow on Fall 8. Then again on Fall 10 BUT!! Do NOT HARVEST ON FALL 10!! You need to have all your sweet potatoes ready to harvest on by Fall 11!!.

    On Fall 10, tell the sprites to help you harvest. go to see the Shooting Stars at the Mothers peak at 6pm. Then ask for the 3rd Wish which will double your profits on Fall 11!!

    On Fall 11, you should have lots of Sweet Potatoes and the sprites will Harvest them. While they do that, take out all the pineapples you gathered, put them in the basket in your house untill the basket is full, Then dump it out, and repeat till your pineapples are done. Also try selling everything (Things u can find outside, Mushrooms, apples, honey, sell your milk, sell eggs, and color grass)

    If you have codebreaker, go to chicken coop or barn, use the code for mythic stone, then keep throwing mythic stones in the shipping box untill you're tired.

    By the next day you will have doubled Profits (Pineapples will sell for 1000 each, Sweet Potatoes will sell for 600 each, and etc. everything will double and if you code break mythic stones, they will sell for 40,000 each!!)
    By the end of the day you should have a nice amount of money

    The next day you can invest and use the money to buy as many sweet potatoes, then plant them, harvest and crop them. By winter you should have a very decent amount of cash!

    On Fall
    Making unhappy adult cows happy
    When your adult cow is unhappy, go infront of it: talk, then brush, then get the milk. 90% it will get happy.
    marrying karen in 1.5 years
    In Spring give her a bamboo shoot everyday. Plant the most crop you can, befriend the harvest spites, and buy stuff from tv shopping network on saturday on your tv when you can. Upgrade your house when you can too

    - Yellow doens't like flowers
    - they all love honey and grass

    then after a while, when she says I've been thunking about you lately, that means you can almost marry her. Then keep coming to the store when karen is in the front room when it's raining she'll be there until 10:00, then she will be out at 1;000 to 4;00
    Marrying Karen In A Year!!!
    When you first start the game as you all know, that you don't have any money.

    So when it is the spring collect bamboo shoots can give them to her every day.

    When you get a lot more money give her at least one bottle of wine a day and she loves them!!

    In Winter go to the lake mine and get only Ametheist and wrap them up.

    Karen's Birthday is on the 15th of fall so give her about 5 bottles of wine that should make it up to dark red heart!!!

    Heart stages

    1.Grey heart
    2.Pink heart
    3.Blue heart
    4.Green heart
    5.Yellow heart
    6.Orange heart - Can now buy the Blue Feather at the shop -
    7.Dark red heart
    What she likes: Honey, grasses, your puppy/dog, and amythists.
    What she looks like: Long brown hair wears "old fashion" dress.
    Where she works: Library
    Opened/Closed: Opened 10:00am to 4:00pm; closed on mondays.
    Lives: Besides the Library;)
    S&S things about Mary:
    Mary is a shy girl that loves to read. She is VERY shy, but is excpresive. Once you have her past a blue heart, she WANTS to talk to. She isn't forced, like when you FIRST talk to her. For example, when you first meet her, she is a shy, shy, girl. Now, at a pink heart, she is yap, yap, yap. You want to put duct tape on her mouth.

    Mary's parents are Anna and Basil. On Mondays, you can find her in the mountains with Anna and Basil, even on Monday. When they leave, they will be at home. Sometimes, they will be in the Supermarket.

    Well, that is it.
    money for sick chickens
    if your chicken is sick and you cant afford medican for it just sell it for 500g its better than nothing
    More Glitches
    In Fall 23rd(maybe) old man Barley will come to your house and ask you about joining Cow Festival, if you say yes, you'll be surprised to see an option of your sheep(if you have one), then he'll take away your sheep as an entry gor the Cow Festival!!!
    Beside the Supermarket in the hospital, closely, look at the sign: it says " Hospitel "
    more money on sweet potato seeds
    In fall plant 5 squares of sweet potato seeds. Once you harvest them and sell them you will make a lot of money. (keep doing this till the end of the fall) I did it and now I can afford to buy the things of the shopping network and I'm able to buy things for Ellie.
    Mountain Cottage
    To get a mountain cottage, you have to wait 50 years and your wife will want to move to a mountain cottege.(THIS IS NOT A TOWN COTTAGE THAT YOU BUY FOR $100,000,000!)Hope I helped!
    Move Time on Storm
    This can only be done when you had Gotz equip the bathtub in your house... When you want to move your time during a storm, just go in to the bathtub (located on the left side of your house) and the time will automatically move 30 minutes more ..
    No Puppies!
    Your dog CANNOT have puppies with Barley's dog Hanna in this game. That is only a false rumor.
    Not Enough Chicken Feed
    If the top channel on the TV calls for rain and you only have enough feed for the rainy day and you don't have enough gold for more food, leave your chickens outside until the next morning (when it's raining) and then put them inside and feed them, they'll still be healthy and love you.
    Outdoor chicken coop
    When you put your chickens outside-its a pain to find all of them and get them back inside. Ok, we agree on that right?
    If you pick up the useless rocks laying around and make a circle or square thing, you can put the chickens in it so they can't move-and you can just jump over the stones to put them in there. They can't move so it's an easier way to keep track of them.
    Over a 1,000 G a day Tip
    Earning money is hard in this game, but there is an easy way to earn money it just takes some time.
    There are wild grasses all over mineral town. Gather ALL of them and ship them, including the honey off your tree. When Zack comes, you have earned over 1,000 G. Cuz each wild grass os over 100 G.

    Good luck. It just takes time that's the problem. For me, after a year, i earned over 80,000 G in selling wild grass. Don't forget the mushrooms and the wild grapes, they're worth something too.
    Pedometer/Easy Steps
    Were you ever bored enough to try and get to a million steps on your Pedometer. If you dislike doing it the hard way, why not try the easy way:D
    All you have to do is either:
    1. Face a wall/fence/etc. and quickly tap the direction TOWARDS the wall/fence/etc. or
    2. Stand somewhere where you can run back and forth. Quickly tap left and right or up and down.

    By doing this, you will gain around 5-10 steps for every tap. Easy, right?
    If you go to Zach's house on the beach (he is usually there around 12pm) you can but stuff from Won. Buy soe Pineapples, plant them in the Summer only then you can sell them for 500$ a peice (you buy each bag for 1000$) each bag has 9 pineapples if they all grow you can sell all 9 for 4500$ so you just made 3500$ pretty quickly:)

    Hope I Helped:)
    Popuri only likes your dog when....
    Popuri only likes your dog when it's still a puppy. After that she will be scared of it so while your dog is still a puppy, show it to her to increase her affection for you.

    (note: your puppy will be a fully grown dog after 2 seasons of caring for it.)
    Popuri's likes
    If you want Popuri to like you FAST you do this every day no matter what season:

    Spring: Honey and flowers
    Summer:Honey, flowers, and/or wild grapes.
    Fall: Honey, apples, and/or flowers.
    Winter: Honey and amythest from the winter mine.

    She dislikes herbs so don't give any to her. She'll go down a heart point. On her b-day wrap her gifts, and maybe give her chocolate. (from the supermarket)
    Price for items.
    Sweet Potato-120g
    Spa-Boiled Egg-80g
    Golden Egg-150g
    Mayonnaise (S)-100g
    Mayonnaise (M)-150g
    Mayonnaise (L)-200g
    Milk (S)-100g
    Milk (M)-150g
    Milk (L)-200g
    Cheese (S)-300g
    Cheese (M)-400g
    Cheese (L)-500g
    Wool (S)-100g
    Wool (M)-400g
    Wool (L)-500g
    Yarn (S)-300g
    Yarn (M)-700g
    Yarn (L)-800g
    Fish (S)-50g
    Fish (M)-120g
    Fish (L)-200g
    Bamboo Shoot-50g
    Wild Grape-50g
    Poisonous Mushroom-100g
    Blue Grass-100g
    Green Grass-100g
    Red Grass-110g
    Yellow Grass-120g
    Orange Grass-100g
    Purple Grass-120g
    Indigo Grass-100g
    Black Grass-10g
    White Grass-150g
    Junk Ore-1g
    Moon Stone-55g
    Sand Rose-60g
    hope this helped<3

    Pumpkin festival
    On that day, at 6 am May will come to ask you for sweets, Stu is in 8 am, and Popuri will come at 10 am.
    Quick Harvest on just 2 days
    First, Dig a soil and plant a seed, water them until there is a plant shows...(you should befriends to any sprites before you do this tip)

    Second and lastly. When any sprites can work on you tell them to water your crops for 1 week (specially in AU)and one sprite to harvest for 1 week (too) the crops will grow faster and you can harvest them in just 2 days specially for Sweet Potatoes
    If you happen to talk to Manna when shes on her way to rose square, and its a snowy day outside, she'll say something like this; "I hate it when it rains outside." Now you know another mistake found in the game!
    Rare stones
    Ok whay u need to do is wait 4 winter then get you hammer and go to the lake near mothers hill
    9go to the wood cutters house and go straight down past the other route).There u will find Emaralds and Rubys and other rare stuff(if you like Karen give her the purple gem-look alikes, she loves them wrapped up!).
    If your married to Elli(I don't know if it works with the other girls) on your aniversery she'll give you a present. If you put it on your self then the wraping will come of and you'll find a gem. You can give the gem to her for your aniversary present for her.

    I hope I've helped.
    receips villagers will tell you
    Anna: sweets
    Sasha: Chocolate cookies
    Ellen: Sandwich
    Manna: Boiled Spinach
    Barley: Ice cream
    Rival Heart Events

    Rival for Ann:

    a) Black Heart Event:
    Ann has to have a black heart for JACK (anything above black will NOT
    trigger the event)
    In the Inn – go to the second floor
    Spring (first year) is better, Summer – ONLY FIRST WEEK, Autumn,
    Time: 6pm to 9 pm
    Cliff is upstairs, alone in his room. Ann walks in, and says she's
    just there to talk. She asks him the reason why he moved to the
    village but Cliff will refuse to talk about it.. Ann apologizes for
    her question., but Cliff thanks her for trying to be nice with him.

    b) Blue Heart Event
    Ann has to be at black or maximum blue heart color for JACK. The
    event will not trigger if Ann has a green, yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    Spring, or summer only. NOT in Autumn
    Rainy day
    At the Church
    Time: 11:00am to 4:00pm
    Any day except Saturday.
    Carter is suggesting that Cliff go out and talk to the villagers, but
    Cliff says it's hard to talk to new people. Ann comes in to deliver
    Carter his lunch from the Inn. Then Carter asks Ann if she would be
    nice enough to introduce Cliff to some of the other residents of
    Mineral Town, and. Ann gladly agrees to this.

    c) Green Heart Event
    Ann has to be at black, blue or maximum green heart color for JACK.
    The event will not trigger if Ann has an yellow, orange or red heart
    for you.
    Only in year 2 of the game and after
    Saturdays only, between 10am and 1pm
    Any season, and I think that weather does not matter, though I always
    triggered it when it was Sunny
    At the Inn, as you enter
    FIRST YESR (only if you invited him to the 1st year autumn event at
    the winery!)

    Ann, and Cliff are there as well as Doug (Ann's father). Doug will
    ask Cliff if he considered staying at the Inn forever, i.e. that he
    agree not to leave the Mineral Town, ever. Ann will support her
    father with this offer. Cliff will be surprised and embarrassed, but
    will sort of agree to stay.

    d) Orange Heart Event
    Ann has to be at black, blue, green, yellow, or maximum orange heart
    color for JACK. The event will not trigger if Ann has a red heart for
    You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
    In the cellar of the winery shop, where Cliff spends some of his time
    Any season, and I think that weather does not matter, though I always
    triggered it when it was Sunny
    Time: between 10am and 1pm
    Any day of the week, except for Saturdays.
    FIRST YESR (only if you invited him to the 1st year autumn event at
    the winery!)

    Ann comes to deliver Cliff's lunch. Duke walks in and makes some
    comments on how the two of them look well together, then ask Cliff
    when he's going to propose to Ann. Ann is very embarrassed and walks

    2) DOCTOR
    Rival for Elli:

    a) Black Heart Event:
    Elli has to have a black heart for JACK (anything above black will
    NOT trigger the event)
    At the clinic
    Any day, except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    In the first year and after
    The weather is not important
    Time: Between 9 am and 7 pm.

    The Doctor and Elli talk, and Elli complains that she feels a bit
    tiered. The Doctor seems concerned, but more about being left without
    a nurse, rather than for Elli herself, and Elli becomes upset about
    his insensitivity.

    b) Blue Heart Event
    Elli has to be at black or maximum blue heart color for JACK. The
    event will not trigger if Elli has a green, yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    First year and after
    Ellen's house
    Weather does not seem to be important
    Time: Mondays only, between 9am and 7pm.

    Elli and the Doctor have come to see Ellen who is not feeling very
    well. The Doctor thinks that she just has a cold, but Ellen complains
    about pains in her legs, so the Doctor starts feeling guilty about
    not being able to help her more.

    c) Green Heart Event
    Elli has to be at black, blue or maximum green heart color for JACK.
    The event will not trigger if Elli has an yellow, orange or red heart
    for you.
    Only in year 2 of the game and after
    At the Clinic
    Thursday between 9am and 7pm
    Any season, and I think that weather does not matter, though I always
    triggered it when it was Sunny

    Elli, and The Doctor are there. He is coughing, and Elli seems quite
    worried about him. The Doctor says that he's fine, and that he just
    caught a cold.
    Elli asks that he doesn't overdo his work, or else she'll get mad at
    him, but the Doctor laughs and says that she would make a good wife

    d) Orange Heart Event
    Elli has to be at black, blue, green, yellow, or maximum orange heart
    color for JACK. The event will not trigger if Elli has a red heart
    for you.
    You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
    At the beach, on a sunny day
    Time: Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, only
    Any season, though I never managed to trigger it in Winter

    Er… things become really romantic between Elli and the Doctor…

    3) RICK
    Rival for Karen:

    a) Black Heart Event:
    Karen has to have a black heart for JACK (anything above black will
    NOT trigger the event)
    At the hot spring (harvest Goddess pond)
    In the first year and after
    The weather MUST be sunny
    Time: Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00am to 6:00pm.
    To trigger this event you have to enter the Hot Spring (HG pond)
    screen FROM THE SPRING MINE. Entering the screen from the road will
    not trigger this event.
    You have to be empty handed. Carrying the basket (or any other item)
    above your hand, will NOT trigger this event.

    Rick and Karen are talking about how close they use to be…

    b) Blue Heart Event
    Karen has to be at black or maximum blue heart color for JACK. The
    event will not trigger if Karen has a green, yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    First year and after
    Outside Gotz's house (in the field behind the house)
    Weather needs to be sunny
    Time: Mondays and Sundays from 11:00am to 6:00pm.
    The event will NOT trigger in Spring
    To trigger this event you need to either enter the screen from the
    path on the right (from the Poultry Farm, and Cow's Farm), OR to exit
    Gotz's House. The event will not trigger if you enter the screen from
    the left path (from your farm or Hot Spring

    Karen and Rick are talking about how they use to fight each other as
    children, and Rick remembers that Karen always used to beat him, as
    she was stronger. Karen says she really does not remember anything
    like this, and leaves quite upset.

    c) Green Heart Event
    Karen has to be at black, blue or maximum green heart color for JACK.
    The event will not trigger if Karen has an yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    Only in year 2 of the game and after
    At the hot spring (harvest Goddess pond)
    To trigger this event you have to enter the Hot Spring (HG pond)
    screen FROM THE SPRING MINE. Entering the screen from the road will
    not trigger this event.
    Sunny days only
    Time: Wednesdays and Fridays only from 11:00am to 6:00pm
    Possibly NOT in Winter

    Karen, and Rick are arguing about an event that just happened. Karen
    was attacked by an wild dog, and Rick got hurt fighting to protect
    her. Karen is upset that Rick took the risk, and that she is quite
    able to defend herself.

    d) Orange Heart Event
    Karen has to be at black, blue, green, yellow, or maximum orange
    heart color for JACK. The event will not trigger if Karen has a red
    heart for you.
    You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
    At the Poultry Farm, on a sunny day, only
    Popuri HAS TO BE MARRIED (either with Kai, or with you)
    Time: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    I only managed to trigger it in Summer and Autumn, though someone
    said he triggered it in Spring (5th year)

    Again, things become really romantic between Karen and Rick… (Will
    they keep on arguing, these two?)

    4) GRAY
    Rival for Mary:

    a) Black Heart Event:
    Mary has to have a black heart for JACK (anything above black will
    NOT trigger the event)
    At Saibara's blacksmith shop
    In the first year and after
    The weather MUST be sunny
    Time: Mondays only, 10 am. to 1 pm.
    The season does not seem to be important

    Mary comes to upgrade one of her tool, but while there, Gray hurts
    himself and starts bleeding. Of course, Mary will take very good care
    of him, and offer him a bandage.

    b) Blue Heart Event
    Mary has to be at black or maximum blue heart color for JACK. The
    event will not trigger if Mary has a green, yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    First year and after
    At the Library
    Weather or season do not seem important
    Time: Any day except Mondays, from 1.00 pm. to 4.00 pm.

    Mary and Gray are talking in the library, and Mary says that not many
    people like to read like Gray does. Then Mary asks Gray if he would
    like to read the novel that she's been writing and (of course) he
    says he would love to.

    c) Green Heart Event
    Mary has to be at black, blue or maximum green heart color for JACK.
    The event will not trigger if Mary has an yellow, orange or red heart
    for you.
    Only in year 2 of the game and after
    At the summit of Mother's Hill
    Sunny days only
    Time: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, only between 7am and 10am
    Possibly NOT in Winter

    Gray is telling Mary that the novel that wrote is really great. He
    says that she'll get better with practice, but he himself will never
    be able to be like her. Mary is puzzled, and Gray explains that he is
    trying to write too, but that he is not good at it. Mary seems vary
    happy and encourages him to keep trying.

    d) Orange Heart Event
    Mary has to be at black, blue, green, yellow, or maximum orange heart
    color for JACK. The event will not trigger if Mary has a red heart
    for you.
    You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
    At the Library
    Weather or season do not seem important
    Time: Fridays and Saturdays, from 1.00 pm. to 4.00 pm.

    Gray says that his grandfather is going to give him a test on his
    blacksmith skills. If he passes the test there's something he wants
    to ask Mary. However, he will not tell Mary what is until after he
    passes his test. Now, GUESS WHAT…

    5) KAI
    Rival for Popuri:

    All Rival Heart events for Kai and Popuri happen in Summer
    (obviously, it's the only time that he's around) and except for the
    Orange Heart event, they are at the Beach
    THE WEATHER ALWAYS MUST BE SUNNY. But again, it very, very rarely
    rains in Summer, anyway.

    a) Black Heart Event:
    Popuri has to have a black heart for JACK (anything above black will
    NOT trigger the event)
    In the first year and after
    The weather MUST be sunny
    Time: Sundays only, from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

    Popuri talks about how wonderful Kai cooking is, and asks him to cook
    something for Lilla, in the hope that this will help her get better.
    Kai happily accepts.

    b) Blue Heart Event
    Popuri has to be at black or maximum blue heart color for JACK. The
    event will not trigger if Popuri has a green, yellow, orange or red
    heart for you.
    First year and after
    Weather must be sunny
    Time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm

    It's basically same as the black one, but this time Popuri thanks Kai
    for the delicious meal he cooked for her mom. However, the romantic
    meeting is interrupted by Rick, and the two guys start fighting
    because of Popuri.

    c) Green Heart Event
    Popuri has to be at black, blue or maximum green heart color for
    JACK. The event will not trigger if Popuri has an yellow, orange or
    red heart for you.
    Only in year 2 of the game and after
    The weather MUST be sunny
    Time: Sundays only, from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

    Another romantic meeting between Popuri and Kai, but this time Popuri
    tells Kai that she thought about leaving Mineral Town, and making a
    new life in a big town, like Kai's. And Kai, what is he thinking?
    Well, of course he's happy, the bast… er….

    d) Orange Heart Event
    Popuri has to be at black, blue, green, yellow, or maximum orange
    heart color for JACK. The event will not trigger if Popuri has a red
    heart for you.
    You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
    At the Poultry Farm (inside the farm
    The weather MUST be sunny
    Time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, from 9:00am to 7:00pm

    Basically, Popuri announces her family that she decided to leave
    Mineral Town. Rick is mad about it, but Lilla agrees, only if Kai is
    the one who will "take Popuri away". Which of course means…MARRIAGE!
    It's unclear who is mostly surprised and annoyed with this option:
    Rick or Kai….

    Once Popuri marries Kai, SHE WILL LEAVE MINERAL TOWN WITH KAI, at the
    end of the Summer. She will just be around during Summers, when she
    comes to visit her family with her beloved husband.

    After you trigger the last event (Orange heart event) for each of the
    Rivals, the Girl will marry him after 7 days.
    You will NOT be invited to the wedding, unless you are very good
    friend with the respective rival, so don't necessarily expect an
    invitation letter.

    However, you will still be able to attend the marriage, if you go to
    the Church between 9.00 am and 10.00 pm.
    You can speak to the people there, including the bride and the Groom.
    The Rival will just give you a crappy reason why he didn't invite
    you, but overall it's fun (including huge spelling mistakes!)
    Carter will even invite you to celebrate with them all night, but be
    aware!!!!: IF you accept at this point you will just weak up next
    morning at your farm, so make sure you finish all your tasks before
    that. However, you can decline the invitation, finish your stuff,
    then go back to "celebrate"….

    Rock-Paper-Scissors List of Prizes:
    Here is a list of Rock-Paper-Scissors prizes:

    1 win: none
    2-9 wins: buckwheat flour or rice cake
    10-19 wins: Elli leaves
    20-29 wins: Alexandrite
    30-39 wins: Pink Diamond
    40-49 wins: Mythic Stone
    50-59 wins: Unused Item (green disk?)
    60-69 wins: Unused Item (violet disk?)
    70-79 wins: Unused Item (blue disk?)
    80-89 wins: Unused Item (pink disk?)
    90-99 wins: Unused Item (brown disk?)
    100&up wins: Certificate of Rock-Paper-Scissors

    Note: You can only play this game every saturday
    with the HG in your tv found in your vacation house(100000000!).This game is very hard but it is worth it especially when you win 40 times from the HG.
    Here is tip on running: to run just press the R button. But if u dont feel like pressing R all the thime, then just press start ,go to the first icon, and go to the place that says buttons and go to number 2! and then if u want to walk, do the same thing and change it back!! But while ur set to running, u have to press the R button to walk.
    Save Food
    Tired of wasting countless amounts of food? A simple. effective and relatively unknown solution is to simply save your game before hand. If your cooking fails, you can restart over again.
    Save more money
    When you have a bunch of chickens you spend a lot on fooder for them. Well in the summer just grow 40 corn. Turn all the corn into chicken fooder. That will be enough for 1 year and 1 season. So you have enough fooder for the whole year and even when there is an emergency and you can't make or buy new fooder.
    Secret Of Your Kitchen!
    HM: FoMT is one of the best portable games that I've come across...and I'm
    happy to say that I am a devoted fan to the series. One of the greatest things
    about FoMT is that there are soooo many possibilities in the game. Some related
    to girls, others related to crops, and then one of the most

    FoMT is packed with recipes and other neat stuff that helps make it a great
    game. This guide is disighned to teach the user how to work in the kitchen,
    so...lets begin with the basics.

    To get the kitchen you first must upgrade your farm house at least once. After
    doing so watch the television everyday. There are four channels on your TV,
    which you can switch between by using the four directions on the D-Pad. On the
    left channel you can sometimes catch the home shopping network. If you do so
    you can buy things from them. To get the kitchen you must wait untill they
    offer it. Once they do run to Doug's Inn and press the A Button while facing
    the phone on the counter. It should ask you if you want to use the phone for 10
    G. Say yes and it should dial up to the home shopping network. If you have the
    4,000 G required to buy the kitchen then its yours! If not, you can try again
    later. Remember: You also need 10 G for the call.

    After getting the kitchen you need to get Utensils so that you can cook your
    food...which brings us to our next chapter...

    Cooking Utensils

    When cooking you need utensils. To get them you must wait untill the Home
    Shopping Network sells them (see the previous chapter on how to order things
    from the home shopping network). The utensils cost differently depending on
    which utensil it is. See the list below for the prices of each utensil
    (remember, you also must pay 10 G for the phonecall).

    Frying Pan : 1200 G
    Knife : 1500 G
    Mixer : 1200 G
    Oven : 2500 G
    Pot : 1000 G
    Rolling Pin : 750 G
    Seasoning Set : 2500 G
    Whisk : 500 G

    As you can see, getting all of the untensils costs a lot of money. Once you do
    get them, though, you can prepare dishes. To do so you must select certain
    utensils and certain items. The items that you can use are things like apples,
    milk and eggs. You can also use your crops to make dishes. The dish that comes
    out is determined by the utensils you used and the ingrediants that you used.
    We will see more about dishes in the next chapter.

    To begin cooking make sure that you are not carrying items in your rucksack
    except the ingrediants that you are going to use (if you are making a dish that
    you have made before then you don't need to have the ingrediants in your
    rucksack). Next, go to the kitchen counter and press the A Button. If you would
    like to try creating a new dish you may do so, or you may make a dish that you
    have in your recipe book.

    Next, we must move on to the recipe list. Enjoy!


    Page 1:
    Mayonnasie (s) = Reglar Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
    Mayonnasie (m) = Good Egg + Oil + Vinergar + Whisk
    Mayonnasie (l) = High Quality Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
    Mayonnasie (g) = Gold Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
    Mayonnasie (p) = P Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
    Mayonnasie (x) = X Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk ///// Mayonnaise (s) +
    Mayonnaise (m) + Mayonnaise (l) + Mayonnaise (g) + Mayonnaise (p)
    X Egg = Regular Egg + Good Egg + High Quality Egg + Gold Egg + P Egg
    Milk (x) = Milk (s) + Milk (m) + Milk (l) + Milk (g) + Milk (p)

    Page 2:
    Cheese (x) = Cheese (s) + Cheese (m) + Cheese (l) + Cheese (g) + Cheese (p)
    Wild Grape Juice = Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot
    Pickles = Cucumber + Salt
    Salad = Cucumber + Knife ///// Tomato + Knife ///// Carrot + Knife /////
    Cabbage + Knife
    Curry Rice = Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot
    Stew = Flour + Milk (s) + Salt + Pot
    Miso Soup = Miso + Salt + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Pot
    Stir Fry = Cabbage + Oil + Soy Sauce + Knife + Frying Pan

    Page 3:
    Fried Rice = Rice Balls + Oil + Egg (s) + Frying Pan
    Savory Pancake = Cabbage + Oil + Flour + Egg (s) + Frying Pan + Knife
    Sandwitch = Tomato + Bread + Knife ///// Cucumber + Bread + Knife ///// Cooked
    Egg + Bread + Knife
    Fruit Juice = Apple + Mixer ///// Apple + Grape Juice + Honey + Pinapple + Milk
    (l) + Sugar + Mixer ///// Strawberry + Mixer
    Fruit Latte = Fruit Juice + Milk (s) + Mixer

    Veggie Juice = Cucumber + Mixer ///// Cabbage + Mixer
    Mixed Juice = (ANY FRUIT) + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Mixer ///// Fruit Juice + Veggie
    Juice + Mixer
    Veggie Latte = Veggie Jiuce + Milk (s)

    Page 4:
    Mixed Latte = Milk (s) + (ANY FRUIT) + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Mixer ///// Milk (s) +
    Mixed Juice + Mixer ///// Milk (s) + Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer
    Pickled Turnips = Turnip + Vinegar + Knife
    French Fries = Potato + Oil + Frying Pan + Knife
    Strawberry Jam = Strawberry + Sugar + Pot
    Strawberry Milk = Strawberry + Milk (s) + Mixer
    Tomato Juice = Tomato + Salt + Mixer
    Ketchup = Tomato + Onion + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Mixer
    Popcorn = Corn + Frying Pan

    Page 5:
    Corn Flakes = Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven ///// Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan
    Baked Corn = Corn + Oven
    Pineapple Juice = Pineapple + Mixer
    Pumpkin Pudding = Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Pumpkin + Sugar + Pot + Oven
    Pumpkin Stew = Pumpkin + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Pot
    Happy Eggplant = Eggplant + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso + Frying Pan
    Sweet Potatoes = Butter + Egg (s) + Sweet Potato + Sugar + Pot + Oven
    Baked Sweet Potatoes = Sweet Potato + Oven ///// Sweet Potato + Butter + Stone
    + Sugar + Salt + Oven

    Page 6:
    Greens = Spinich + Soy Sauce + Pot
    Scrambled Eggs = Egg (s) + Oil + Frying Pan
    Omelet = Egg (s) + Oil + Milk (s) + Frying Pan
    Omelet Rice = Egg (s) + Oil + Milk (s) + Rice Balls + Frying Pan
    Boiled Egg = Egg (s) + Pot
    Pudding = Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Sugar + Pot + Oven
    Hot Milk = Milk (s) + Sugar + Pot
    Butter = Milk (s) + Mixer

    Page 7:
    Cheese Cake = Cheese (s) + Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot + Oven
    Cheese Fondue = Cheese (s) + Bread + Pot
    Apple Pie = Apple + Egg (s) + Butter + Flour + Sugar + Knife + Pot + Rolling
    Pin + Oven
    Apple Jam = Apple + Sugar + Pot
    Apple Souffle = Apple + Frying Pan ///// SUGDW Apple + Frying Pan ///// HMSGB
    Apple + Frying Pan ///// AEPFE Apple + Frying Pan
    Bamboo Rice = Bamboo Shoot + Rice Balls
    Grape Jam = Wild Grape + Sugar + Pot
    Grape Juice = Wild Grapes + Honey + Salt + Mixer ///// Wild Grapes + Salt +
    Mixer ///// Wild Grapes + Honey + Sugar + Mixer ///// Wild Grapes + Sugar +

    Page 8:
    Mushroom Rice = Mushroom + Rice Balls
    Truffle Rice = Truffle + Rice Balls
    Sushi = Sashimi + Vinegar + Rice Balls
    Jam Bun = Apple Jam + Bread ///// Strawberry Jam + Bread
    Dinner Roll = Bread + Butter
    Raisin Bread = Bread + Wild Grapes
    Curry Bread = Bread + Curry Powder + Oil + Frying Pan
    Toast = Bread + Oven

    Page 9:
    French Toast = Bread + Egg (s) + Sugar + Oil + Frying Pan
    Sashimi = Fish (m) + Knife ///// Fish (l) + Knife
    Grilled Fish = Fish (m) + Oil + Salt + Soy Sauce + Frying Pan
    Chirashi Sushi = Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Vinegar + Rice Balls + Knife
    Pizza = Cheese (s) + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin + Oven
    Noodles = Flour + Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin
    Curry Noodles = Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot
    Tempura Noodles = Tempura + Noodles + Pot ///// Flour + Tempura + Pot + Rolling
    Pin + Knife

    Page 10:
    Fried Noodles = Noodles + Oil + Egg (s) + Frying Pan
    Buckwheat Noodles = Buckwheat Flour + Egg (s) + Knife + Rolling Pin + Pot
    Noodles w/Tempura = Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot ///// Buckwheat Flour +
    Tempura + Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin
    Fried Noodles = Buckwheat Noodles + Egg (s) + Oil + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce
    + Frying Pan
    Buckwheat Ships = Buckwheat Noodles + Pot + Rolling Pin
    Tempura = Flour + Egg (s) + Oil + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Frying Pan
    Mountain Stew = Carrot + Mushroom + Bamboo Shoots + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Knife +
    Moon Dumpling = Dumpling Powder + Sugar

    Page 11:
    Roasted Rice Cake = Rice Cake + Soy Sauce + Oven
    Toasted Rice Balls = Rice Balls + Soy Sauce + Oven
    Rice Gruel = Rice Balls + Salt + Pot
    Tempura Rice = Rice Balls + Salt + Tempura
    Egg Over Rice = Egg (s) + Rice Balls + Salt + Soy Sauce + Pot
    Candied Potato = Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot
    Potato Pancakes = Potato + Onion + Egg (s) + Oil + Flour + Salt + Knife +
    Frying Pan
    Fish Sticks = Fish (m) + Salt + Mixer

    Page 12:
    Cookies = Flour + Egg (s) + Butter + Oven + Sugar + Rolling Pin
    Chocolate Cookies = Flour + Egg (s) + Chocolates + Butter + Sugar + Oven +
    Rolling Pin
    Ice Cream = Milk (s) + Egg (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot
    Cake = Butter + Flour + Egg (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Oven
    Chocolate Cake = Choclates + Butter + Flour + Egg (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Oven
    Pancakes = Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Honey + Sugar + Whisk +
    Frying Pan
    Relaxation Tea = Relax Tea Leaves + Pot
    SUGDW Apple = Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple
    HMSGB Apple = Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple
    AEPFE Apple = Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple
    Bodigizer = Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot
    Bodigizer XL = Bidigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer
    Turbojolt = Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magic Flower + Pot
    Turbojolt XL = Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer
    Relax Tea Leaves = Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow Grass + Green Grass +
    Purple Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed + Frying Pan + Knife
    Elli Leaves = 6 Different Types Of Burnt Food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL +
    Knife + Frying Pan + Oven + Sugar + Pot + Salt + Vinegar + Miso + Soy Sauce

    Page 14:
    Spring Sun = Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Gass + Moondrop Flower + Pinkcat
    Flower + Toy Flower
    Summer Sun = Fish (s) + Fish (m) + Fish (l) + Fossil Of Ancient Fish + Pirate
    Autumn Sun = Cheese (x) + Mayonaise (x) + Egg (x) + Milk (x) + Wool (x) + Yarn
    Winter Sun = Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald + Moonstone + Pink Diamond +
    Mythic Stone + Sand Rose
    secret rooms
    okay people say that u hav 2 marry a girl to go into thier place.but you dont have 2.
    (For example:you wana go into popuri's house up stairs.just be good friends with rick,popuri,or thier mom.then you wil b able to go to the up stairs part.just be good friends with the person who owns the place then you can go to thier own rooms.
    Secret: Carter's Confessional
    On Wednesdays of Monday, or if its raining and your friends with Pastor Carter. At one he will be in the left top corner room. Click on the door and he will ask what do you want, you say I want to confess something, and there will be 3 options. (Different everytime) There are 5 options in all.
    The confessions not mentioned have little or no effect.
    If you are not forgiven, you are merely scolded and nothing else happens. The confessions not mentioned have little or no effect. And if it does work this is what will happen...

    Confess "I overwork the Harvest Sprites"

    ALL the Harvest Sprites will increase in affection towards you.

    Confess "The townspeople don't like me"

    ALL villagers will increase in affection toward you.

    Confess "I did not care for my animals"
    Confess "I was cruel to my animals"

    Increase ALL animals' affection toward you.

    Confess "I want to marry the Harvest Goddess"

    You may marry the Harvest Goddess after meeting certain criteria.
    some tips on getting Ann to love you
    I got married to ann the first year, so I can help.In the spring sell all herbs and bambou shoots or whatever there called,and give ann flowers every day but like...every friday give her some chocolate or get her something else(but it dosen't matter because if you buy her something it just makes a better chance of getting another heart).In the summer give ann flowers and buy pineapples you sell them for like 500g each and sell the grapes and herbs, OH and DON'T FORGET to cut the little branchs of lumber.In fall do the same thing.Now winter go in the little path near gotz' house and get the white herb and get the honey from the tree , and go to the winter mine to get jewles to sell. Do all of this stuff EVERY day in each season. Hoped I helped <33!!
    Sprite like you faster
    Every one says sprites like flour and they do but, they like they honey from your tree too so if you want to get more hearts on them give them the honey every day .(and LOTS of flour)
    When you make friends with some villagers, they will tell you a story.
    Doctor: He'll say that theres a doctor in another town, even he's strange but he is the best doctor.(Something like that)
    Mayor: He'll say he have a friend that loves taking pictures of Mineral Town but one day he leave a letter and left.
    Summer Earnings
    First go to the Dog festival bring ur basket and a full upgraded rucksack (empty).Fish till ur completely full (Dont ship till the next day). The next day go get ur basket and ship it all including rucksack.On day 3 use ur money on pineapples seeds (i bought 20 bags)plant them all in 9x9 area.If u cant water them all u can always use the Harvest Spirits help.Now at the end of the summer theres a firework festival, it also at the beach!!! Repeat the step like the Dog festival. After all that ur pineapples should be ready about the 25, i think.Ship it all and u get should get alot of money to spend. I hope i help!
    during your second year or so go to anna's house on a saturday.10:00am if your really good friends with her or so you and manna will learn desert recipies from her for three saturdays on the third so will stop telling you.
    The key to karens heart

    It is easier to start in spring. Every day give her 1+ bamboo shoot(s), it will bring her heart up to purple, then all you need to do is the heart events and hopefuly in one year Karen will be all yours!

    ---->Heart Events<----
    Black= (Do the above first) Go to store between 10am and 1pm. When you walk in she will see you and offer you some seeds, obviously, say yes.

    Purple= Again go to the store between 10am and 1pm and you will find Karen and her mother having an argument with each other and poor Jeff is trying to calm them down, it turns out a cousin is i'll and they cant decide on the kind of flowers to send her. Karen will ask you to decide. you need to pick the flowers that karen wants so pay close attention to her, i think she wants moondrops.. but try and do it for yourself

    Blue= Go to the store between 10am and 1 pm (suprise,suprise) Karen and her parents and duke there. It turn out that when Karen was born her Dad Got some wine for her and duke was to make it. It is now ready and she wants you to go get it with her, obviously say yes. you end up getting some wine and her heart being green.

    Green= Go to Dougs in between 7:30pm and 9:30 on a sunday(Go sooner rather than later)and you will find Karen and Duke are going to have a drinking match (poor duke, obviously doesnt know shes an extreem drinker) she and she wants you to judge it, (Its up to you to decide this one but on mine i accidentaly pressed OK and her heart didnt go up)

    Yellow= Yet again go to the store between 10am and 1 pm and you will see that karen has been cooking(Not Good) and she wants her parents to try it. they are trying to find a way to say no in a nice way and suddenly they notice you are here and decide you should try it. Karen asks you and obviously you should answer Yes. you go to try it and end up in hospital because you fainted. (Oh well at least her heart has gone up!)

    Once her heart is orange the shop starts to sell Blue fethers (this is the equivilant to a ring) HOWEVER do not propose untill she has a red heart!

    To get a red heart you will just have to spoil her with diamonds, wine and every thing else she likes.(sigh)

    To get Married you also need to Have,
    2nd house upgrade;
    a vase (apparently but i dont think so)
    a double bed;
    and a kitchen and all the equipment


    The Low-down on Cheese
    The only way to get Cheese is to buy a Cheese Maker from Saibara. You won't be able to get it until you've expanded your Barn. Once that is done you need to bring a piece of Adamantite Ore and 20,000 G to Saibara. It will take him 5 days to build it, but you won't have to pick it up because Gray will automatically install it in your Barn when it is done. To use the Maker just face it while holding a bottle of Milk and press the "A" button.

    Cheese sells for as follows:

    300G Cheese (S): Gained from Small Milk
    400G Cheese (M): Gained from Medium Milk
    500G Cheese (L): Gained from Large Milk
    600G Cheese (G): Gained from Golden Milk
    750G Cheese (P): Gained from P Milk
    1500G Cheese (X): Gained from X Milk
    The Low-down on Eggs
    The Grades of eggs, and what they sell for, go as following:

    050G Egg: Regular
    060G Egg: Good
    080G Egg: High
    080G Spa-Boiled Egg
    150G Egg: Gold
    180G Egg: P
    350G Egg: X

    Regular Egg: The egg your chicken produces when it has 0-3 Hearts.
    Good Egg: The egg your chicken produces when it has 4-7 Hearts.
    High Egg: The egg your chicken produces when it has 8-10 Hearts.
    Gold Egg: The egg your chicken produces when it has 8-10 Hearts and it has won the Chicken Festival.
    P Egg: The egg your chicken produces when it has 8-10 Hearts, has won the Chicken Festival, and it has spent 600+ game hours outdoors.
    X Egg: There is a 1 in 255 chance of getting this from a P egg producing chicken.
    The Low-down on Mayonnaise
    There are two ways to create Mayonnaise in this game. The first way is to "cook" it in your kitchen:

    Mayonnaise (Small): Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
    Mayonnaise (Medium): Good Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
    Mayonnaise (Large): High Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
    Mayonnaise (Golden): Golden Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
    Mayonnaise (P): P Egg+ Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
    Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar or Mayo (S) + Mayo (M) + Mayo (L) + Mayo (G)+ Mayo (P)

    The second way is to buy a Mayonnaise Maker from Saibara. You won't be able to get it until you've expanded your Chicken Coop. Once that is done you need to bring a piece of Adamantite Ore and 20,000 G to Saibara. It will take him 5 days to build it, but you won't have to pick it up because Gray will automatically install it in your Chicken Coop when it is done. To use the maker just face it while holding an egg and press the "A" button.

    Mayonnaise sells for as follows:

    100G Mayonnaise (S): Gained from a Regular Quality Egg
    150G Mayonnaise (M): Gained from a Good Quality Egg
    200G Mayonnaise (L): Gained from a High Quality Egg
    300G Mayonnaise (G): Gained from a Golden Egg
    450G Mayonnaise (P): Gained from a P Egg
    800G Mayonnasie (X): Gained from an X Egg
    The Low-down on Milk
    The Grades of Milk, and what they sell for, go as following:

    100G Milk: Small
    150G Milk: Medium
    200G Milk: Large
    300G Milk: Gold
    500G Milk: P
    800G Milk: X

    Small Milk: The milk your cow produces when it has 0-3 Hearts.
    Medium Milk: The milk your cow produces when it has 4-7 Hearts.
    Large Milk: The milk your cow produces when it has 8-10 Hearts.
    Gold Milk: The milk your cow produces when it has 8-10 Hearts and it has won the Cow Festival.
    P Milk: The milk your cow produces when it has 8-10 Hearts and it has won the Cow Festival, and it has spent 600+ game hours outdoors.
    X Milk: There is a 1 in 255 chance of getting this from a P Milk producing cow.
    The Low-down on Wool
    The Grades of Wool, and what they sell for, go as follows:

    100G Wool: Small
    400G Wool: Medium
    500G Wool: Large
    600G Wool: Gold
    1000G Wool: P
    2000G Wool: X

    Small Wool: The wool your sheep produces when it has 0-3 Hearts.
    Medium Wool: The Wool your sheep produces when it has 4-7 Hearts.
    Large Wool: The wool your Sheep produces when it has 8-10 Hearts.
    Gold Wool: The wool your sheep produces when it has 8-10 Hearts, and it has won the Sheep Festival.
    P Wool: The wool your sheep produces when it has 8-10 Hearts, and it has won the Sheep Festival, and it has spent 600+ game hours outdoors.
    X Wool: There is a 1 in 255 chance of getting this from a P Wool producing sheep.
    The Low-down on Yarn
    The only way to get Yarn is to buy a Yarn Maker from Saibara. You won't be able to get it until you've expanded your Barn. Once that is done you need to bring a piece of Adamantite Ore and 20,000 G to Saibara. It will take him 5 days to build it, but you won't have to pick it up because Gray will automatically install it in your Barn when it is done. To use the Maker just face it while holding your Wool and press the "A" button.

    Yarn sells for as follows:

    300G Yarn (S): Gained from Small Wool
    700G Yarn (M): Gained from Medium Wool
    800G Yarn (L): Gained from Large Wool
    1000G Yarn (G): Gained from Golden Wool
    1500G Yarn (P): Gained from P Wool
    4000G Yarn (X): Gained from X Wool
    The Mythic Stone
    The mythic stone is a stone that you can use to upgrade your tool into. You can get one at floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222 of the Spring mine beside the waterfall. When you get it, upgrade it in Saibara's shop and you will have a so strong tool. If you don't want to upgrade tools, you can sell this stone for 50,000 gold.
    Throwing away trash without littering
    This is great for the cheats like Fishing for Money: Advanced. This is also good any time you don't want to run all the way to Rose Square to throw things in the trash can.

    When you are fishing and catch trash (boots, fish bones, branches, etc.) put it away in your rucksack. Then open the rucksack by pressing A+B. Point at the item and click on the Start button. You will be asked if you want to throw the item away. Answer yes and it is gone -- without throwing it on the ground or into the water and dropping the affection of others around you.
    Tiny Help!!
    Ok this is real simple. To get the little sprites to help you on your farm all you have to do is give them flour or a grass matching their color once a day. Then when you're friends with the sprites you can play games with them to help them learn how to work on the farm. They can take care of your crops or animals, and the harvesting. Keep giving them gifts though or they may stop liking you. Sone your farm will have tiny helpers running back and forth!!
    Tons of Money
    Here's the best way I can think of for getting a lot of money in each season.

    1. Clear the whole field and till it.
    2. Buy 150 packets of the cheapest seeds.
    3. Befriend as many harvest sprites as you can by giving them loads of bread each day.
    4. Ask three harvest sprites to do watering.
    5. Leave the harvest sprites hut and go plant all your seeds before you go to bed for the day.
    6. During this day go around and pick up as many items as you can.
    7. Go back to the farm and help water the plants.
    8. Go to the harvest sprites house the next morning with more bread. Befriend 2 more harvest sprites and ask them to harvest your crops.

    Keep doing this every season to get heaps of money!

    When you start off the game you will have access to a number of rather basic tools. You can locate them in the tool box just below your bed to the right of the doorway. Press "A" to open the box.

    The Basic Tools are:

    Hoe: Til 1 square of land, or 1 square of ground in the Mine.
    Sickle: Cut one square of grass, or cut down 1 weed, or crop.
    Axe: Chop up small branches into usable lumber. (Lumber automatically appears in your woodshed.)
    Hammer: Break up small stones, or smash down 1 section of rotted fence.
    Watering Can: water 1 square of ground.

    The tools are basic starting out, and you don't have a lot of skill in using them. However, as you make use of each tool you gain a bit more experience. Gain enough experience and you can get your tool up-graded. Up-graded tools allow you to do a little more.

    There is one more basic tool you can get. The Fishing Pole. You don't have it to start off with. You need to go talk to Zack at his place on the beach in order to get it. Note: You must have an empty tool space in your rucksack in order for you to get it.

    Up-grading tools:

    Once you reach 100% experience with a tool you can up-grade it to the next level. Just take the tool, money, and ore to Saibara the Blacksmith.

    Tool Levels:

    Copper: 1,000G + 1 Copper Ore:

    Hoe: Til a 2x1 section of land.
    Sickle: Cut a 1x3 section of grass, weeds, crops.
    Axe: Chop a treestump. Takes 6 hits to do so.
    Hammer: Smash a large stone with 3 hits, but can't smash boulders
    Watering Can: Water a 1x3 section of land.
    Fishing Pole: Catch small or medium fish

    Silver: 2,000G + 1 Silver Ore:

    Hoe: Til a 1x3 section of land
    Sickle: Cut a 2x3 section of grass, weeds, or crops.
    Axe: Chop a tree stump with 3 hits.
    Hammer: Break a large stone in 2 hits, break a boulder with 6 hits.
    Watering Can: Water a 2x3 section of land.
    Fishing pole: Catch small and medium fish.

    Gold: 3,000G + 1 Gold Ore:

    Hoe: Til a 1x4 strip of land.
    Sickle: Cut a 3x3 section of grass, weeds, or crops.
    Axe: Chop a tree stump with 2 hits.
    Hammer: Break a large stone with 1 hit, a boulder with 3 hits, but can't break up a Huge Boulder.
    Watering Can: Water a 3x3 section of land.
    Fishing Pole: Catch medium and large fish.

    Mystrile: 5,000G + 1 Mystrile Ore:

    Hoe: Til a 1x6 strip of land.
    Sickle: Cut a 5x5 section of grass, weeds, or crops.
    Axe: Chop a tree stump with 1 hit
    Hammer: Break a boulder with 2 hits, but can't break the huge boulder.
    Watering Can: Water a 3x5 section of land
    Fishing Pole: Catch large fish, can catch the Powerberry in Winter, and the Recipe Bottle in the Spring.


    Cursed and Blessed tools are a little different. They are a seprate set of tools. You need to dig to find the Cursed tools in the Winter/ Lake Mine. Once you locate the Cursed tool you have to follow a certain method to change them into Blessed Tools. Cursed tools are a huge drain on your characters fatigue to use. Blessed tools can do as much as a Cursed Tool, but don't require as much stamina to do so.


    Hoe: Til a 12x3 section of land (Lev. 39)
    Sickle: Cut a 9x9 section of grass, weeds, or crops. (Lev. 79)
    Axe: Chop all tree stumps on current screen with 1 hit. (Lev. 49)
    Hammer: Break boulder/ huge boulder with 1 hit. (Lev. 59)
    Watering Can: Water a 6x13 square of land. (Lev. 69)
    Fishing Pole: Catch large fish, Kingfish, Pirate Treasure, and Ancient Fossils. (Lev. 29)


    Hoe: Have Carter Bless it 10 times. Will cost 10,000G total to do so.
    Sickle: Keep it equiped for 10 days straight
    Axe: Use tool 255 times
    Hammer: Keep it equiped for 10 days straight
    Watering Can: Have Carter Bless it 10 times. Will cost 10,000G total to do so.
    Fishing Pole: Use tool 255 times.

    Once you've been able to change all your Cursed Tools into Blessed ones, a new ore will appear in the Spring Mine. The Mythic Ore can be found on the 60th level or below. You can use that ore to convert your Blessed Tools into their final form.

    Mythic: 50,000G + 1 Mythic Ore + Blessed Tool:

    Hoe: Til a 18x5 section of land.
    Sickle: Cut a 15x15 square of grass, weeds, or crops.
    Axe: Chop all tree stumps on current screen, using only 50% energy to do so.
    Hammer: Break all rocks/ boulders/ huge boulders on screen.
    Watering Can: Water a 12x21 section of land.
    Fishing Pole: Catch all sizes of fish, kingfish, and increases odds for catching pirate Treasure and Ancient Fossils.


    Using tools. In the begining you only need to press the "B" button to use the tool. As you up-grade your tool be sure to hold down that "B" button to power that tool up so that you will get the full effect. Powering up uses more stamina, but allows you to get all the benefit of that up-graded tool.
    Please don't throw trash in town because if you throw all villagers will decrease their affection towards you if you wan't to throw something throw it in your farm, mines, or the trash can in Rose Square. These places will not have any effect of the affection in town.
    Upgrading tools shortcut
    Go into the Spring Mine. Keep using your tool and when you're tired, go into the hot spring and rest for 1/2 hour. Your stamina will be full again. Then go into the mine and practice!Continue doing this until 9pm. In 5 days, it should reach gold!
    useful sprites
    When you water your crops and they go to the second stage (plants), you cant water the middle crop because you cant walk over plants. Get a sprite to help you water the plants and he can walk over all the crops and get to the middle ones!
    Van's Favorite for 50,000+ G
    If you will befriend Won the traveling salesman and you will have some Van's Favorite sell it to Won for 57,000G.To befriend Won give him gold ores everyday.If when you sell to him he will not offer 57,000G try selling it to him again and again till he will offer the desired price.The highest price is 57,000G and the lowest price is 49,000G.
    You can get a vase by buying it from Won with 5000G. It recuperates your stamina and fatigue.
    walking your dog
    an easy way to walk your dog is to go to the shopping place then
    put your dog down and whistle! u have to walk in front he will follow ^.^
    he follows u! (just don't go in a shop while hes behind u)
    Can't you be bothered to pick up weeds and don't mind them?
    then just carry on as normal and in winter all the weeds will go and then when spring comes all you have to do is pick up a few weeds or you could get a diferent tool to help you oh and if you don't want to get tired when using the sickle to chop weeds just pick them up and through them and you don't get tired at all this also works with the pieces of wood but you have to chuck them onto grass this cheat does not work with stones.
    What karen REALLY LIKES
    Karen REALLY likes French Fries, Wine and Popcorn.
    White Flower
    When you are good friends with Ellen and visit her you will see basil is in her house and they are talking about a white flower.
    To find this flower check the weather it will say something about thunder and lighting and raining today through to tomorrow on that same day go to the peak of the mountain on 8:00pm it should be there.

    I found it on Basils Birthday (Ctrl and F and search birthday list and you will see a bunch of birthdays which will help)

    Hope this Works Out for you too. ^^
    White Grapes Harvesting Event (Read this if you still want to see Cliff)
    During Fall 15, Duke will come to your house and ask you if you want to help him harvest white grapes on Fall 16. Agree, and he will be happy. He will also tell you to bring a friend with you. Go to Cliff and invite him. Cliff would agree.

    The next day, go to Manna's house at around 10:00am. Cliff would also come. After harvesting, you will see Duke offering Cliff a permanent job at the winery. Cliff would happily agree and would thank you. Cliff wouldn't have to leave Mineral Town and would worry about money. Yay! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    (note: if you don't invite Cliff, he would eventually leave Mineral Town and wouldn't come back forever.)
    Win the cooking festival
    To have a much better chance of winning the cooking festival include as many different ingredients in your recipe was you can. If you do this you should be able to win. Remember you will definatley win if you see shooting stars as the gourmet eats your dish.
    Winter money
    By going to the mine in winter you can earn extra money there, instead of just with livestock.

    You will need a hammer to do this.
    wish from the harvest goddess
    first in bring a flower the in the mine beside the hot spring there is a waterfall bring any kind of flower then throw it to the water then the harvest goddess will appear then she will ask a question just say no if you dont comunicate with a game cube say yes if u comunicate do that every day then he will grant you an wish the wish depends on the harvest goddess you will just pick one...
    i got a power berry and i get karen's heart fast...


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    This is a glitch that also works on mfomt and that will need to turn your game of in order to get out
    don't go to sleep and wait until the our in the clock of your house is 4:44 then turn your tv on and your game will freeze.
    in japan the number 444 is as bad as 13 here
    When you make friends with Doug, he will tell you the reciept of Cheese Fondue: Cheese, Pot, and you can add wine or salt if you like. But the real one is Cheese, Pot, and you can add wine or salt if you like, BREAD. He didnt say the bread. Without the bread it will be failture.
    When you marry Ann, and let her stay in the inn, in the morning go inside the inn then talk to Doug the 2nd time you talk to him he'll say something like "I hope Ann didnt cause you TO much trouble."

    The "to" is wrong spelling its supposed to be "too".
    When you make friends with Ellen, she will tell you the reciept of sandwich: Bread, and boiled egg or cucumber or tomato. But the real one is Bread, boiled egg or cucumber or tomato and KNIFE. She didnt say the knife. Without the knife it won't work.
    Everyday is Anna's Birthday!
    When you give Anna(Mary's mother;Basil's Wife) anything she likes like Flour, she would told you, "Thank you so much! This is a wonderful surprise birthday present!" even if she isn't birthday that day.
    Flower :)
    When you go to the supermarket and buy flour, you would see in the inscription, it says: Flower. lol xD
    Magic Ball!!!
    remember first where the ball is then grab it and cook it!
    after cooking it youll find your ball where it was befre you grabbed it..
    Manna Speech Error
    While leaving the inn, I found this glitch by mistake. I was talking to Manna, and she said," Hi, Adam(or your name)! How are you dong?" She says 'dong' instead of 'doing'.
    Nappy (orange) says Japanese
    When you give Nappy (orange) a perfume he will say Japanese.
    Spring News
    On the second of spring watch your TV and click right the man will say
    ''Events this season
    18th spring
    he dosent say horse race
    this only works on the 2nd of spring
    Topaz as a Ruby
    When you mine some Topaz in Lake mine, put it in your bag then open it. When you read the description about Topaz, it says,

    Topaz in mines, and relatively valuable."
    Wrong festival
    In Fall around some time you check the RIGHT channel (the one that says about what festivals will happen next) then you can see:
    "th day of Fall
    Events this season
    9th: Harvest Festival
    18th: Fall Horse Races
    21st: Cow Festival

    The 21st festival it is wrong it is supposed to be Sheep Festival

    Easter eggs

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    go to the beach with your dog and put him over the docks go to the stairs and whistle.. youll be surprised what the dog will do!!


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    Animals Live Longer
    Don't like it when your animal dies? Well, there is a way you can cheat death. First, save your game the night before. If the next day, your animal dies, restart the game. Since animal funerals only happen in the morning, it will not happen after you have restarted the game. So just keep doing that if an animal funeral occurs.
    Ann's Location Schedule
    If it is Sunny, and not a Festival Day:

    07am - 07:30am Walking to Hot Spring
    07:30am - 10am Hot Spring
    10am - 10:30am Walking to Inn
    10:30am - 01pm Doug's Inn - 2nd floor
    01pm - 04pm Doug's Inn - 1st floor
    04pm - 07pm Doug's Inn - 2nd floor
    07pm - 10pm Doug's Inn - 1st floor

    If it is rainy/ snowy, and not a Festival Day:

    07am - 10am Doug's Inn - backroom
    10am - 01pm Doug's Inn - 2nd floor
    01pm - 04pm Doug's Inn - 1st floor
    04pm - 07pm Doug's Inn - 2nd floor
    07pm - 10pm Doug's Inn - 1st floor
    Another cooking fest winner.
    Here's a winner for the cooking festival. If gourmet says the theme is dessert, make this recipe:
    rolling pin
    egg small
    egg medium

    Makes a great apple pie.
    Bed Time
    At night, your animals always go to sleep at 9:00 P.M., your wife goes to bed at 8:00 P.M., and your son goes to sleep at 6:00 P.M. Hey, who goes to sleep at 6:00?

    Also, when you wife is in bed, you can go to the edge of the bed where she is and talk to her. The first time she'll say: "Good night" the second time she'll say: "I'll stay up, so you can go to sleep before me".

    Hope I helped! Bye! ^-^
    Birthday List

    04 Bold:
    08 Goddess (Alternate date; 9th)
    11 Saibara
    15 Staid
    16 Elli (Alternate date; 20th)
    17 Barley
    19 Lillia
    26 Aqua
    30 Sasha


    03 Popuri (Alternate date; 10th)
    04 Harris
    06 Cliff
    11 Basil
    16 Timid
    17 Ann (Alternate date; 22nd)
    22 Kai
    25 Mayor Thomas
    29 Zack


    02 Gotz
    05 Stu
    10 Hoggy
    11 Manna
    14 Chef
    15 Karen (Alternate date; 23rd)
    19 Doctor
    20 Pastor Carter
    23 Anna
    27 Rick


    06 Gray
    11 Doug
    13 Ellen
    15 Duke
    19 Won
    20 Mary (Alternate date; 25th)
    22 Nappy
    26 May
    29 Jeff

    Note: The Alternate Date is used if you chose to have your character's Birthday on the original Birth Date of one of the eligible lady's. For example, if you chose Winter 20th as your character's Birthday then Mary's Birthday will change to Winter 25th.
    Connectivity Bonus
    To get the Seaside House you have to get 42 Connectivity Stars from the Harvest Goddess.
    Cooking Contest Winning Recipes
    Ok, here's some recipes that will win the Cooking Contest: Juice: pineapple+grape+sugar+salt+apple+mixer

    Noodles:mushroom+turnip+flour+curry+regular egg+high quality egg+knife+rolling pin+pot+salt+vinegar+soy sauce+miso

    (basically, you put in as many ingredients as you can)
    easy marry ann
    when you like ann give her an egg,boiled egg, and she really likes ice cream to make an ice cream: egg(any size)+milk(any size)+whisk+pot+sugar give her everyday an ice cream and she will like you very much when her heart color is yellow go to the doug's inn when it's between 11 am to 12 doug will talk to you and ask you if you like ann say yes and ann will go down stairs and doug will talk to ann and ask ann if she likes you and she will not say it because she is shy. that's all i know hope i helped!l
    easy money
    to get money easily you just pick up the red,blue,orange,purple etc grasses and put them in your shipment box they are worth 150 or 100 gold each

    so peace out
    Evening Wildlife
    This will only happen at night when your cattle and chickens are outside. At night, sometimes wild dogs will come and try to scare off your cattle and/or chickens. The only way to save your cattle is to have a wooden or stone fence with plenty of grass in it to keep them safe. There are three ways to tell if there is a wild dog on your farm:

    1. You hear very loud barking.
    2. You see it on your farm map.
    3.You see it running past you.

    There are three ways to make a wild dog go away:
    1. Have your dog chase it away, your dog has to be outside on your farm to chase the wild-dog away, your dog does this on his own.
    2.If you want to be violent, hack away at it with your hammer, axe, sithe, or hoe.
    3. Put your dog inside and wait for it to leave, don't worry, it can't get to your animals if they are all inside the fence.

    Also, the wid dogs can't hurt you. They are just bluffing and being arrogant when they do that really loud barking. Also don't leave your animals outside if it is going to rain the next day, they will almost always get sick, and you can check the weather on the weather channel on your t.v. every day! Well, I hope I helped you! Bye! ^-^

    P.S.- chickens don't need to be fed, so they don't need grass, they can find things on their own, don't waste the money if you don't want to!
    Extra Love points for Karen FOR FREE
    An extra way to increase Karen's love points towards you is to buy things from the Supermarket correct? Well, spend ALL of your money on chocolate which costs $100, and then put it into the shipping box. You will receive $100 dollars each, being the same amount as you spent. So, you will get all of your money back, meaning you didn't lose a dime. And since you bought all of the chocolate from the Supermarket, Karen will simply adore you!
    Fishing for Money
    Make use of those Festivals that occur on the beach. Since time doesn't pass, and you don't expend energy you can fish without worry.

    1)Bring your basket!
    2)Fish for the large fish, and fill your basket up. Max out your carry capacity by putting 8 more fish in your rucksack.
    3)Toss aside any garbage. You can always confess to littering later!

    Your profit for a day's worth of fishing will be 7600G.
    Fishing for Money: Advanced
    This will only work if you have the Cursed Fishing Pole (Located on the 29th level of the Winter Mine), Blessed Fishing Pole (Use the Cursed Pole 255 times to remove the curse and change the item into the Blessed Fishing Pole), or the Mythic Fishing Pole.

    During the Summer there are 2 Festivals that occur on the beach. (The Dog Frisbee Festival, and the Fireworks Festival.) On those days you can make a lot of money fishing. Here is how:

    Bring your basket and Cursed/Blessed/ or Mythic Fishing Pole to the beach. Since no time passes, and no energy is used, you can fish until your basket and 8 slots in your rucksack are full. (I averaged 1 Pirate Treasure every couple of minutes, so it will take 1-2 hours to coplete. Note: You cannot save during the festival!)

    When fishing, keep only the Pirate's Treasure, toss everything else. Place the Pirate's Treasure in your basket util it i full. Keep fishing until 8 slots in your rucksack are also full. (Be sure not to try and keep 9 in your rucksack or you won't be able to pick up your rucksack.)

    Net result for the fishing trip will be 380,000G.

    A Word of Warning:

    There is a drawback to this cheat. The heart level for the Sprites, and your wife, will drop. The first time I used this method everyone's Heart level had dropped by 3. The second time I used this method everyone's Heart level had dropped all the way to 0! Yes, you will have to work to get them back up.
    This is simple!
    Instead of going to the square to throw out garbage just open the rucksack choose the garbage and press start.
    Gem of Truth
    You can find a jewel of Truth by looking / doing the following:

    1) In your dog house
    2) The water trough in the little Barn where you keep your horse.
    3) Exchange a 1000 medals at the Horse Races
    4) Buy one from Won for 50000 G
    5) The North most lampost between the Church and Rose Plaza
    6) In the Library on the 2nd floor, check the shelves
    7) In the Town Cottage, play the New Year's Game Show
    8) Check the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
    9) Once you have the other 8 jewels, take them to Mayor Thomas' house and check the refridgerator

    The 9 jewels will be exchanged for the Gem of Truth, which will display your fatigue and strength levels when you have it equiped.
    Goddess Gem
    You can find the Goddess jewels in the Spring Mine. They can be found on levels: 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222. If you collect all 9 jewels, the Goddess will show up and exchange it for the Goddess Gem. If you equip the Goddess Gem your strength will slowly be replentished.
    How do get down 255 levels in both mines!
    1. When you first enter the mine or adveance to a new level, save your game in the 1 slot.
    2. Dig until you find the stairs. Remember where it is.
    3. Load the saved game earlier. Go to the stairs immediatly and dig there. This way only a 1 enegy is used.
    4. Before going down the stairs save the game in slot 2. In case you run into a dead end.
    5. On the next floor repeat steps 1 to 4 again.
    6 Repeat till level 255
    How to Get The Fishing Pole
    Usually around 12:00 PM Zack gets home (His house in on the beach). If you have an empty space in you're rucksack then enter Zack's house. There will be a cut seen of Zack with a fishing pole wondering what to do with it. Then he gives it to you. Enjoy you're fishing pole!
    How to make a girls heart to change
    if you like ann or popuri and you need to get your home bigger the 2d time you shold do this in spring give her the yellow flowers in summer give her the pick flowers in fall give her the blue flowers
    Jewel Locations & Sell Price
    All the gem-like ores are found in the Winter Mine. (That cave in the center of the Lake up near Mother's Hill.)

    Moonstone: Sells for 55G: Any level ending in "8"
    Sand Rose: Sells for 60G: Any level ending in "9"
    Agate: Sells for 62G: All levels except; 50, 100, 150, 200
    Amethyst: Sells for 62G: All levels except; 50, 100, 150, 200
    Flourite: Sells for 65G: All levels except; 50, 100, 150, 200
    Peridot: Sells for 68G: All levels except; 50, 100, 150, 200
    Topaz: Sells for 75G: All levels except; 50, 100,150 , 200
    Ruby: Sells for 78G: All levels except: 50, 100, 150, 200
    Emerald: Sells for 80G: Any level ending in "5", or below level 200
    Diamond: Sells for 100G: Any level ending in "0", or below level 200
    Alexandrite: Sells for 10,000G: Levels 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and below
    Pink Diamond: Sells for 10,000G: Levels 30, 60, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, and 255
    Kappa Gem
    You can find the Kappa jewels in the Winter Mine. They can be found on levels: 0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180, and 255. If you collect all 9 Kappa jewels, the Kappa will show up and exchange it for a Kappa Gem. If you equip the Kappa Gem your fatigue will slowly be replentished.
    Karen's Location Schedule
    Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, or Sat: When it is Sunny

    08am - 10am Bench outside Store
    10am - 01pm Store - backroom
    01pm - 04pm Store - front
    04pm - 05pm Store - backroom
    05pm - 06pm Store - backroom
    06pm - 07pm Store (closed)
    07pm - 08pm Walking to Beach
    08pm - 10pm Mineral Beach
    10pm - 11pm Walking to Store

    Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, or Sat: If it Rains

    08am - 10am Store - front
    10am - 01pm Store - backroom
    01pm - 04pm Store - front
    04pm - 05pm Store - backroom
    05pm - 06pm Store - backroom
    06pm Store (closed)

    Tuesday: If it is Sunny

    08am - 10am Bench outside Store
    10am - 01pm Store (closed)
    01pm - 02pm Walking to Hot Springs
    02pm - 04pm Hot Springs
    04pm - 05pm Walking to Store
    05pm - 07pm Store (closed)
    07pm - 07:30pm Walking to Inn
    07:30pm - 10pm Doug's Inn
    10pm - 10:30pm Walking to Store

    Tuesday: If it Rains/ Snows

    01pm - 02pm Walking to Gotz's
    02pm - 04pm Gotz's house
    04pm - 05pm Walking to Store
    05pm - 07pm Store (closed)
    07pm - 07:30pm Walking to Inn
    07:30pm - 10pm Doug's Inn
    10pm - 10:30pm Walking to Store


    07pm - 07:30pm Walking to Inn
    07:30pm - 10pm Doug's Inn
    10pm - 10:30pm Walking to Store
    10:30pm Store (closed)
    King Fish
    The following is a listing of the 7 Legendary King Fish, where to catch them, and what you need to do in order to catch them.

    Carp: Lake (Need to have shipped at least 200 fish. Any season except Winter)
    Catfish: Hot Spring (Winter Only)
    Coelacanth: Winter Mine (Must have caught the other 5 King Fish first)
    Jp Huchen: Downstream (Need to have learned the recipes for: Grilled Fish, Sashimi, and Sushi)
    Monkfish: Ocean (10pm-8am. Winter or Spring)
    Squid: Ocean (Toss in a small fish first. Any season except Winter.

    Note: Your Fishing Pole must be Cursed, Blessed, or Mythic in order for you to catch a King Fish.
    If you keep giving Barley gold milk for a month, you can buy cows that will give you gold milk instead of small milk
    Make 60,000 G in a Horse Race

    This is similar to the other cheat, How to get 10,000G fast, but instead of earning 10,000 G, you can earn 60,000 G.

    The day of the Horse Race (Spring or Fall 18) bring your basket with you and go to the Rose Square. But save your game before entering the festival, which starts at 10:00 AM.

    When you enter, immediately watch all of the races, do not make any bets; racing in the third race is optional.

    When watching the races, record which horse wins each race. Then, restart your game.

    When the Gameboy turns back on, you will return in front of the Rose Square before the festival starts. Go to the betting booth and bet all of your money on the Horse who won before; the outcome should be the same.

    But for the third Horse Race, if you are participating, it is really easy to win. If you are positive that you will win, bet on yourself before the third race begins.

    After all of the races, you should have a lot of metals. Exchange all of your metals for broaches and put the broaches into your basket. (broaches are the most profitable item you can exchange for in the Horse Races. It sells for 2,000 G each when shipped, and takes 18 metals to exchange.) It is a little time consuming, but worth it. When your basket is filled, you should receive 60,000 the next day when Zack collects the shipment.

    If you want to make some more money, have all of your rucksack slots empty. If you have a basket and a size 8 rucksack, you will receive 76,000 G. If you have a basket and a size 4 rucksack, you will receive 68,000 G. And if you have the rucksack you start your game off with, you will receive 64,000.

    But if you want to make 2,000 G more, fill in all of your rucksack slots, including the one you carry an item with. Since you have your hands full, you will have to return to the Rose Plaza the next day and pick up your basket. Don't worry, the basket will remain in the same place you left it.

    Since the Horse Races occur twice a year, you can receive 120,000 G just by participating in a festival.

    :..: :..: :..: :..: :..: :..:

    There is a chance that the second race will not always receive the same winning horse. If that happens, try restarting your game. If that doesn't work either, bet on a different horse. The first horse race will always have the same winner every time, the second one is random, and the third one, you can almost guarantee that you will be the winner. Either way, you will still receive a lot of metals.
    Make a girls heart go faster to red
    Every day talk to the girl you would want to marry
    Give her her most favorite thing

    Karen - Bamboo Shoot or Wine
    Elli - Milk, flower or herbs
    Mary - Herbs (any color)
    Ann - Boiled Egg
    Popuri - Egg or Flower

    Give any of those item for that certain girl everyday
    When its time for the heart event hurry up and try to activate it!
    And before you know it you could get married in the first year
    So try not to miss any of the the items in TV Shopping Network
    Marrying the Harvest Goddess
    Marrying the Harvest Goddess requires a lot more than any other girl in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. She doesn't have any Heart Events, instead you must accomplish a list of tasks before you can hope to propose to her.

    These tasks are:

    1) Have the Big Bed in your home
    2) Catch every type of fish, including the legendary King Fish
    3) Dig up every type of item in the Hot Springs Mine
    4) Dig up every type of item in the Mother's Lake Mine (aka Winter Mine)
    5) Sell at least 1 of every type of shippable item
    6) Collect all the Goddess jewels and have them converted into the Goddess Gem
    7) Be in at least your 5th year
    8) Ask Pastor Carter for permission to marry the Harvest Goddess during confession.
    Mining For $money$
    There are two ways to get lots of $ when mining without using stamina/fatigue. For both, upgrade your rucksack or get a basket.
    1st: Save your game then find the stairs. Reset (off/on) your game and got two the stairs and till. Repeat for next level. And from then on.

    2nd: Everyone knows you always find black grass when you dig in the mine. Every time you find it, eat it, it restores stamina/fatigue.

    Nice Things to Know
    When you fish on the dock and throw the fish or junk that you don't want back into the water, it counts as LITTERING, and people hate you for it. So make sure to throw it away with the garbage can at the Square or restart the game if you can. If you've already littered and you aren't getting cards from people on your birthday or some such, then you'll have to go talk to Carter in his confessional room. You better save, because sometimes he says your forgiven, and sometimes he chews you out like none other.
    Ann's dad Doug doesn't give you the proper recipe for his Cheese Fondue. He forgot to say bread. So the real recipe is:

    Eer, that's the complex one, anyway. In any case, be sure to add the bread.
    Here are all the powerberries I've found; I see others don't match up with my list;

    -Dig in your farm
    -From the harvest lady if you give her things (flowers; crops) for 10 days in a row
    -Exchange medals in the horse race
    -You get one as a prize for winning the Horse Race
    -You win one in the Frisbee tournament (I got this from a friend; I've never managed to win that tournament)
    -Fish on the dock with a mythril fishing pole
    -One from the TV shopping network
    -Behind the cave on the Lake in Winter
    -In level 19 in the Lake Mine
    -Level 100 in the Spring mine
    *It may be the other way around. I'm pretty sure that's it, but just to be cautious...)

    If you've seen all your rival's heart events but aren't friends with them, 7 days after you saw the last one, go to the church to see their wedding.
    I can't remember if someone said this or not;
    If you want to see a special scene envolving Cliff, any day in Winter while its snowing, enter the Square from the *bottom*/south entrance.
    Nightime Gathering
    Every night, the bar is selling special drinks, like, Pineapple Juice! The bar is only selling special drinks from 6-7 P.M. though, so be quick! All you have to do is walk up to the counter, and talk to Doug, and he give you the menu, then choose whatever you want! Also, some people go there late at night, here's who they are: Basil, Saibara, Rick, Duke, Jeff, and I think in the summer Kai is there either upstairs or downstairs and is complaining that Rick always gets drunk whenever he comes to the bar. So now you know where some people are late at night if you need them!
    other things karen likes
    There are more things karen likes besides wine and popcorn. Karen also likes bamboo shoots which you can find in the spring time, and she also likes amethyst, which you can find in the winter mine!
    Pale Moon Sky
    In either Fall or Winter, (i forgot which) there is a holiday on the 13th called 'Full Moon Festival' and on that night, you have a chance to get your girlfriend to like you a lot more. Ok, here's how it goes, on the day of the Full Moon Festival, finish you chores and then wait until about 6:00 P.M. when it's 6:00 (and only 6:00) go up to Peak of Mother's Hill. You girlfriend will be there. ( if your already married your wife will be there!) Walk up to her and talk to her. She'll ask you " Would you like to look at the moon with me?" say yes, or she'll hate you for it. Then, if you say yes, she will start to talk to you about her parents. Then, after the night is over, she will like you a lot more. That's all there is to it!
    Popuri's grass
    Yo! I'm pretty good at harvest moon so i can answer your kwestionz if you want. ok, to the tip. y'no those useless weeds on your farm? well u can use em. as a gift to poupri! they raise her heart pts too! it's great if you wanna marry her! hope i helped! C ya!
    Power berries!!
    1. Give one flower daily to the harvest goddess, for ten days. On the tenth day, she will thank you for visiting her, and give you a power berry.

    2. In winter, go to the winter mine, but don't enter it, go behind it and press A. There will be a power berry there.

    3. In spring, grow cucumbers and drop one in to the lake (where the kappa lives) every day for approximately 10 days. He will give you a blue power berry.

    4. Win 900 medals from the horse races and exchange it for a power berry.

    5. Dig in you farm, (where you grow crops) and you will eventually find a power berry.

    6. Once you've bought everything from the tv shopping network (on saturdays) you will be able to buy a power berry for 10 000 g i think, (tell me if i'm wrong.)

    There are other ways to get powerberries, like digging in the spring mine, but i haven't done that yet so you'll have to figure the rest out.
    Power Berries!!!!
    I know a couple ways to get some power berries, which increase your statima and fatigue.
    1. After the animal contests,(sheep, cow, chicken, and horse) if you win 1st prize, triumphant music will play and you will get a power berry.
    2. Digging in the ground in your field, you will find a power berry eventually.(I found it on my first game)
    Quick Harvest Sprite Affection
    Ok, In Summer go to the beach, get all 4 purple grasses from beach and give to Bold. 1 heart every day you do this!
    Save Money!!!!!!!
    ok this is a great way to save money. uknow that when u upgrade to any type like example ur at silver and u want to upgrade ur item to gold it will cost $3k and then to upgrade to mistrile it costs $5k but if u go from silver to mistrile its cheaper because you only hacve to pay 5k not 8k so its ccheaper if you upgrade more than one place ahead.
    Spooky Mirror
    To make this cheat work you have to be in your house at exactly mid-night or else it won't work(i just kept using the bath). At mid-night all you need to do is look into your mirror and then 3 things might happen 1. nothing at all. 2.nothing at first then you hear a door slam. or 3. you see an odd shape in the mirror.(if it doesn't work the first 5 times in 1 night then try again tommorrow night).
    The Summer's Night Flower
    Okay, sometime in the summer, and if you are friends with Ellen(Elli's Grandma)well, first off, if you are not very good friends with her, she loves Jam, any kind, Pink Cat flowers, homemade food, mostly any kind, and be very nice to Stu, (this is her grandson) being nice to him will help, most days at 1:00 P.M. you'll find him outside the church with Carter and May. Stu likes sweets, and if you could guess, he hates vegetables, that means anything homegrown... (believe me, I've even tried sweet potatoes, but that's not the point) he also likes balls, which you can buy from Won the merchant who is currently residing at Zach's beach house, you can buy them from him, but only one at a time. Oh, and you should be nice to Elli, Ellen's grandaughter, she likes jewelery,hot milk, and any kind of flower, just don't give her herbs.

    Ok, once you've gotten Ellen to be your friend, one day go to Ellen's house on the north side of town, and she'll say that Basil will be coming over soon, just wait! When he does come, Ellen will say there is a flower that only blooms on a summer's night and she want's to see it again before she dies. The flower should appear on the Peak of Mother's Hill. ( don't worry, if she see's the flower, she won't die, i can promise you that) i hope it works for you! bye! ^-^
    Things Karen doesn't like!
    Karen HATES:
    Grape Juice

    And that's all I know because I'm new!
    Uncursing certain cursed tools
    To uncurse a Cursed tool that you have to use 255 times is a challenge since it takes down so much stamina. To do this easily go into a festival where the time bar dissapears and use the tool over and over since no stamina will disapear.
    Walk underneath Harvest Sprites Chairs (game oops)
    If you go to the harvest sprite's home at 9am or so, go to the top three chairs and you can walk underneath them
    wasting time fishing...
    On some peoples harvest moon cartriges,they will not catch a fish withe the silver fishing rod.It doesnt work and just go to gold if you have the money.
    Winery sign glitch.
    The sign on the Winery says that it is closed on Sundays only. However, it is actually closed on Saturdays.

    Zack speaks Japanese!
    I think this was already postest, but I gave Zack white grass (by accident) and said something. And then I clicked on him again, and he had kind of a "bleh" expression on his face, and spoke Japanese for 2 boxes, and then said "Farm life suits you well, George." (or your charecter.) This took place at my shipping box...