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Same Old, Same Old...?

The good:

~Graphics have improved, compared to earlier Harvest Moon games.
~You can raise your own child, with options new to this game.
~The Ps2 version adds a new bride, Lumina, and the ability to have a daughter.
~It's fun...? Just like any other Harvest Moon game.

The bad:

~The graphics are good, but slow loading times and slow movement will test your patience.
~The standard HM format has not changed at all, causing this game to blend in with the rest.
~The music, while done in traditional HM style, can be very annoying and repetitive.
~The game sometimes feels like a treadmill: you keep going, but you never get anywhere.
~Secret cutscenes and items can be hard to find and unlock.


Anyone who has any sort of video gaming platform probably knows about Harvest Moon, the farming simulation games that have become a big hit with gamers and non-gamers alike, especially girls. The basic idea of them all is that you can run your own farm, raise animals, plant crops, sell your wares, meet the townsfolk, and (in some renditions) marry and have a child. A Wonderful Life doesn't change much from that format, and that, I believe, is its largest failing.

You play a young man whose father has just died and left you his farm. His old friend, Takakura, comes to you and asks if you w...


Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life review


A Wonderful Life is unlike any Harvest Moon before. Your father's lifelong dream was to be farmer. He and his best friend Takakura squirreled away funds to buy a farm in remote Forget-Me-Not Valley. Sadly, your father never lived to till his land. After his passing, you find yourself drawn to the valley to fulfill your father's wishes and escape the urban bustle. Here, you learn that Takakura scrounged together enough cash to set you up with a house, basic tools, a cow, and a small farming fund. Sure, it sounds like the typical Harvest Moon -- but your main goal isn't to save your town or y...


A Disapointment, I Must Say

The good:

It's Harvest Moon; if you're a big fan of the Harvest Moon series and the PS2, then you'll want to own this game. The extras and the free-play mode make it many hours of enjoyable play.

The bad:

Sadly, there's not a lot to do in this game besides farm. Unlike most Harvest Moon games, there aren't very many festivals, and there aren't as many people to interact with. The graphics look mediocre, and there's a drag which makes it run a lot slower than its Gamecube counterparts, which can make game-play kind of frustrating.


This game is really a pretty good game, though it is very similar to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

The story is that you're the son of a farmer that died long ago, and since then the farm has been taken care of by your father's friend, a man named Takakura. Takakura sends you a letter asking you if you want to run the farm, because it was your father's wish. You agree, and head to the farm, and Takakura will give you a tour of it. You unfold the rest of the story through game-play as you go along.

The objective of the first chapter is to pick a...


What a Superb Game!


Grow crops, raise animals, marry the girl of your dreams and teach your child the ways of life in this amazing farm game.

At first glance, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition for the Playstation 2 seems rather odd, and let's face it . . . cheesy. However, once you start playing, you will find yourself unable to tear your hands away from the controller until you look at the clock and realize you've spent the entire day in front of your television playing this video game. The sound is pleasant, the cute anime graphics are pleasing to the eye and the actual gameplay is simply amazin...

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