Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

How to get Lumina to like you and marry you
Ok, Lumina is 18 years old and is obviously new to dating. This is the only girl, throughout the whole game, that you can give TWO items to per day. She likes flowers (of any type) old money (the gold coins from the digsite) moon ores (the cool blue crystals from the digsite) food that you cooked at home (NOT the failed attempts at cooking) and I heard from someone that she likes wool also, though I haven't tested that theory out yet. So basically, give her ANY two things a day, everyday.

You enter the villa around 10:00 while lumina is playing the piano and a scene will trigger where Lumina gets up and talks to you about how scared and pressured she is to play the piano because her mother used to play it so beautifully, and how Romana expects a lot from her. She will ask you what to do and you have to say.."Just have fun" She'll feel better. scene ends.

Re-Enter the villa around 00:00 to trigger another heart scene. Here Lumina will stop playing and ask if she can talk to you, say YES. You will go to her room and she will start talking about paintings, then she will talk about a particular painting she's jealous of because it has a two girls that look like they're sisters, pick the option, " do you want a big sister" She will smile and call you her brother you are exited back out of the villa, scene ends.

Enter yet again at the villa around 7:00 (make sure Romana and Lumina are in Romana's Room, who cares where sebastian is as long as he is somewhere in the house) This will trigger a scene where Sebastian will be standing by the kitchen door and he wants you to try some food he made, say Yes, on the way to the kitchen you over hear Lumina talking to Romana. (Trust me. Only girls know what they are talking about, I know I did.) Sebastian will come back to get you and tell you that it's not right to listen in on other people's conversations then he gives you the food to try, just say it's good. and he will talk about how Lumina is beautiful and that she is in love with someone. Scene ends.

This one can only be triggered in the Fall or later and works best when everyone at the villa is either asleep or getting ready to go to bed. So either wake up at 3:00AM and make a beeline to the villa, go inside and the come right back out, OR simply leave the house around 10:00PM or later. A scene will happen where Lumina will tell you to wait and asks if you want to go to the beach, say Sure. She will go on trying to tell you that she loves you, she will ask if she's supposed to feel like that toward a brother, Say, You should. and she will say ok i guess then be happy, but then Sebastian will call her, she leaves. scene ends.

If you so happen to talk to her in her room and she asks you a question like whats the first person you think of when you think of the color white say, Lumina. You'll make her happy
*HINT* Try going back in and out of the villa so that you can force a heart scene at a specific time.