Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

Milk, Eggs, and Crop Help
MILK- Milk is best when it is S rank. You get a lot of money for S rank milk and even more money from star cows. You shouldn't turn star cow milk into butter or cheese. It is worth way more. You get S rank milk by hugging and talking to your cow. Hug and talk to your cow in the morning and do the same in the afternoon. You also have to get good fodder from the ordering sheet. I would suggest one regular fodder and one good fodder in their trough. Gold eggs are the best and they sell for 300G. Get them by picking them up twice a day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. And don't let their food run out for a long time.Crops are another topic. In chapter 2, get Tarton and have 10 strawberry seeds and 10 turnip seeds.Grow them and let Tarton hybridize them. You can get the failed hybrid. Or you can get a dhibe seed. Grow that and in the dessert option, make it with the dhibe, milk, and an egg. You can get a dhibe cake and haggle Van for 2,010.Hope This Helpes For You!By the way,this got me to 200,000G!