Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

Get lumina to four heart one season
First,chapter one.Milk ur cows, collect flowers(many),then go to the villa on 8:00am.Give romana one bottle of milk and give sebstian too.(dont gave romana when she is sitting on her chair or she is waving her umbrella).Then go to lumina's room and gave her two flowers.do yhis until its summer four u will see lumina diary on the table(big,long).If have four hearts,give her the blue feather.Then she will talk to romana that lumina want to be married with u. romana will angry and ask u will u make lumina happy?chose leave it to me, then romana will angry later she said are you frightened im just kidding hahaha!! and one year past a cut sences appear u married lumina.also when u befriend someone. they will look at you when they walk past u.(they must walk past u not u walk past them.)