Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

Just Little Things
Just somethings that you should know:

1. a flower a day keeps the marriage counselor away. Give your wife a flower a day or something close to that. there isn't really a marriage counselor, but you don't want a divorce do you?

2. water plants twice daily. they grow MUCH faster.

3. try not to keeps animals and chickens inside. the more they are outside, the less money you spend on fodder and chicken food.

4. Hybrids shouldn't be in poor soil, they won't grow.

5. Cows that love you give S milk, go for it.

6. if your deciding whether to sell your vegetable/fruit or the seed, chose the seed. you get much more money.

7. don't bother getting ruby spice from ruby, waste of time and gifts.

8. try to collect as much of the stuff you find on the ground. i got 1,800 for a season's collection of goddess drops, it pays off.

9. if you asked for a daughter from the magic pot and you get this kid who doesn't look like any specific gender, its probably a girl. she will be blond, no matter who you married.I know it sorta looks like a boy, but it isn't.

10. If your going to buy a bull, do it soon. they take FOREVER to grow up.

11. save gold eggs for Van.

Hope It Helped.