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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

Information on eligible bachelorettes. (READ)
For everyone saying this person is the cheapest wife or quickest wife, they are wrong. As it turns out, all the wives, including Muffy, Celia, Nami, and Lumina are not expensive at all. Nami likes fossils, you do not spend money on fossils and the rest like flowers. So how could one be cheaper than the other. Now, as for quickest wife, that doesn't even matter because getting a brides hearts up to four (the highest level of hearts you could get)doesn't get you married as soon as her heart rate reaches four. You have to wait a WHOLE year to marry any of them.

**NOTICE** So, all the wives are cheap to marry and all are easy and all take the same amount of time to get the heart rates up.