Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

In this TIP I shall tell you about the seasons of the game...Some things I might not include, and some very good things I might include...I might even give a little hint for a cool item(etc.) for the game.

Spring: Though it has not much natural food,(The food you find outside, that you can pick up from the ground) the season of Spring is pretty great. A lot of crops can be grown here,it's always a great day to fish, and lots of rain. (Which is great for your crops). Also it's a great new start of every year. Has some few, beautiful flowers too.

Summer: Ok, so this is actually the hottest of the seasons, though your character can't feel it anyways. =D It's pretty much like Spring, so there's not much to say other than good crops, good fishing weather, and lots of rain. (Which is great for your crops) Also has a lot of flowers.

Fall: This season is actually my favorite of all the seasons...IN this season there are much more wild/natural food then in any other season. (I like the shirt for your character in this season the most too. xD) Also, most crops grow in the fall. Fall is a beautiful season anyways, so why NOT LOVE IT?

Winter: I know everyone loves the snow, but I actually think this is the worst season. There are many reasons..This is the season with the lowest amount of NATURAL FOOD. The natural food also takes sometimes 2 days to grow back..My character almost starved, but thank the harvest moon god that the natural food grew back! Also...This season is too risky to be letting your animals out in the field behind the barn...So you need to save up money, and stock on fodder. I know 10 days of this season doesn't seem like much, But in my mind this season is the longest! Also, you can't grow many crops so that's another road to starvation. There are some flowers. And you can still fish, so that's good too. Also..Who doesn't love a good old visit from our own Yeti, Mukumuku?

One of the seasons has a small raccoon behind Vesta's farm, or somewhere behind there. (So check that alot, but you can't keep it, so it kinda stinks.)