: : : : : : : The bachleorettes Muffy Nami Lumina and Celia

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The bachleorettes Muffy Nami Lumina and Celia
Likes:Milk,Flowers,Moon ore, serious relasionship, talk to her she is eaisiest wife in game to marry.Dislikes:Stuff from dig site and small fish

Likes:Milk,eggs,flowers,moon ore,crops
She is not as easy as muffy to get but she isnt hard to get.Dislikes:hmm this is tough well maybe the coins from digsite because she says the are "scary".

Likes:Stuff from digsite,fall flowers someone to talk to.
Dislikes:girly stuff or anything else
She is like a five on the scale of hardness from one to ten!Shes in the middle. Lumina:
Likes:Moon ore, eggs,flowers,wool,and talk to her ALOT!
Dislikes:Fish,Milk,"scary digsite stuff" anything else scary"