Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Tips

Marry three girls easy!
If your a lazy person, like me, and you don't want to go through three years just to get three different wives so you can fill up your three save slots, then this is for you!

Okay, all you have to do is get the three girls to like you to FOUR hearts. And don't worry if you miss a day of giving a girl a gift, you have all year!(also, if you have trouble getting their sceduels straight, just ask me)

After you do that, on WINTER 9TH, SAVE and get out your blue feather. Go and propose to one girl, and after your engaged SAVE on ONE of the files and reset your ps2. Then, do the same thing again, but with another girl but save on a DIFFERENT file. Then do it again with the last girl and save on the LAST file.

Genius, huh? The important stuffs capitalized.