Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Tips

Reverse Proposals
If you are playing as a girl, you can have the boys propose to you instead. You do not need to own the Blue Feather to trigger a reverse proposal. Only Ash, Hiro, and Kana have reverse proposals.

To activate a reverse proposal the boy must be at 65,000 FP, which is the maximum number of friendship points possible. When the boy has a full bloom red flower you'll be at 60,000 FP, so you need to continue to give the person gifts until you are comfortable that he has reached the required friendship point value.

The next step is to trigger a date scene and select a preferred location. After the normal date conversation, the boy will want to tell you something important. You'll then be transported to the Harvest Goddess' Pond where you will receive the Blue Feather from the boy. He will then explain how he feels about you and ask for your hand in marriage. If you accept his proposal then you will married a week later, but if you reject the marriage proposal then you lose 15,000 FP with him.
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