Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Tips

Reah's Famous Tips and Tricks ~ToT EDITION~
We all know how annoying it is in the beginning of the game now don't we? You own nothing, and not to mention, it keeps giving you instructions on stuff like your a two year old! But here is were the fun begins! After all this stuff, your left on your own, right? WRONG! Your only alone if you choose to be! So go out allot and make friends with the residents! If you do, something really cool might happen!
A nice start~
Okay, instincts say that you should plant those potato's right away. IGNORE THEM! Go to the mines straight away! Start collecting EVERYTHING! Watch out for the bad gases and pack up the mushrooms. Save all the sparkling wonderful's and head to the black smiths. Get all of the stuff refined and then sell it! You should get tons of money. Then, head to the farm you were working at and buy more crops. Buy a couple of tree's too. Then your set for the moment.
The wild side ~
You know those animals wandering around the island? Well, you can domesticate them and turn them into your pet! Just give them a gift they like for as long as you can handle and sooner or later, they'll follow you home! One day, they might even be there when you wake up in the morning! Then, you get to name it, and then the animal is yours! But watch out when you first want to meet the little bear cub! Because Mama Bear's in a bad mood!

That's all for right now friends! Verify this to get more of my Tips and Tricks! Because Reah, is a gamer like you!