Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Tips

Wood Fish : P
okay, who in the heck is having oodles of problems with that dang wood fish??? i had so much trouble with them, they are a pain! but dont worry. all you need is AT LEAST a level 2 fishing rod (iron). at night (8:30 or later), go to the harvest goddess spring and just keep fishing until you find one. in the spring though, you will find a small black fish, and yes, you will see it. try to fish as close to that fish as possible. keep trying over and over. and remember, make sure you're stamina is completely full. because when ever you are trying to catch the fish, it takes up more than half of your stamina. it ticked me off because i finally had it, but i didnt have enough stamina. makes me mad!!!! : ( but dont worry, just keep fishing until you find one!!! : )