Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Tips

Money at the begining of the game
in the summer you can go by the lumber people like where you first meet Bo and Luke you can find herbs here are a list of herbs:

and also at brownie farm.

Also you can find blue berries and very berry's.

And you can go fishing with your fishing rod but you can only get after you meet a person.

And the flea market is a lot of money so don't spend your money there.

And Also get a part time job you will get a lot of money and keep on going back to that place and you get your money raised and by then you should have 3000 if not do the same thing and when you have 3000 go to the lumber place and by the barn lv1 and you have a barn.

and also go to the caves and mine and when you get to lv30 you get a little heart and you get energy how you get it is a sparkly thing in the ground.