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Harvest Moon Magical Melody!

The good:

-Family Life
-Music & Sound Effects
-Overall Gameplay


Harvest Moon Magical Melody is a fabulous game where you can create your very own farm and maintain it. In the game you will come across many different ways to make your farm better than the others! You will learn the many ways of the village, like fishing, and cookie delicious foods at your kitchen! You will also create your own life, where you can love the man/woman which appeals to you! As the game progresses the Harvest Goddess will slowly awaken, with the sweet tunes from the instruments that play the Melody of Harvest Moon. She, pure as ever, will bring back life, and...


One of the best!

The good:

- VERY interesting plot line
- Many festivals and items are unique to only this game
- Very large selection of marriage candidates
- Play as a boy OR a girl
- A good number of save spots, so you can play up to at least 4 games

The bad:

- Heavy lag



It was a glorious day in the village when suddenly everything went wrong - the Harvest Goddess turned to stone!

After the love of nature has seemingly vanished, the Harvest Goddess has cast a spell on herself that can only be broken once you find 50 musical notes, hidden in events and good deeds around the town. It's up to you to beat Jaime to saving her!

This plot line is quite different from the other Harvest Moon ((HM)) games. You now have more of a purpose - collect the notes and free the Harvest Goddess ((HG))!


While these graphics do exceed those of FoMT and the like...


A New Installment in the HM Series Continues to Impress.

The good:

-The number of choices for your wife/husband [that's right, you can choose to be a boy or a girl.] There are 11 choices total.
-The ability to buy land. You can have more than one different properties.
-You can expand your house a lot, same with your barn.
-It reminds me of the older HM games. They brought back the old way to upgrade tools, houses, barns, and everything else.
-A pet pig. If you like pigs, it's good.
-You can buy furniture and arrange it how you like.

The bad:

-The graphics aren't up to par with A Wonderful Life, but they still look fine. It's only bad if you're a stickler for graphics.
-It's kind of hard to get money, but you can still make due with what you get.


I'd have to say this is one of the best HM games I've played in the series. If you like Animal Crossing, you'll probably like this game. A new feature I haven't seen before allows you to buy different furniture and arrange it how you like.

Starting: Starting is brutal. But eventually it's smooth sailing. If you're like me and like working for your stuff, then it'll be fun. You start out with a small house and NO barn, or chicken coop. :]
You have to buy your own. This is done with lumber and money. Like the older games, you need an axe to chop wood to get lumber. Thankfully you already have ...

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