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How i started....
When I started I got the river side place. On the first couple of days I cleaned up my land and used stakes to surrond my place. Then I planted crops. I would usually buy a pot from the junk shop and then I would get two very berries and make jam. I would also collect green herbs and make them into herb tea.
When I would go fishing i wouldd go by the ocean on the far east there is a peak. Go to the end of the peak and fish there b/c you can get snandores, and snappers.

(give the dolphin a fish everyday b/c u can get 2 the island.)

Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way i'm gonna marry Blue!


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How I did my life on MM
How I did my life/farm....
Hey Harvest Moon, MM fans!

Today, im going to tell you how i did my awesome life in MM. I'm not married yet, but I am definetley dating Alex!! Lemme show ya how i did it (got an awesome farm!) :

1st, i picked the city place to live in. When I had the money, i bought the riverside territory. Then put a fence around it, and planted lots of seeds. I got the $$$ by selling the vegetables, selling coral brooches (get coral, then give it to the Blacksmith's to make a coral brooch for you, ($500)then sell it for more than $1000, a $500 profit.) , selling fish , selling honey, flowers, ores, etc. Member when you go to the cave, go to level 50, and get as many diamonds as you can find. Then when I had THAT money (lots) , I bought the Ocean territory, and put a Lvl 3 house there (got a heart with Woody). I also got a barn with a cow, horse and 2 sheep. And I got a chicken coop, and 1 chicken that has eggs every morning, so I could get more chicken. Then I bought a mayonnaise maker, butter maker, cheese maker, milker, bell, rope, brush. (During all this I am getting hearts with Alex - giving him herbs and turnips). I am going to make my horse like me (talk to her and hand-feed her) then train her by riding her every day (that is how to train her, right?) then enter her in a horse race. Before I do, I'll save, so if I do not win, I could reset it till I do. When I win, I'll make my horse have a baby, then sell the winning horse for $50 000, then train and enter the other one, .... I'll get butter from and milk the cow, sheer the sheep, get mayonnaise and butter from the chicken.... Right now, I cannot seem to get the double bed, even though I have 4 hearts with woody, 4 with Joe and 2 with Kurt.... And 10 with Alex now! But, I will keep on trying till I could get the double bed and marry Alex

Hope I helped!!!
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2 Easy Note Tricks, and 1 Special Note
I'll start from easiest to hardest. Ok, a really easy note to get is the "LONE WOLF NOTE". All you
have to do is, not speak to anyone all day! I think the "all day" thing means... 6.00am to 6.00pm. To some people this would seem easier, but I don't! You see you don't do anything... BAM! Thats where a lot of people are like, "What is she talkn' about?" Well, I don't know what time the thing took. But, Ive heard it takes a while. So it gets really... BORING! Next is the
cliff! DUN DUN DUH! I mean it! I always got lost
on my way! Follow the map carefully, and you'll see a cave sort of in the shape of the mining cave. Go in, and get a new MINI GAME! I don't know if it appears in that MINI GAME thing on the
MAIN MENU though. Complete it then, you'll be at
the top, and you get the NOTE! I hope it helped with the 30 note to getting the blue feather thing. Kiki589
One way to get a lot of money is raise a couple of horses (talk to them, brush them, and ride them a LOT EVERYDAY) then when the horse race comes around you can race your horses and if they win and become champions you can sell them for 50,000g each.
$$$ To Earn Alot, Costs Alot $$$
WARNING:This TIP will cost you much gold, but will be usefull in the end :WARNING

This TIP, will be very usefull in the game, but will cost you...First you have to, buy a lvl 2 barn and place it on your land (I recemend the Oceanside home, because this tip will take up room. And you may want to do this in winter to earn alot of money off the Lake mine) then use stakes to make a yard for the barn. Fill the barn with sheep, love them until they are grown full size. Then use your hoe and plow the ground in spring, (recemend 20 squares of grass to 30) then fill the squares with grass, (and fertilizer if you want to). Then let the sheep grow wool then shere it off, if you cared for them as long as you did. You should get shining wool from each of them, then head to the tool shop, and buy a yarn maker. Then if you had enough money to get a dye pot, get one of them too. Then with the wool in hand, find herbs in the mountains (should be purple or green) grab 5 of any color. And go back to your home, put the dye pot in, and go to the barn and yarn the wool. Then go inside and do each of the yarn pieces one at a time in the dye pot, (put one piece of yarn with an herb) then when it's finished. Go outside and go to the shipping box, and drop each in. Then the next day you should have a bunch of money!!!

WARNING: This TIP will cost you much gold, but will be usefull in the end :WARNING
So you wanna have alot of money? You wanna be sure to have enough money when you need it the most? Well here's a tip for you! I'll take my game as an example.I'm married to Dan, but before we got married, when we were dating, he would always leave during the winter cause Ronald's buisiness was'nt going well, so during the winter, I was bored, since I would always go to his house and give him a present(he loves clams!^-^)and since he was gone I could'nt go, I decided to pass the time. So I took my hammer and my hoe and set off to the lake cave. I scuried my way to level 50 and got all the diamonds and when I did'nt make it to 50, I took all the other stuff like Sapphires, Rubies and Emeraulds. I did this all winter at the exeptions of festivals or if I had to go shopping, and I made over 100,000$ in one winter! And then, I also got the very rich note! Cool, huh? E-Mail me if you have any questions.(<a href="mailto:pixie_chaton@hotmail.com" target="_blank">pixie_chaton@hotmail.com</a>)¸

Yours truly,
A true Harvest Moon fan!
Ok So if you ever need money fast just go to the place by the veggie place and collect poisenous mushrooms and stake even just toadstools then go there like five times and you have made alot of cash$! HOPE I HELPED!

*easy heart*
during the summer fireworks festival you should stand next to the person who you like.Talk with them several times before the fireworks begin. Then watch the fireworks with them.you should end up with a heart from them after the festival is over!(it worked for me!!!)
*Quick Cash* + Some reminders
OK, first thing, you must have a frying pan to do this (You can buy one at the junk shop for 500g). Then you go to the store that sells all of the seeds, and the food. Buy or grow lots of bell peppers (To buy them is 135g, and to grow them is 9 {or less} for 40g). Then cook them one at a time in your frying pan. *POOF* You just made steamed veggies that sell for 310g a piece!!! So if you bought them you make 175g each one but... if you grew them, WHOA!! Tons of money for you! Yay! Give yourself a hand! if you make 10 of these a day that's 1750g, or more a day! =D

Fishing is also a big thing too! Lots of people make money by fishing but always remember NEVER COOK THEM IN A BONFIRE!! Always make them into sashimi (Use the cutting board to make sashimi!) it sells for a lot more!

It is not a waste of money to upgrade your rucksack! Save up for it! It only cost 1000g! you can hold a lot more things in it! More things means more $$$MoNeY$$$!

1 last thing. Never have more animals than you can handle! If you can't handle it then sell it! If you are going to sell them then sell the one with the least amount of hearts because the one with a lot of hearts is more likely to win the contests!

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped!
3 Great Uses For Corn
1) Give it to Ann, she loves it. I got her to 8 hearts in just over a season by giving her one a day.

2) Corn + Frying Pan = Popcorn. It sells for around 200g, and in your first year of the game you will really appreiciate it, by doing that for a season you will find yourself being able to afford a barn, chicken coop and more very fast.

3) Place in in the windmill to get chicken feed. I reccomend you buy the windmill in year 2, and place it near where you plant the corn crops. I reccomend you dedicate a small patch of corn near the windmill so you can convert it very fast.

411 on marriage!
Marriage is one of the primary goals in Magical Melody and as in all Harvest
Moon games, there are a number of prerequisites. These are:

The Blue Feather
A Level 3 House and Double Bed
A girl/bachelor with at least a heart level of 8 or above.

The Carpenter's shop sells the double bed and all house upgrades can be
ordered there as well. The Mayor will instruct you as to the way to obtain a
Blue Feather. As far as heart levels are concerned, this is achieved in the
same manner as in every Harvest Moon game, through conversation and gifts.

You must have at least one heart with Woody in order to be given the option to
upgrade your house to a Level 3 house. It is your First House that must be
upgraded to a Level 3 house in order to unlock the option to purchase a Large
Bed from the Workshop (as well as a Large Refrigerator from the Junkshop).
After you have purchased the Large Bed, you will receive a visit from the

The visit from the Mayor, like all visits, will occur at 6.00 a.m. when you
leave your house. He will say: 'Hey, how are you?
There's a rumour going around the village that you're doing well.'

You will laugh happily.

Theodore: I was just wondering... Isn't it about time you started thinking
about getting married?
Me: ?
Theodore: Well, if it's what you'd like, I want you to marry some one from
the village and settle down here.
In order to do that, there's one trial to complete. Are you up for the

You will go with him to the entrance of the cave that leads to Mt. Moon.

Theodore: On clear days like this blue birds come to the summit of Mt. Moon.
There's a story from long ago that says that the feather of the blue bird is
proof of happiness. It's the custom of this village to hand over that Blue
Feather when you propose. However, you must climb a steep cliff to get to the
summit. There are people who lose heart on the climb. (!)
But you can do it! So go for it!'

You then will find yourself alone at the foot of Mt. Moon. It still is 6.00

Now you must play the rock-climbing mini-game. Using the A button to climb
and the directional control to avoid rocks and gusts of wind, climb to the top
of the mountain. You will have a full bar over your head when you begin the
climb. Each rock or gust of wind that hits you will deplete that bar. If the
bar is completely drained, you will fall to the foot of the mountain.

It is not that difficult, however, and you should be able to succeed on the
first attempt. You will experience another scene then, wherein you find a
Blue Feather on the ground. You will celebrate and then find Theodore at the
foot of the mountain, in front of the entrance to the cave. As colourful
confetti rains from the heavens, he will say: 'Congratulations! I knew you
would succeed! Now, give that to your true love. I'll cheer you on! Good

You will obtain the 'Bluebird Note' for having earned the Blue Feather. If it
is the first time that you ever climbed to the top of Mt. Moon, you will
receive the Rock Climber Note as well.

The Blue Feather can be stored in your shelf or kept in your rucksack. You
can use it instantly if you wish or you can save it for future use.

When you offer the Blue Feather to any eligible character with a heart level
of 8 to 10, it will be accepted automatically. The Wedding will occur a day
later on the Starry Hill. Theodore will preside and six other people will
attend. Three of them will be the family or best friends of your spouse.
The other three will be the individuals with whom you have the highest heart

You then will find yourself at your First House. Speak to your spouse to be
given a choice of affectionate nickname.
50,000g easy
To get 50,000g easily, buy a horse in Spring or Summer. Train it so it gets at least two stars (the more stars the better) and enter it in the fall horse race. Right when it starts, look at the bottom of the screen to see what lane has the most white 'X's. Go into that lane and try to get every speed up (food) on the track so the other horses wont get any and go across the finish line. if you came in first, you will win the prize for the race...and a horse that is now worth 50,000g. To sell it, go to blue sky ranch
500 easy gold
Ok first empty your rock sack. then go up to the mountian. collect as many green herbs as you can. purple works too but green sell for more. go back to your house and ship all of them. if you don't have the upgraded sack you only get 500g

hope i helped :-)
80 Notes
Lol Sorry I only know 80 Notes but I hope this helps ^-^

Stationary note
-just stand still for a few minutes go to the bathroom or grab a drink but don't pause the game when you do this and when you come back you will recive the note!

Fire pervenchion note
-Start a fire with the bonfire and put it out with your watering can

Destruction Note
-Go to the mime and mime until you get this note.

First Shipment note
-You recive it when you ship something for the first time!

1,000 step note
-Make sure you have your pretmoter(Sorry spelt it wrong)
and walk a round for the whole day

Lone wolf note
-Don't talk to someone for the whole day

Night Owl note
-Stay up until dawn

Bell note
-If you have a bell ring it 20 times

Gem note
-Ship your first gem

Whistling Note
-Whistle 50 times

Cowboy note
-When Blue gives you a present

Flower Girl Note
-When Nina gives you a present

Explosive Girl Note
-When Ann Gives you a present

Docter Note
-When Alex gives you a present

Cool Craftsman Note
-When Kurt gives you a present

Princess Note
-When Dia gives you a present

Social Craftsman Note
-Whe Joe Gives you a present

Patissier Note
-When Carl gives you a present

Master Pick-up Artist Note
-When Dan gives you a present

Fisherman Note
-When Ray gives you a present

Shy Guy Note
-When Louis gives you a present

Male Note
-When Bob gives you a present

Travler Note
-When Basil gives you a present

Meek Heart Note
-When Jamie gives you a present

Apron Girl Note
-When Ellen gives you a present

Talented Girl Note
-When Maria gives you a present

Night Moon Note
-When Eve gives you a present

Girl with Glasses Note
-When Gina gives you a present

Waitress Note
-When Kaite gives you a present

Ponytail Note
-When Gwen Gives you a present

Heartfelt Note
-When Lyla gives you a present

Cultivation Note
-Til with your hoe until you get it (100 squares)

Cloud Note
-Walk around on a cloudy day non-stop for 10 hours

Sun Note
-Walk around on a sunny day non-stop for 10 hours

Rain Note
-Walk around on a rainy day non-stop for 10 hours

Snow Note
-Walk around on a snowy day non-stop for 10 hours

Diary Note
-Save in your Diary 30 times

Calling Animals Note
-Ring your bell 20 times

You Can Walk
-When your baby takes it's first steps

Bow-Wow Note
-When your dog has 3-4 hearts

Cooking Note
-When you cook your first dish

Fodder Note
-When you cut Grass 10 times

Brushing Note
-When you brush your livestock 20 times

Egg Note
-When you ship 10 eggs

Milking Note
-When you ship 10 units of milk

Shearing Note
-When you ship 10 untis of wool

Dyeing Note
-When you ship 1 colored ball of yarn

Hustle-and-bustle Note
-Recived after meeting 35 villagers

Book Note
-Whne you read all the books in the libary

Super Chef Note
-Collect up to 100 recipes

Second House Note
-When you construct a 2nd home

Expert Angler Note
-When you ctach every typoe of fish

Master Angler Note
-When you catch 100 fish or more

Rubber Boots Note
-When you catch 10 peices of garbage

Wild Note
-When an Animal vists your house

Stork Note
-Received for having a baby

Baby is Born Note
-Received for a baby being born

Full Bloom Note
-When you have every type of herb and flower

Treasure Hoard Note
-When you ship every type of ore

Animal Kingdom Note
-When you raise barn animals and a chicken

Gardening Note
-When 5 flowers bloom at once

Forest Note
-Plant 1 tree

Moo Note
-When you win the cow festival

Baa Note
-When you win the sheep festival

Horse Race Note
-When you win the hourse festival

Onik-onik Note
-When your pig has 3-4 hearts

Bluebird Note
-When you recive the blue feather

Lost Child Note
-When you find a lost child

Wedding Day Note
-Received on your wedding day

Mole-Whacking Note
-Received for whacking a mole 10 times

Island Note
-When The dolphin takes you to an island

Poor Note
-When you have less the 100g the next day

Lucky Note
-When you find more then a 1000g from coins

High spirit Note
-When you drink soda 10 times or more

Birth of Life Note
-The first baby animal born

Owner of Mother Earth Note
-When you own 10 or more divisions

Moon Viewing Note
-Received for attending the Moon Festival

Harvest Note
-Received for attending the Harvest Festival

Pumpkin Note
-Received for attending the Pumpkin Festival

Flame Note
-Received for attending the Firefly Festival

Popular Note
-When you receive 5 cakes on thanksgiving
The Missing Kids.
When you have befriended Tim and Meryl, (With atleast two hearts on each of them.) which will take a little bit of work, the event will begin.
One night when you return to your house, you are immediately brought back outside by a surprising knocking at your door. It seems that Meryl and Tim are missing, and everyone is franticly setting up a search party. You are asked to come and help, and you obviously say yes.
After various cut scenes, you rescue both of the lonely little children. At the end of the event, you recive the Lost Child note.
A Few Easy Notes
Hello, there! I'm totally addicted to Harvest Moon x3 Anyway, I found a few easy notes you can get:

Cultivation Note - Till until you get it (Use your hoe.)
Sun Note - Work 10 hours on a sunny day non-stop
Cloud Note - Work 10 hours on a cloudy day non-stop
Snow Note - Work 10 hours on a snowy day non-stop
Rain Note - Work 10 hours on a rainy day non-stop
Island Note - Go to the island (First you must befriend the dolphin.)
Mole-Whacking Note - Whack a mole 10 times (You can only use your hammer!)
Rock Climbing Note - Climb the moutain (I waited until I was able to get the blue feather to get this one.)

There are a ton more that are really easy to get; especially when you befriend people. (I've become friends with Woody, Kurt, Joe, Tim, Katie, Eve, and a few more people.)
A Few Recipes
These are a few recipes that I like to make. You can sell them, or give them to a person you like.

Truffle Saute:
Cooking tool - Frying pan
Ingredients - Butter, Truffle

Cooking tool - Pot
Ingredients - milk, butter, breadfruit, carrot, onion, potato

Cooking tool - Oven & knife set(for Pie dough)
Ingredients - Pie dough, tomato, cheese, onion, bell pepper, corn

Cooking tool - Frying pan
Ingredients - butter, breadfruit, egg, honey, milk

I hope these help you earn some fast money or your love.
A few super-easy notes
The first note you get right after you take your first step. Another one called the "Limitation Note" is the one you get after you faint. (It has a good lesson though, about getting up and trying again.) The "Stationary Note" is way simple. On about two minutes Harvest Moon time, you will automatically get one for standing still! I'd just look through the booklet it came with. Throwing away garbage like, twenty times will also get you a note. Going to festivals get you notes also. And try climbing Mt. Moon. I know but don't think I can list all 100 notes. But basically, you will figure most of the notes out. Like when I just do some random thing like pull up weeds, it gives me a note. Please feel free to email me with any questions about this game!
A Free Fence
This one is pretty simple. If you're making a fence for your barn/coop/property and you wanna make it out of wooden stakes (Which looks a lot better than stones or rocks), but you want to save your lumber for other things, just steal them from the side of the road. Then if one becomes and Old wooden stake, steal another one to replace it.

Things to remember-

*Without a fence your animals will run loose, and sometimes will not stop running for a while, making you chase after them. Chickens are notorious for doing this...

*You cannot steal stakes, chop down trees or take anything from a neighbour's property.

A good farming plan
Ok if u like being close to most of the shops and dont really want to farm or have animals then pick the land in the town square. then u should propibly buy some trees to help earn money or just fish mine cook or scavenge all day. If you just want to have a small farm with or without a small chicken coop then pick the riverside land it has the best soil so is great for farming or fishing or just mine and fish and stuff. Now if you want a big farm or ranch than pick the ocean veiw land and make sure you get the limestone to fertillize plats if u farm or on your grass or just ranch or do the same stuff like fishing cooking mining etc
A nice treat from Mr. Piggy
When you have a pig from Goumey, take it outside. The best place is the wilderness. Put your pig down near the mora trees. It will start having ? marks over its head. If it has a ! then it will start digging and you will get a truffle!You can sell it for 1.000 or use it for a lot of energy. Great job!
A time consuming, but effective, money maker
Ok, I figured this out while playing late one night. This will take awhile but you DO make money, quite a bit, too. I'm gonna use my game as the example. Ok, so I live at the River side property. I saved my money and bought a chicken coop (Probably the only thing that would fit on the property). Then I bought a Good Egg from the Blue Sky Ranch (120g) and put it into the incubator. When it hatched, I bought another Good egg and once again put it into the incubator. By the time the second egg hatches, the first chick is an adult (Able to lay eggs). It takes 7 days for an egg to hatch and 7 more days to grow up (An adult chicken a week!). Now, wait a day after your first chicken grows up and it would have layed an egg. Put it in the incubator. While you wait for the third egg to hatch (And for your second chicken to grow up), sell the eggs your first chicken is laying. You will then have two adult chicken and a baby chick once your third eggs hatches. I kept the first two chickens so that I could sell their eggs and enter them into contests. Once the third one hatches, put yet another egg into the incubator and wait for it to hatch. Once it hatches, sell your third chicken (And your first two, if you don't wanna keep em). That's 600g per chicken! Keep putting eggs into the incubator and raising them, then selling them. That's 600g a week, just by selling the newly raised chickens! And you still have the eggs, that your first two chicken are laying, to sell! But you have to remember to keep at least one chicken to continue getting eggs for free to put into the incubator. It might take awhile, but it's effective.
A well-earned (but FAST) $150,000
Okay, in Fall buy a Foal. MAKE SURE to Talk to it, Brush it and Hand-feed it every day. Once the horse matures, ride it EVERY DAY from the Ocean to the Top of the hill (By the Goddess Spring). On the animal's page (When you pause) it'll have an amount of stars determining how much experience the horse has. Once it has about 6 stars, buy another foal. Do the same as the one before-- Brush, hand-feed and talk to it every day. When it matures, ride it as well from the Ocean to the Goddess Spring. Once your first horse has 10 stars, don't ride it anymore. Pay more attention to your other horse. When that horse has about 3 stars, buy one more horse. Keep riding that 2nd horse, and brush/hand-feed/talk to the foal. When the 2nd horse has 5 stars, give all your attention to the baby. When it grows up, ride it from the Ocean to the Mountain top until it has 2 stars. Now wait for the next horse festival. When it happens, enter each horse into the races it can participate in. They should win. Afterwards, you can sell the horses for $50,000 each (IF they won)! If all 3 won, sell them all. You just made $150,000 G.
After 50 Notes
after you get 50 notes it will go to the credits. DON'T EXIT OUT OF THE GAME!!!! it isn't over it only shows the credit for the first park ot the game. so DON'T whatever you do DON'T exit out of the game. i did that w/o saving and it erased my whole game!!!!
Alex Hearts <3
To get easy hearts, just give Alex one herb each day. Herbs can be found mostly in the forest on the way to the mountain. Make sure you talk to him also, you will notice that he will start to say different things after a while.

Have a nice day!
all about ALEX

Family in town: None.
Home/Shop: He is the owner of the clinic, which is also where he lives.
Birthday: 30th of Spring.
First Appearance: When you enter the clinic for the first time.
Likes: Herbs, herb tea, poison mushrooms, Pontata root, vegetable juice, etc.
Dislikes: Weeds.
Additional Notes: Azuma is a new character, although his appearance and personality are very similar to that of the doctor who appeared in Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town.
Rival: Azuma and Gina are a potential couple.
All About Ray
These things work well, as I used them and Ray and I are now married!

The great thing about Ray is that if you need extra money and want him to like you, you can do it all at once. How? By fishing. First, make friends with the dolphin that hangs around the pier on the beach. He likes any type of fish, and you should wave to him everyday. Once he likes you enough, you can ride on his back to a small island where you can fish. Ray will be there, unless it is raining or snowing. When it is raining or snowing, Ray is usually in the woods near the waterfall.

Ray, being a wandering fisherman, likes most fish and fish recipes. He does NOT like squid very much, though. While he likes the fish yellowtail raw, he LOVES yellowtail recipes of any kind. You can catch yellowtail on the south end of the island.

Ray seems shy at first, but once you get to know him, he is really nice. He is a little like Cliff from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and HM: More Friends of Mineral Town.

Good luck marrying Ray!
an easy way of making money
an easy way of making money si first to wait until fall than find a chestnut then get an egg and make pie dough when your done that you have those three things. After put those together in the oven and you will get chestnut pie. if you sell that you will get 900 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another Mine Cheat
Hey I'm Phil and this is a really easy cheat. If after going down a level you're surrounded by rocks, then instead of smashing one of them, just climb up the stairs. If it asks you if you want to return to the top say no. If the stairs aren't at the right angle, then run towards the botom of the stairs and the rock next to it.
Another Stay Up Forever Tip!
All you need is the fishing rod, cureall fish, and the bonfire set!

This "stay up forever" tip is as simple as my first "stay up forever" tip! Your character will stay up forever with NO sleep. You'll be able to get all your chores done with plenty of free time to fish, mine and get to know the townspeople.

If your stamina gets low and your character is feeling drowsy do this:

(WARNING: Make sure your character is drowsy before doing this, otherwise it won't work!)

1) eat anything that will get the green in your stamina bar gets about 3/4 or almost full. Broiled blowfish (use the bonfire set to cook the blowfish) will give you a BIG stamina boost.

WARNING: Sometimes your character will get sick from eating broiled blowfish and it could cause you to lose some of your stamina instead of gaining - BUT eating the broiled blowfish won't land you in the clinic. A boiled egg is another good cheap stamina booster.

2) eat a salted cureall (use the bonfire set to cook the cureall) - that's it!

Your stamina should be full strength and your character will no longer feel drowsy! It will last a long time too! Make sure to repeat when necessary (when your stamina bar gets low and you're drowsy again).

I've tried this out and it really works. Remember to keep a supply of salted cureall and cooked food in your fridge!

Another way to stay awake forever
Anytime your character starts to get sleepy all you need is a veggie drink. you'll need a mixer, a carrot and spinach. This drink can also be purchased at the Perch in for $200. It's easier than trying to cath the curell fish!
Are you a Sleepyhead? Not enough sleep?
So you've decided to stay up all night to get a musical note, or just because, and now you're a sleepyhead! You have to water your crops, but you're just too tired and it drains all your stamina so quickly. There's a cure! During the summer, go up to the mountains and find some cayenne peppers. They look like red tear drop shaped things. It won't make your stamina go up very much, but it will sure wake you up! Goodbye sleepyhead status! I bet if you were tired and ate a cayenne pepper you'd be awake quickly too ):
At The Lake Cave
When it is winter go to the Lake cave every day you can. You will find rubies and Dimounds, if you get two of everykind of Gems then (This cheat olnly works if you have the Blacksmith) you can turn one of them into a ring and sell the other by itself. Each one will take about two days.
Befriend Jamie
Jamie is not that hard to befriend with if you know which gift to offer!

This character loves jams.

To make jam, first you need to buy a POT at the junk store. Then you need to find wild fruits in the mountain or near the duck pond or near lyla's shop. You need 2 identical fruits to make 1 jam when cooking with the pot. In spring you can use veryberry and in summer you can use blueberry.

You can also plant fruit tree and use the fruits it gives to you to make jams. It is a little expensive to buy the trees and you need to work a lot to prepare space to plant them in the field, but I think it is worth it since Jamie is very hard to befriend with without giving jams.

In spring plant orange trees, so in summer you will have orange to make marmelade. There is also 5 orange trees already in the field near the blacksmith. In summer plant grape and apple trees to get their fruits in the fall.

Note that ONE tree needs 5x5 squares to has a maximum chance of dropping fruits. Those squares needs to be empty (no weeds or rocks, ect.). If you don't pick up the fruits when they are dropped by the tree, they will rot on the ground one or more days later. Try to plant them in fertilized squares too. Fruit trees grow in 6 days in good soil, but they don't drop a lot of fruits during the season. I suggest you plant at least 6 trees of one type if you want fruits often (I actually plant 10 to 15 trees of each type and it works well).

I don't plant my trees on my field (blue). I plant them on fields that I don't own (green) and that I know there won't be a shop later in the game.

Of course you could just wait to have the strawberries in the second year... but I prefer do it the first year by planting trees. Note that orange aren't loved at all by any villagers, but the grapes and apples are!
Befriend Theodore (mayor)
You don't have to give him anything you have to buy just give him a stake everyday it doesn't even have to be one you chopped up it could be from the side of the rode.
Bell pepper = $$$
I have recently been experimenting on ways to make money. I've tried the whole 'Sell the clams!!' ordeal but that was a waste of time...in the game, all you need for this cheat is: frying pan, a decent size rucksack, a fridge in your house and bell peppers! Go to the house where they sell seed for planting and scroll all the way down the list until you have found bell peppers. They are the cheapest on the list for veggies (135g). Now go home and fry each one individually. switch back and forth from your rucksack to your fridge (that way you don't loose time and can fry as many bell peppers) after that sell everyone of them for 310g! so theoretically: your rucksack holds 9 items (excluding the pedometer) 9 bell peppers for 310g = 2,790g! if done 3 times a day: 9 x 3 = 27 x 310g = 8,379g!! In one day. good luck.
Best Ever Farm Layout
Best Farm Layout
Okay, so this will take a little extra work, but saves you time throughout the day.
So, first you gotta start your game on the village center property. Then play your game as usual, making money(I made lots by selling crops and fishing)and buy the riverside land. Once you bought that, you can have a barn and a coop and make money with that. While you did all this, make sure to make friends with the Mayor. Give him either sunny-side ups(egg in frying pan) or potage soup(potato+milk in pot). Talk to him everyday, and instead of trying to find him, just go to his house (across the road and down some from doctor, or right across from your house). in no time, you'll get hearts with him, which opens up new land. You'll need like 2 hearts for one and 3 or 4 for the other. Buy the two pieces of land that are public property between you and Blue Sky Ranch, and relocate your barn and coop there and move all of your fence there. Then you can divide it into ranch space and crop space. And, you don't have to go all over the map to other properties, because everything is right there. Perfect! now you don't waste time going everywhere.

Hope this helped you as much as it helped me!

Better way to get stamina!
Let's say you go out mining and suddenly, you don't have any stamina! I found a cure... Honey! Honey is seen year round and gives you a lot of stamina. I have tried this and it's easy. Just try it.
BIG Bucks in all Seasons!!!!
Spring: You need your fishing rod for this. First of all, you go to the river right by the ocean and cast your line. Wait until you catch a blowfish, and go to the dock. You will see the dolphin. Give the dolphin the blowfish, as well as one the next day, another the next day, and so on until it has one heart. Then once you wave at it, it will ask you if you want to ride. Say yes and you will jump onto the dolphin's back. It will take you to the island where all you can do is catch fish. Cast your line in the water in the lower right-hand corner of the island, for this is where better (and bigger) fish are caught. When you get a bite, be sure you check the type of fish it is. If it is a yellowtail, snapper, or bonito, keep it. It doesn't matter what the size of the fish is, just keep it. Sell everything you catch. You could get from 500G to 2,000G in a day... or even 3,000G if you have 15 rucksack spots and you make several trips!

Summer: Fishing is big in summer! Do the same thing that you do in spring, but now, only keep tuna and bonito! Sell everything you catch, and you will make from 1,000G to 3,500G! Also, south of the entrance to Sunny Lake, there are several small trees (fruit-bearing). They are orange trees and their fruit sells for 200G a piece.

Fall: Fishing is very bad in this season, so when you scrum up herbs and flowers from the mountain, it really pays off! Blue Mist flowers sell for 500G a piece and the orange herbs sell for a nice chunk of change too. Also, plant LOTS of pumpkin plants and wait for them to ripen. They sell for 320G a piece and you can make a lot of money off of them!

Winter: Grab your hoe, cross Sunny Lake, and go into the mine. Go down a few levels and fill your pack. Carry one last ore home and ship all of them. As far as the types of ores, only keep aquamarine, amethyst, rare ore, and gold. Do not keep anything else, as it is a waste of rucksack space and your time. Also, you can catch tuna in winter which sell for 300G a piece. Catch a few of those and you have close to 1,000G already!

Closing tips:
-Do not spend any money at all through the four seasons when you use my tips and you will have well over 20,000G!!!
-You can plant crops in most all seasons and sell them too, so add that and you have more money!
-When you trip over something, dig there with your hoe to find a yellowish thing with money inside!
-Don't waste any time with animals in the first year; you can do that next year or the year after.
-Raise a horse in year two and make it win a horse race. Then sell it for 50,000G!
Blue likes clams! If you go to the lowest part of the beach, then dig there with your hoe, you will get a clam; go give it to blue!
Boys! Continued
Carl works at the local bar/cafe, but later in the game opens up Cafe Calloway. Unless you don't know, he is in love with sweets and herbs! So give him herbs, honey, cakes and anything else sweet. He's a very nice guy, so be sure to drop by the cafe, on a regular basis. If you liked Rock's personality from Another Wonderful Life, you'd probably like Dan's. He is easygoing, kinda lazy and a flirt. However, he is nicer than Rock and does have a job at the Paradise Orchard. Get him to love ya with gold ores and grape soda! Joe is way nice and works at Woody's. He and his bro, Kurt are orphaned which is pretty sad. And yet, he is totally cheerful! He really likes corn. Kurt is Joe's bro, and is quiet and sometimes a little cold. He loves ores and ore jewelry and herb tea. You can often find him in the caves. If you like experiments, Louis is bachelor number one! He is nice and kinda cute, and loves rocks so give him rare ores and moonstones for him to heart you! Ray, the soon-to- be- expert angler if he could only catch a King is found around fishing spots. Give him moonstones and of course fish, fish dishes and yellowtail (his fave kind) That is all for now. Please feel free to email with any questions, k'?

Cheaper Tools
The most direct way to get better tools is to but them from the tool shop, but that can get expensive. Try shipping Rare Ores until the Blacksmith comes to town, (just north of the orange grove, left of the Ocean Side property, and south of the entrance to Sunny Lake) then upgrading tools is much cheaper. His prices are:

Uprade One Level: 700G

Upgrade Two Levels: 1200G

Upgrade Three Levels: 3000G

Upgrade Four Levels: 5000G

These are much cheaper than the Tool Shop. Howeverm there are drawbacks. He must keep the tool for a certain amount of time before it is upgraded. The more levels you are upgrading the longer he keeps the tool. Also, you must have the correct ore for the level you are upgrading. The levels are:

Iron (default) >> Copper (copper ore) >> Silver (silver ore) >> Gold (gold ore) >> Goddess (rare ore)
Cheesecake Recipe
These are the things you need to make cheesecake.

1. oven
2. 1 egg
3. 1 milk
4. 1 butter
5. 1 breadfruit
6. 1 cheese

If you want to sell it than each slice is worth 1080g per slice.

This is Jordan giving you a good tip.
Chicken Food 4 Less
If you want your chikens to eat but your poor or your a cheapskate and you don't want to spend money then, Follow these steps CAREFULLY:

Step 1: put your chikens outside(in fenced pasture)

Step 2: Go do something (real life)

Step 3: When you come back, press 'z' TWICE

Step 4: If your chickens names are GREEN then they are fed and the cheat worked If they are NOT (they should be WHITE) then go away for 2-4 min.

P.S Sorry if this does not work
Chicken Love!!!
To raise the affection of your chickens just feed them weeds takes about 25-30 weeds per heart.
You can't find clams by fishing for them. In order to find clams, you need to go down to the beach and use the hoe item on the sand.
clams tips
it may already be known to everyone, but i found out you can hoe the same square (any where clams appear) by the ocean shoreline and clams will keep popping up (not with every single use of the hoe, but still, you can stand in one spot and keep at it 'til you have as many as you want). if i had known this earlier in the fall i could have made a killing off of grilled clam!

if you also didn't know (easy to find out anyhow): frying pan + butter (any) + clam = grilled clam; sells for 400g, which is the best value i've found for milk and good milk. (of course, special milk -> special cheese -> 500g.) you learn the recipie from hank; pretty sure you can make it without learning the recipie from him.
Colored Yarn
Ok I found this one out on my own because I'm the ruler of all games and have every game made for Gamecube and have beeten at least half of them, but to the piont. All you have to do is buy a yarn maker, have at least one full-grown sheep,(2 or 3 are better)a pair of clippers, a green,purple,red, or orange herb(the green-spring, and orange-fall are best to use), and a dye pot. But whatever you do, DO NOT use a purple herb to make colored yarn becase the purple colored yarn sells for less. And also DO NOT color special yarn becase it sells for 2500 by it self!!! And also, ALWAYS,ALWAYS color dull yarn becase it only sells for 500 or somethin' like that...well it's finally over you can wake up now, bye
Come on people: quick strat guide
Ok i've been playing this game for about two weeks and almost got it beat (im a game finatic). Anywho, there are no cheats for this games (other than the Action Replay) everything u see here are just plane tricks but anywho if u really need to make money and complete a large amount of the game quickly this is for u.

1. Start by giving woody stakes and talking to him (this means u have to cut trees) or give him somthing good that he likes.

2. Start making money by planting trees and continuous growing crops (like eggplant for fall) most trees need to be grown in the begining of the game so make money by scrounging then by them.

3. Work your way to do the nessesary things like befriending the villagers and your future wife (why nami why can't i marry u).

4. Minning and cutting trees becomes an easy way to waste extra time which u should heve plenty of. Save lumber for buildings and use the small rocks for fencing (Cheap and very efficiant). When u mine keep silver, gold, rare, and amythest.

5. Upgrade your axe when u can it will be helpful.

6. Have some fun once the nessecary has been done. U can fish and dig for money (treasure hunt) and remembr that money is not the most important thing but accomplishing a set goal is. If u have just enough money for something u NEED spend it because i promise it will come back.

Contrary to popular belief...
It doesn't matter whether you get certain characters and their business's (I.E. saibara, ronald) or not. Even if they do not move into your town, you still can't buy the land where their shops should be. ^^ Hope it helps.
Coral= $$$
All you have to do is get some coral from the beach. Then you take it to the blacksmith and have him turn it into a broch. Go back to the shop in two days get the broach and sell it. It will sell for 1085G!!!!!!!!
Deviled Eggs
Once you get the aging pot from Saibara, you can boil your eggs and put them in the aging pot, you'll make DEVILED EGGS that sell for $250G each. If you have at least 4 chicken, with this tip you can make $1000 a day. $$CA-CHING!$$
Does your baby hate pigs?
Mine hates when my pig oinks so put your pig outside for the whole day then at night put him back inside tada no more crying!
Don't forget!
When you are going to go to the mine, make sure you bring your hammer or else the crack with the staircase won't show!
Don't worry
Don't worry if you have ten more notes and forgot to go to The Harvest Goddess. Your game isn't ruined. Just enter The Harvest Spring once, tern one set of five into an instrument, after you will automatically enter again.

I hope I could help and be nice to The Harvest Goddess!
Earn some money
Usually you will just go around realizing you should pick some stuff up to sell,

You should probably do other stuff to with your animals, starting with the sheep

Items: Wool Maker, Sheep, Clippers

Get your stuff from the sheep and make it into wool,
it takes some time for the sheep to grow, but if you do this about 11 times you will make a profit of 26400 Alot.
Earning Money on Thanksgiving
To earn lots of cash on Thanksgiving, do the following:

1) Get your relationships up 3 hearts with as many people as you can by Thanksgiving. It's in the winter, so you have lots of time.
2) On Thanksgiving, go around and collect cake from the people you have 3 hearts with.
3) Now, go back to your shipping box and ship all that cake you collected. Each piece is worth about 810G. Think of that times about ten, or fifteen.
4) Go spend your riches! =)
Easier way to get through the caves.
Okay. When you go into the Lake cave or the... the... Cave cave, bring a hammer and a hoe. When you descend to the 2nd floor, use a crack in the ground to go 2 levels down. If it takes you to the 4th level, use the hoe. If you run around a bit, you'll see 2 black lines. You can only see them while in motion. Use the hoe on those lines and stairs will appear. Go down the stairs and keep using the cracks in the ground.
Around the 62nd floor, the cracks can't be trusted anymore and you'll have to find those lines again if you want to get all the way to the last level of the cave.
Easier ways to find truffles
Instead of using your pig and hoping it chooses to find some truffles, just go under the trees that turn pink and use a hoe to dig around it. Its faster!
Easiest way to get money fast in each season
Spring:Herbs, turnips, breadfruit, flowers
Summer:Herbs, corn, tomatoes
Fall:Herbs, Truffle-from pig(get barn)-,mist moon
Winter:Mine to level 50 of lake mine - all diamonds - and try to get the pink smoke while mining diamonds to your heart's content!
Easy Alex
Alex is the doctor at the clinic. He is looking for a wife therefore, the easiest to get. You can have 8 hearts with him by summer 4 if you follow these instructions: live on the fertile land near the river and grow as many turnips as you can. Alex loves turnips. if they are fertile and you give him one a day each time three hearts will appear above his head. every four days or so he will have one more heart. Even give him one on Wednesday. he can be found at the mining sign, on the mountain near the bridge, the lake, and in or around the clinic. Do not ship herbs to him because then gina will come and she is a potential mate. make sure to see him on your birthday, his birthday and say yes whenever he asks you to join him in a romantic festival. If you want to befriend martha too (just cuz shes close) just give her flowers. If u dont have turnips give him herbs, potana root or coral or herbal tea or blow fish sashimi.
Easy Cash in All Seasons
Spring: Collect as many items as you can in the mountains all season long, making at least 2 to 3 trips a day. 1000G to 2000G daily!

Summer: Over west (by Sunny Lake) oranges grow, about 2 a day. They sell for 200G a piece so take some extra time to search! 200G to 600G daily!

Fall: Search through the whole village, inluding the mountains, but not caves. In one day, you should be able to find at least 2 blue mist flowers. They sell for 500G a piece. Cha-ching! 500G to 2000G daily!

Winter: Cross Sunny Lake to get to Lake Cave. Go down a few levels and hit all rocks. Don't bother with silver, copper, junk ore, etc. Instead, only keep Amethyst, Gold, Aquamarine, and Rares. They sell from 100G to 300G! 1000G to 3000G daily!

*Fishing can be done in all seasons and at almost any water source.
Easy Diamonds, Over 100,000
In the winter go to the lake cave. Bring only your hoe, hammer,and something to eat (sweets are the best, especially yam pie). Go to level 50. Only diamonds are in this level. Fill up on diamonds, go to your house and sell them or put them on the shelf and then return to the cave if you still have time and energy. Got over 100,000 easy doing this.
Easy fishing tip
When u go to the sea to fish stand in a spot where u can get a fish to hook and keep casting in this same spot the fish respawns in the same spot of the ocean i ushally Get 8 puffy spikey fish and i cook em in the kitchen make sashmi which sell for a good 100+ and i ushally make 3-2 fishing trips aday that isent including the chicken eggs, milk
Easy Horse Training
Ok if you wana train your horse with very little effort then follow these instructions. First of all get a horse you can ride. Now get 6-10 steaks & make a rectangle with them. Put your horse in it and make it so your control stick stays tilted. Now just hang out, do what ever you want to do and your horse will eventually get really good. Also if you have an AR use the cheat that stops time so you won't be forced home at 6:00.
P.S. If you have less hearts you can compete in lower grade compititions no matter how manny stars you have.

Hope this helps.
Easy Lumber Money!
a really easy way to get money fast is to wander about ur village and pick up all the stakes u can find that aren't on people's lots. bring them to the circular box thing in front of ur house and drop them in. Stakes are the orange color and are worth 30 gold. old stakes r the brown kind and r only worth 5. my friend found this out. credit goes to her. hope we helped!
easy marrige
if u want to get married easily marry Ellen if Ur a boy i dont know how u can be a girl Ive got the wii version not the gamecube version anyway to get lots of hearts on her give her an egg a day and talk to her every day then just keep doing this till shes 8 hearts i did this and ive been married for 7 years and had a kid
Easy Money
Cut wood and grab the stakes from the box behind your house. They sell for 30 G each.
Or, if you want it even easier, go around town and find the stakes laying around. Put them in your rucksack and ship them.
Easy Money
Ok first things first, It is in Fall and you have to get the blue mist flower right beside the harvest Goddess place. then fish in any river, and then ship all the stuff u just got. You should be loaded!!!!
Easy money
yush, this one works.
Go scrounge for food before this (yes you dirty hobo's X3) and pack at least two or three fruits/berries/herbs (something that gives alotta health back)
Get only your hammer and head to the mine. Don't bother with the crappy gold, silver, bronze poop. Keep falling down holes until you have reached at least level 85-95. be careful not to get to 100, there's only a temple and nothing else and you can't get back to the level's with the kick butt stuff. Well, anyways, only smash the crystals, they got the good stuff. Sapphires, rare ores, Amethyst (however the heck ya spell it) which is worth over 200 gold. Sell it and go to beddy bye =3
next day, BAM! over thousand gold, and you still had evergy to spare
Easy Money
In fall you can find Blue Mist Flowers,right? So,you can get 10 of 'em and you'll be rich!!!
Easy Money and others=Possibly
You know how you always have to do at least some work? Anyway, you still have to do something to get money.

Here`s a simple hard working but yet pays well.

Spring: Potatoes are one thing you WANT to be growing. Remember to have a pot to do this! Potato+Pot: Gold(not gold ore xD).

Summer: Pink Cat Flowers and one of the Veggies(any summer seeds) will be rewarding. Pink Cats usually sell around 100G(correct me if im wrong) and the other veggies do too and maybe more if fertilized land. Tomatoes are ever producing plants. No more seeds in wanting more tomatoes! Get `nuff T seeds(as many as you want) as soon as you plant them, you don`t need any more seeds(aka: in case they are ripe and ready to pick off, you don`t need to get more seeds).

Fall: Bell peppers are very important in this season, but you also need a fryin` pan. Just like the Tomatoes, they produce the veggies on a stock-ish part.(no seeds! 8D) Also cook the Bell|P`s in the fryin` pan then sell for 310 or if the season isn`t in fall just buy the Bell|P`s from the Veggie place(can`t remember the name). You earn a little more buy makin` the Bell|P`s if you buy them from teh market. Blue Mist Flowers are also important for this season. Hard to find but worth it. You can make Blue Wool or sell them for 500G each. But they won`t always show up(i wish they did Dx).

Winter: This the most rewarding season I`d say. Three easy steps: Hammer(copper or silver would be best), Foods(something thats makes the stamina go up fast), and free time(whoa! this one is that you need most). The lake mine is the harder mine to get to the bottom. Its your choice you bring a hoe or not to get to the harder levels(example: lvl 80-100). Its worth a note I guess to get to the bottom. But the sad thing is, no plants in this month. BUT! Do not fret, this is a perfect season to ride your horse(unless its snowin` <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />), I made my horse mad at me for making it ride in the snowy weather. I had already got my horse up to eight stars in this season. With the help of my remotes xD. But I`d say the best part about this season is that there are no weeds!

Side notes:

Coral: Is a great item to have too. Its easy to find(look on the beach) and makes a good profit...but not by its self. You need the blacksmith to get a CORAL RING. It takes either two days or one(can`t remember). But it is rewarding <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Bell Pepper: As I said before, it CAN be bought anytime(unless on monday in the game) at the market for 125G(i think, around there).

Fishing: Is any season thing. But the fish themselfs are a bit a different story. Like the Prince Squid, it comes after a certain event(rain and typhoons). Like the other fish if depends on which season.

Mushrooms and Toadstools: Are an all season thing. Mushrooms can be made into soup with milk and a pot. Toadstools can be made into a food(BAD memory) too. But its in the resape book, check it out.

Thanks Giving: I know how people say sell the cakes. But give it back to the person who gave it to you. It helps get some hearts to your buds and lova`s. I find it funny when they blush xD

Extra specials!

Caves: This helped me get to the last floor in the Moonlight Cave. When you get to an X spot press and hold the R and keep pressing the L, this helps you get through MOST of them. You still fall sometimes just not as much <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> And holding the R, L and Z helps too 8D

Edit: Onions ARE cheaper then Bell Peppers! Just to let you know, helping you save 5G :] Excapt in winter, Bell`s are cheaper.

If there is anything I forgot, tell me! And I hope this helped a lot! -AVZ(AloeVeraZame).
Easy money cooking and fishing
this is really easy trust me. Ok go past the dolphin to the left, fish there you should get blowfish. Now go home with full rucksack of blowfish. Cooking part, Just make Blowfish Shashami and it goes for...113g's : ) glad to help people, it worked for me but if it doesn't for you tell me. IcedPhoenix ( not my real name i think people know that)
Easy money: Fall
in the fall, take your fishing pole to the river below the bridge near the dolphins dock. if you fish there, you can catch salmon. after you catch as many as you want then go back to your house and take out the bonfire and cook all the salmon. put them in the shipping bin and they are worth about 230g, while if you dont cook them there only worth 120g
Easy moola?
Start the day by tending to your crops. Even though you may not own the land, riverside crops sell for much more than other crops. It is best to have two cows, one sheep and one horse in your barn, if your cows like you they'll give you special milk, which sells for 500g if you make cheese. Make sure you ride your horse(s) everyday, to train them. Brush all your animals, feed them, talk to them & let them outside every day (except rainy days!!!) Don't forget about your chickens! To get around the city ride your horse, its one of the fastest ways, plus you are also training them. Depending on the season, go to your cave. If it's not winter go to around level 39 in moonlight cave, there are many jewels there!! At the end of the day go back home & make recipes out of your crops, and sell everything else. All you need for money is an efficient farm!!!!!!
Easy note
One of the easiest note i think is where you burn out the fire (can't remember what it's called) anyways all you have to do is get a match and ur watering can then make the fire then fill up your watering can in the watering hole and pour it onto the fire it will burn out and u'll receive that note that i can't remember here are 3 other easy notes: Shipping note - just grab a stake and ship it, (can't remember the name again) leave the conroller for a couple of minutes look up cheats or something then you'll get the note last one is 10,000 steps note - just walk around the hole town (you can walk in the mountains also) a couple of times i know thats pretty boring but you'll get the note just make sure you're carrying the pedometre hope i helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

if you need help with any other notes just email me <a href="mailto:azt_flowergirl222@hotmail.com" target="_blank">azt_flowergirl222@hotmail.com</a>
Easy Notes [Simple]
The way to get the easy note is simple: get 5 people to give you cake on Thanksgiving. Here are a few easy people to befriend:

Eve - Give her coral. After a few times, she will become your friend.
Kurt and Joe - Just give them wood xD Pretty simple, right? (I got married to Kurt in no time buy giving him wood.)
Katie - I gave her mushrooms and fish, and that's all there is too it.
Ray - Give him any kind of fish ... just don't give him tuna. You can find him on the island all the time.
Gwen - Give her mushrooms and roasted chestnuts. I did that and I have her at 2 hearts. (I sort of put off giving her some stuff ...)
Alex - Give him herbs. You can find those easily on the mountain or buy Jamie's farm. He also likes tea, which you can make buy using a pot and herb ... duh.

There are more than 5 people, so you should be able to get the popular note in no time. Also, once you get them to at least 3 hearts, you will get a gift from them. Cool, huh? So, if you befriend all of them, that is about 8 notes.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me. I will be more than willing to help. I have about 53+ notes, so I'm sure I can help. Bye |D
Easy Notes!
An easy note is the 10,000 steps note. You grab your pedometer and stay inside your house. You wrap the controller wire around the joy stick, and go shopping or something that takes a long time. When you come back, you will have the note.

Another is the 30 saves note, just save 30 times.

Another is throwing a log or something else (besides a weed) in the shipping bin.

You can whistle 50 times in your house and it will get you one more easy note.

Work until you pass out, an extra easy note.

If you have the bell, ring it 20 times. And that's all I know about easy notes.
Easy Recipe
An easy recipe is "Very Berry Juice", just get a mixer(300g) and stick one of those berries from the mountain in it.
easy ways to get people back after they leave!
Gwen: Ship 10 fish and 20 crops ( any kind)

Eve: wait till summer and ship oranges and bluberries

Ronald and Dan: 9 fruits in one day.

Carl and Katie: ship many eggs, mayo , and milk.

Ray: ship ALOT of fish every day.

Lyla: ship 9 flowers in one day

how to get shops to open.

Sibara: ship good clay

lyla: ship nothing but flowers every day!

pardise oarchardlant a grape tree and ship one
grape.(bears fruit sometime in fall)

Perch inn and moonlite cafe: go to the first
spring horse race (17th)and meet doug and duke both shops will open on summer day 1.

sanitorium: ship 30 herbs and have alex to at least 1 heart.

blacksmith: ship a bunch of ores every day untill u get a note saying that it is open!
Easy Winter Money
All u need is a hammer, and it has to be winter. Go over to Sunny Lake and walk across the lake to find a mine. If u enter the mine and go to lower level and mine everything in site u should find rare ores, gems, and gold ores, which all sell for about 300-350 gold, i think. (if u can get all the way down to the 100th level of the mine you get a note). Good luck )
Eve comes to town in summer and she works at the cafe by Jamie's farm. If you want to marry Eve, go to the mountain and get Pinkcat Flowers and give them to her every day! Then when you get a house exspansion 3 times, buy a double bed. Get 30 notes and 8 hearts with Eve and use the Blue Feather to propose.
Extra Dog Hearts
Now all u do is buy a brush, then brush your dog. He will like it and his heart will show. His love for you will raise faster if you Brush, Feed and Pick him up every day.
You will need: to b in summer at least 1,000 G and frying pan

in summer go to the plant place and buy onions(empty your pockets first)for 140 each go home fry then viola fried veggies (they sell for 310) next day more money
Falling in Mines
This tip is kind of stupid, and most people probably know it. If you're mining in a cave and you fall through a crack in the ground, either a ? mark or a ! mark will appear above your head. If you get a ? mark, you will fall up a floor or two. If you get a ! mark, you will fall down a floor or more.

Hope this helps!! ;D
Fast Fall money
During the fall every day or every other day go up the the mountains. pick up any orange herbs (sell for 130G) and any blue mist moon flowers (sell for 500G) both are quick money makers.
Faster Money (fishing)
When you fish you should bring your bonfire set and your fishing rod. Whenever you catch a fish you should cook it before you sell it. Fish near your house so you can run to the shippping box fast. You should always cook it before you ship it because it adds 10 more gold onto it. So instead of 100g for a fish you would get 110g. But you can get tired so eat the cheap fish.
Here are the favorite items of all the potential spouses~

Jamie~Special Dairy Products

Basil~Strawberries and Pumpkins
Blue~Special Dairy Products
Bob~Silver Ore
Kurt~Tomatoes, Wood
Louis~Rare Ore
Ray~Yellowtail Sashimi

Ann~Rare Ore and (Baked) Corn
Ellen~Milk, Flowers and Eggs
Gwen~Cabbage and Carrots
Katie~Special Dairy Products
Maria~Pickled Dishes
Fazorites of people
This is a list of the things people like.

The Ladies
Ann-Rare Ore and Corn
Ellen-Milk and Eggs
Gwen-Cabbage and Carrots
Katie-Special Dairy Products
Maria-Pickled Dishes

(Jamies depends on your gender)
Jamie-Special Dairy Products
Basil-Strawberries and Pumpkins
Blue-Special Dairy Products
Bob-Silver Ore
Louis-Rare Ore
Ray-Yellowtail Sashimi

*Sorry if i spelled anything wrong.Please rate this cheat and if u have any question e-mail me @ PHullcomp@aol.com
Feeding Chickens
when you are feeding your chickens you can press Z and it will highlight in green what chicken has already been fed.
people GO TO THE FESTIVALS i repeat GO TO THE FESTIVALS it is a easy way to get notes.

hope it helped
Find gold/money in your backyard!!!
Ok, well, I went outside behind my house to plant a garden. I took my hoe and dug in a bunch of different spots... Then once I used the hoe agian, I saw a gold coin sticking out of the ground! I walked by it and i found $150!!! I kept digging in different spots and I found another gold coin and it was $45!! I had a bunch of money by the time I was done. I hope I helped!! ♥
Finding Herbs/berries and animals!
When wishing to find some wild herbs, berries and flowers that are out and about in the forest areas and mountain areas or to hug any of the wild animas to make them happy, then instead of wasting your clock by running around the area...simply go to the woodsman and ask to either building something or relocate something....then you can move everywhere around the map to see where the herbs/berries/flowers are located and where they have been growing and they have small images of where some of the animals are at that moment.

Hope that helps guys. It saves daytime
Fine Fine Island
When at the ocean catch a fish then go back home. Cook the fish, go back to the ocean and feed the dolpin it after that it will take you to a island. You can catch lots of good fish there and you will also get the Island note! (It should work!)
Fish Cash #2
If you have unlocked the island, go to it in summer and winter with nothing but a fishing pole in your rucksack. Put your line in the water and when you feel a bite then reel it in. If it is a tuna it will pull for longer, so just keep on holding down the X button. When you get the fish, if it is a tuna then keep it. If it is anything else, release it. For best results, fish in the bottom-right corner of the island.
Fish Money ((SNAPPER))
Alright, a lot of you are saying that you need to find the tuna and sell it... etc. etc. Well, I can't find it so I have the next best thing for beginners: Snappers!

Make sure you befriend the dolphin (any type of fish) and then go to the island. Okay, the best spot for catching the Snappers is on the right side of the island. Just stay there and catch as many as you can. (If you can't get that many, don't worry! You'll get some eventually. ((If you need fast money though, keep the squids and the lampsquids)) )

Now, take ehm back to your house and turn it all into Sashimi. ((Knife Set))
The Snapper Sashimi is 260g per.
The Squid Sashimi is 145g per.
and I think the Lampsquid Sashimi is 170g per. I'm not sure ><;

Well I hope I helped!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Good Luck!! xoxox.
I have found out that if you hold down the X button when you are casting that the longer you hold it the farther you will cast out into the lakes. Happy Fishing.
Fishing easy ($$$)
Ok, for this you will need about 2 or 3 hearts for teh dolphin that swims near teh dock at the beach.

1) befreind teh dolphin by givin him fish(blowfish are favorites!) say hi to him every day until 2 or 3 hearts appear next to his name

2) When you get those hearts, whenever you say hi to him it'll say ride or dont ride.

3) click ride and he will take you to an island.(note~it would be wise to have a bonfire set w/ you so you could eat inexpensive fish so you can stay longer and get teh bigger ones.

4) Cast your rod at the bottom right of the island, there are usually fish there that are good sellers(100-300)

try for a tuna they fetch for 300 which is very nice!
Fishing Rods
Keep the Copper Rod. The silver rod can still catch the bigger fish but it is harder and the Gold only pulls in smaller fish.
Free Oranges
in the beginning of when you start, near the ocean is a patch of land where oranges are. there are 3 of them and continue to randomly show up in summer. they sell for 200g or you can make jam with them.
Fried Veggies
Let me guess, you use Bell Peppers right?
Well yes in a way. You can also use onions. If you buy onions you save 5 for everyone you buy!!!!!
full stamina
go to the mine with ur tools and a stamina re building food!! take atleast 3-4 of these. Just take a purple mushroom, butter and ull need a frying pan. put in the mushroom (purple only) and then the butter and eat it when ur stamina is low, and it will fill up all the way!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hope it helped~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ur magical melody expert: dragon rider 99
funny thing
Go to a shop that closes at 6 and press open right when the lights go on. When you enter it'll say "It's locked", but your inside.
Get full stamina with easy, cheap, recipe.
Hey guys! You can spend lots of time getting the ingredients for stamina drinks or recipes, or spend time fishing for sashimi that gives you little stamina. Well I found a great recipe that's easy to make and gives FULL stamina EVERY TIME no matter how low it is. Cook a purple toadstool in a frying pan with regular old butter for toadstool saute. Full stamina every time.
Get horse to 5stars in one day!!
Just ride him/her around for a whole day and you have him at 5stars!!! ~Hope this helps~
Get Joe easy
He loves corn and tuna steak and m. rainbow trout just give him that over and over again and before a year is up TADA full 10 hearts!
Get kurt to 10 hearts easy!
!Herb Tea*, Tomato Juice*, Tomatoes, Herbs Give Him all those like 3 times and you got one heart! and get him to 10 hearts before 1st decembers up!!
ok ( you must have at least two starts and two hearts on your horse) on THE DAY OF THE HORSE RACE save YOU MUST SAVE then go to the horse race enter your horse in the frist race you can enter hopefully it has a good prize if not dont worry just enter then at the start of the race HOLD IN L THE WHOLE TIME OF THE RACE NEVER LET GO then crack the whip get on the path ( lane ) with the most x things they are food get all the food before the other racers then crack the whip two or three or one time(s) you should come in 1st if you dont restart untill you do win

THEN you might want to save in case you buy the lumber and turn out not to have enough money for the big bed sell that horse for 50,000 G ( its 50,000 because it won the race) upgrade your house to level three and maybe buy the lumber then get one heart on kurt joe or woody ( easy if your trying to marry kurt or joe) then the big bed will be for sale i think its the (L ) bed PLEASE CORRECT ME IF IM WORNG then the mayor will come by on a sunny day and ask you to climb mt.moon to get the blue feather so practice climbing before the race then give the blue feather to a boy\girl you have eight hearts on if the one you want doesn't have eight hearts give him\her stuff until he\she does note : alex likes herbs and herb tea not potions or stamina drinks joe and kurt like lumber and ray likes fish and fish dishes add some more thing the bachlorettes \ bachlors like eve likes coral and coral jewelry made by the blacksmith you get after you ship lots of ores and maybe clay whitch you find by using your hoe in the caves dia LOVES BLUBERRIES and blueberry jam nina likes herb tea and flowers maria likes flowers and ect

hope you use it alex luver
Get strawberries fast
If you don't want to ship 50 cabbages to get strawberries, then use a quicker way.
In the spring get a spring seed pouch, a bunch of them and plant them all over (Plant them in a public lot so you don't have to waste yours if you get grass) and you automatically have strawberries!
Get to the bottom of the caves easy

Ok, so what I do is get my hammer and hoe and head over to either cave (ex. the lake cave). Once there, go down to the 2nd level and find a few of the X's. Instead of guessing which ones will work, run over each X repeadtly (from one to another and back again) untill one of them caves in. If none cave in, your running to fast, slow down a bit, but not to much that your walking. This trick usually gets you a ! symbol, which means your going down levels. But as you go lower, it gets a lot harder to find a ! X. At about 79 and below (lake cave) or 100 and below( moonlight cave), start being a little more careful, but if this trick works for you, you should have plenty of stamina and time to make your way down. As I said, this has worked for everyone I've told it to so far, and I've gotten to the bottom everytime. So if it works for me it may work for you, hope this helps =]

Getting Better Land
Ok first make sure you have lots of potatoes. Then go to Theadore <mayor> and give him one every day. For each heart you get from him. <press y and look a him in the villagers page.> You can get better land... for a price.
Getting Gina and Dia
To get Gina and Dia you have to ship 30 herbs of any kind!
Getting Married
To get married follow these steps.
Gain 1 heart with Woody,Joe, or Kurt.
Buy the the level 2 house.
Go to the house upgrades and Furnitchure and check if you have enough money to buy the double
bed and level 3 house.
Buy the level 3 house upgrade.
gain 8 hearts with the person you want marry.
Thedore will arrive the next day ,he will say "Go to Mount Moon and climb to the top and get the blue feather". (Or something like that.)
Give the blue to the person you love!
They will accept if they have 8 hearts.
You'll get married the next day!
Getting Strawberries!!
Hey, Hey, Hey my peeps!! Listen people, if you want to get strawberries you need to do this!
You have to ship 50, yes 50, cabbages! Once you do, the seed shop will sell strawberry seeds for 300 G. This is great to befriend Eve! Hope this helped y'all!
good fishing spots
dont go to the river to fish if your new (dale cant be cooked) go to the left end of the beach and at the very end ul find a spot were blowfish are common go home and use the knife set and make blowfish sashime put it in the shipping box and u will get 113g

also if u live in oceanside u can get fish and put them in your fridge and if u get loads sleep then use your knife set the next morning and u should at least get 1200 every 2 days
Good In-Game Strategies
Here is a compilation of strategies that I have used over the course of my game. I now own every possible piece of land that is buyable on the game, with money left over.

- Start off with the Village Centre lot. It may seem like a bad idea, but when I bought the last starter lot, I had no trees on it, which meant more space. Afterwards, I put my house and 'flower garden' in Ocean Side, crops and a cabin at Riverside, and a barn and chicken coop on Village Centre.

- The best plants to grow in all seasons are (grow at Riverside for best money):
  • Breadfruit in Spring
  • EITHER Corn or Cocoa in Summer
  • Bell Peppers in summer^
  • Mine in Winter
^ - For best profit, cook them in a frying pan.

- You don't HAVE to feed your dog or pig good foods. Instead, you can either : 1- NOT feed them at all, or 2- feed them weeds. I recommend 2.

- When mining in the Lake Cave, don't bother mining until you get to Level 50. It's all diamonds down there. Repeat until satisfied.

More later, byezez!
good mine money!
Okay, so go to the cave mine.
Fall through the X-cracks, until you're on sub-level 44. This level is amazing, and has always been the best one for me.
Now smash as many crystals as possible and collect all the rare ores and amethysts, which sell for 200/220 gold each!
If you can get 8, then bam, that's 1600+ per mine trip!

And there's no need to worry about stamina: I find a lot of the crystals give off pink powdery stuff, which sparkles and magically restores stamina.
Whoo. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Good money all year round
Here's a quick way to make at least 2,000 gold per day.

Lv 2 Rucksack (holds 10 items)
Food (honey is the best free one as it gives about 3/4 stamina)

First, make sure you've already gotten the 10,000 steps note (have the pedometer record 10,000 steps). Now you can put the pedometer away and have an extra rucksack spot. Then, starting with an empty pack, spend a day foraging in the mountains to the north. Collect all the honey you see. Chestnuts are ok too (in fall), as well as any other food. You can skip this step if you've got some of your own crops saved up.

(NOTE: Chestnuts need to be cooked before they can be eaten. To cook them, get your bonfire tool out of the chest in your home, equip it, and press X in the grass outside. Then just take out a chestnut, face the bonfire, and press A to drop it in and cook it. If you bring your watering can and put the bonfire out when you're done, you'll also get a musical note.)
(NOTE: 3 chestnuts = about 1 honey)

--Next Morning--
Start out with only the hammer and food in your rucksack. Check your experience with the hammer (press the Y button and hover over the hammer on the Rucksack screen). If you've got anything below gold experience, you will need 2-3 foods (2 hones, or 3 of most everything else). For the first time, I'd suggest bring 3, no matter what food you're using. It's better to possibly waste one food than to lose out on some money and time for the day.

Now that you have your hammer and food and NOTHING ELSE in your rucksack, you're ready to go. Start at 6 am, right when you wake up. Go all the way northeast (just northeast of the clinic) to Moonlight Cave. Try to get there as fast as you can, because this strategy usually takes all day.
**You may want to make sure you know exactly where the cave is the night before.

Enter the cave and go down the stairs. DO NOT CRUSH ANY ROCKS YET. Step on a crack to fall through to another level. If your character has a '!' above their head, they fell down (usually by 2 levels). A '?' means they went up (1 level about 50% of the time, a handful of levels up otherwise). Moving up levels gets a bit annoying, but I've found that if you avoid the cracks right near the stairs then you get the '?' less

Keep going until you reach level 44 or 49. These are the best levels for mining as they are filled with a bunch of gem rocks. Now you can start mining. DO NOT KEEP COMMON ORES SUCH AS GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. Only keep the Rare Ores and gems you find. Sometimes you may end up skipping both of the above noted levels. If that happens, you can either go back to the top and try again or you can just continue through the cave. If you continue through the cave, only break the gem rocks (not the regular ones).

Once your rucksack is full, keep breaking gem rocks until you find one more gem or rare ore. This one can just be carried by your character. Now find the stairs and go back to the top. Run to your house and put all the ores you just dug up into the shipping box in front of your house.

If you are able to land on levels 44 and/or 49, and you only keep the rare ores and gems, and you have the lv 2 rucksack, you can make from 1,800 gp (if you only get rare ores) to 2,200 gp (all gems, usually amethyst @ 220 gp ea) per day. Sometimes you'll find a gem that's worth a bit more, which will push the total up a bit.

At lower levels of the cave (75 ish and lower it seems) you can find more rare gems, but with the small amount of them that are found it is really not worth it to waste the time.

Final remarks:
-This is nifty in spring, summer, and fall. In winter, it is better to go to the sunny lake cave.
-If you are raising crops, I'd suggest switching off days between watering your crops/mining.
- If you are raising animals, keep them in the barn on days you plan to mine. This way you can spend as long as you need taking care of them in the barn (or chicken coop), because time pauses when you're in a house.

I hope that helps out anyone who's looking for some relatively easy money. If you need some help or have any comments/questions, feel free to email at sweettooth89 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

good profit
In Spring harvest tons of bread fruit and as you get the money buy a barn, a chicken coop(buy a good egg, you save 800G.) , 2 cows, a butter maker, and a oven. In summer buy the land in the village and play tons of orange trees and water them every day. (Oranges sell for 200) In fall plant tons of yams. When they all grow up, put them in your fridge. Every time they regrow put them in your fridge. Also every day take the egg you chicken gives you and both of your cows milk, (Turn one milk to butter) and put it in you fridge. on the 29ths but a pumkin and put it in the festiful box. The next day when you go to the pumkin festaful you will get a power berry + a note.
Then in Winter take one Yam, Egg, Milk, and butter in the Oven. This makes a Yam Pie witch sells for 1300G. Do that with all of the stuff you have! One Yam pie you made a 880G profit. (Yam(60)+Egg(50)+Milk(150)+Butter(160)=420) Then(1300-420=880)
Health Stastus For Your Animals
These are tips for what to do and what not to do with your animals.

Take your animals on walks on sunny days.
Feed your animals.
Ride your horse.
Shear your sheep.
Milk your cow.
Give them Miracle Potion.
Give them Medcine when there sick.
Pick up the chicken eggs.
Brush them.
Talk to them.

Don't Do
Hit your animals with tools.
Let your animal die of hunger.
Don't feed your animals.
Don't cure your animals when there sick.
Leave the out in the snow or rain.
Hearts on dog easily
You will need an egg and some milk and a pot which you will find in the *Junk Shop*.
Either make a hot milk in the pot or a boiled egg in the pot or just a plain milk. And do this EVERYDAY. And if you get 3 hearts on it you will get the *Bow-Wow Note*.
Hello fellow gamers
Okay so when you start the game you aren't the richest person in the world right, well if you want to get rich as soon as possible then here are a few things you can do. 1. when you start in spring (if you have the riverside property) plant A lot of Breadfruit you shoud be able to fit twentyfour breadfruit plants (don't plant if the ground is really light it's best to plant in dark pieces of land). And 2. If you have the Beachside property buy a chicken coop then once it is done buy a good egg from the spring farm in a little while you will have your first chick and once it grows up it will give you an egg every day (as long as it doesnt get sick)
hoe making money
Take your hoe to the mountains and start to hoe... then if you see something that looks like half a coin thing walk through it! I went from 400g up to 600 something gold! true money making cheat! don't delay! do it today!
Horse love
Here is how I get my horse to like me. When I wake up in the morning, I talk to her/him, and then I take some fodder and hand-feed my horse. And then I talk to them one more time. Do this every day and, slowly but surely, your horse's affection for you will increse.
Horse race
-when it's the day of the horse race then save so that if you lose you can try till you win.
How I Did It
I've had Magical Melody for awhile now, with 8 properties and lots of moolah <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> And since I'm nice, I'm going to tell you how I did it.

I started out with the Ocean-front property, bought a Barn, and started off with one cow. Every day I picked up mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, herbs, honey, etc. and sold it all for money, all the while taking care of my cow.

When I had the money, I bought more property right there by the ocean, bought another cow, and bought a chicken coop. Got two chickens, sold their eggs every day.

Continued selling the things from the mountians, and then started digging up ores and gems from the mines in the caves.

Bought more property, planted some trees. Now I sell chestnuts in the fall, and fruit in the summer. Bought a windmill and started planting as much corn as I could in the summer. Made my own chicken feed that way, and it saves money in the long run. Bought a horse, raised it, raced it and it won. Sold it for 50,000G and bought another horse. Repeated the process.

Now by this time I had over 100,000G and was only on year 2. I started upgrading my house, and started focusing on who I wanted to marry. I chose Blue <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Got the Blue Feather, got the Level 3 house, bought some sheep.

If you take care of them and sell shiny wool, you'll make quite a bit of money in one day. Invest in a yarn maker and it's totally worth your while.

It helps if you raise chickens repeatedly and sell them. It's only 600G a week per chicken, but the extra cash helps.

All I do is plant a few crops every season, take care of my cow, three sheep and horse, take care of my four chickens, and take care of my kid. I'm married to Blue, on year three, with a Level 2 Barn, Chicken Coop, a second house, and lots of property. I hardly ever mine unless it's winter, and I never fish.

Hope I could've helped you guys <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How many hearts make a big heart
A lot of people don't know how many of the little hearts (the hearts that float around a person's head) equal a big heart (on the friend list), so I'm just going to say that you need 9 little hearts to get a big heart.
Ex= give a person something they love = 3 little hearts, do it for 3 days and you'll get 9 hearts which equals a big heart.
How to Be Able to Marry..
Ok, so to get married, you have to have at least 8 hearts with someone. You get hearts buy giving them stuff they like, and talk to them. Ok, once you reach 8 hearts, you have to get a level 3 house, then get a double bed from woody, then wait a day or two, and the mayor will stop by at your home and give you a task to do. and if you complete it, you will get a blue feather. then, you give the blue feather to the person you have 8 hearts with. and thats your symbol of proposing. after that, you will get married the next day, and 22 days later, you will be pregnant, and 90 days later, YOU WILL HAVE A BABY! yay lol
*to be able to get a big bed, you have to have at least one heart with either, joe, woody, or kurt! (the woodshop guys!)
How to fit a plant farm and animal farm in one area
This can be or cant be a hard cheat.All you have to dis buy the forest of fountains 1 area for 30,000.after go to it and start chopping down all the trees and smashing all the rocks.Note:this might take about 4 days.After you have done this,plant crops in the area are are living in now.If you have the cooking untensils you need then cook the crops,and sell them so u can get about 3k a day,untill u get enough money to relocate ur house,barn,and chicken coop,well if you have one.when u go to place them place the barn in the corner to the right,and the chicken coop next to it. your house should be near the sign that leads to the harvest godess. after u have placed them,you can also plant crops under the animal farm. not on the forest of fountains 2,but if youd like u can do that to but i didnt do that cuz i didnt have enough money and i didnt feel like doing all that work,well im done,hope this tip is useful.
Ok so when you go to the mine go really, really down. I'm not talking about the 11th level im talking 25. Don't bother with gold,silver,copper,limestone,junk ore,moonstones,aquamarine or rare ore. Go for the dimonds,rubies,emeralds,saffires,amithyst and topaz.GET 1 OF EACH ONLY,unless u want to get ur rucksack full of only 1 gem.

hope it helped
How to get 16 notes in two days!
Make a day like this:
Lone Wolf- dont talk to anybody all day
Fire Prevention- make a fire then put it out w/ watering can
First Shipment- Ship any one item
Cooking- Make one thing to eat
Stationary- stay still for a while
Gem- ship one gem
Forest- plan one tree
Diary- save 30 times
10,000 steps- keep pedometer on all day, get to 10,000 steps (sounds hard, very easy)
Rock Climber- scale mt. moon
Limitation- stamina reaches zero
next day...
Hustle and bustle- talk to 35 poeple
Garbage- throw away 20 things, weeds work
Weed- pull 100 weeds
Night owl- stay up till dawn
Poor- wake up the next day with less then 100cash

i did this after i accidentally deleted my first game, made a lot of progress! hope it works!

how to get a double bed if u have 8 hearts with somebody ,2+hearts with woody and have bought a lv3
if woody wont sell u a double bed after doing everything u must to get one you've probably when buying Ur lv3 house selected new construction instead of remodeling Ur old house
NOTE:if u have started off with the town property i would advise buying anther property then moving Ur house if u dont do this u will have no space to grow crops.also if u have started off with the riverside property and have stared a farm there i would advise moving to a diff property
How to get a pig
To get a pet pig just build a barn. When you go inside the barn you will see a pig. Then Gourmet will come and after some sentences, let you have the pig.
How to get alot of $
In Spring:

Sell mostly Moondrop flowers, herbs, honey, fish, and very berries (optional) coral, stakes, and branches

In Summer:

Same as spring and blueberries (sorta rare) and oranges

In Fall:

mostly Blue Mist Flowers !500g! (rare), chestnuts , same as spring and summer.

In winter:

mostly stakes, branches, fish, and ores
How to get Cafe Callaway!
To get Cafe Callaway go to the fall or spring (recommened fall) and meet Duke and Doug.
After that day you may see Doug,Duke,Carl, and Louis. Talk to all of them each time you see them. Soon you'll get Dukes resturant that only opens at night (forgot name sorry ) go inside and you see Duke and Carl and you meet Eve.
After that day talk to the whole crew (Duke,Carl, and Eve) Finally you'll get Cafe Callaway!!!
How to get easy hearts from people and animals
Find a mole, and instead of using a hoe or a hammer, use a sickle to hit it. Then the people and animals that like you will gain another heart. Strange, huh?
How to get loved the easy way
evey season has a romantic date/evening so take anybody out (the one with the most hearts work best)
how to get money fast!!
first sell some gren and purple herbs when you have about 1000 gold buy at least 3 bread fruit seeds plant them and sell them for 300 each and they regrow

hope I helped
How to get your animals to eat faster
Okay if you want to get your Horse,chicken,cow,or sheep to eat faster, FOLLOW this VERY CAREFULLY:

Step 1: Put your animals into the fenced pasture.(with the bell)

Step 2: Press start ('y' button)

Step 3:Go do something different(real life)

Step 4: Once you come back, exit out of the start menu and press 'z' 2 times

Step 5: Your animals names should be GREEN (meaning that they are fed) If the name is white do the process again(do step 3 longer!!)

Step 6: Your...DONE!!!! Time and effort was saved!
how to make easy money
Go to moonlight Cave and go to sub level 49 or 50 then hit the blue rocks and you'll find amethysts and rare ores.E-mail me if you want to talk about the game.
How To Make Money
-If you live on RiverSide,you'll PROBABLY know what I'm talking about,there's a way to the Godess Spring and a way to Mt. Moon,take the Mt. Moon route,and you SHOULD see a Blue flower Called Blue Mist Flower or something like that,go home and put it in your shipping box,and you'll get $500 each day.
-Get a 1 cow,& 1 sheep,get a Yarn maker,and butter/cheese maker and you can make alot of money off those two.

NOTE-The most money I got doing this was $16,000
In 20 Days.
How to make your garden squares go away
If you've ever plowed a spot in the wrong place then here's how to make that square go away! Just pick up a rock and put it on top of the square. When you pick up the rock again, the square is gone! Hope this helps!
How to Marry Carl
To get Carl to like you (he the sweetest guy in the game), all you have to do is give him anything sweet like berries and honey.
How to win Ann`s or Nina`s heart.
This is their bio.
Ann!! Name:Ann. Birthday: Summer 28. Family in game: Michael,Dad. Her mom died long ago. Likes: Good clay, all ores, and corn. Dislikes: Toadstools. Supposed to love: Blue.
Nina!! Name:Nina. Birthday: Spring 20. Family in game: Liz, Mom. Her dad died five years ago. Likes: All flowers, (her fave is blue mist get them in fall.) and Mushrooms. Dislikes: Toadstools. Supposed to love: Basil.
I think that Nina`s mom should marry Ann`s dad. They are perfect for each other Hope it helps. ( Not the Nina`s mom and Ann`s dad thinger.) This game is Awsome!! Emily
How to win Joe`s heart
Ok this is what i did. I gave Joe a branch and he loved it and he gave me a heart right away.hope it helps
How to win Kurts heart and win the horse race with 0 stars
you give him lots of love and he likes cakes flowers and sometimes NOT rotten stakes. I already married him that's how I know.you get in front of people using all your energy get all the food and win!Sometimes this cheat does not work!!!!!
I Like Pudding
To get ez money everday you need a cow and a chicken and an oven I know its a lot of stuff but it pays off. Bake one egg and milk(not special milk ship it)in an oven an make pudding its worth 390 and dont sweat the good milk its only worth 200 and a good egg is worth 80. Hope I could help.
if the person you are giving a gift to talks or does a sound when they are talking after you give them a gift then they like it. Also if you get a different response when you give them something else or if you get a cheery responce then they like it.
If you have shiny wool, DO NOT DYE IT!!
Yes, exactly what I wrote in the title. If you get shiny wool from your sheep, DO NOT DYE IT!!! I dyed it before and I got only about 1475, but if you ship shiny yarn, you get 2400! So whatever you do, if you have shiny wool , DO NOT DYE IT! Or else you lost a profit of 925!! Hoped I helped! =3

If You Love BLUE...
If you want to love blue then don't spend money buying stuff for eggplants in the spring and summer. Befriend the dolphin and go to the island. There fish for a bit once you have caught alot come back and give one fish everyday till fall then plant a patch of eggplants. I got blue to three hearts in one and a half seasons then eggplants get you a heart about every four to seven days. Hope this helps!!
Spend some money to make money! If you have chickens, buy a Mayonaisse maker to increase profits. It costs 3000 from the junk shop, but believe me, it's worth it. Mayonaisse sells for much more than eggs. It's the same thing with cows. once you are able to milk them, buy a cheese maker. You can also buy a butter maker for the milk, but it doesn't sell for as much as the cheese. Make sure to also invest in a yarn maker and dye pot. It looks very expensive, but it's worth it since most dyed yarns sell for 1300 or more. One last one. Collect coral once in a while and give it to the blacksmith to make into a coral ring. It costs 550, but you can sell it for around 1130. It takes two days, but if it's worth the trouble, it can really add up.
It's Like Coffee!
When You're Tired And Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy, Eat A Herb And You'll Be Wide Awake!
its ard to get a guy well some of them
blue takes along time trust me i love him and as much dates that ive been on even with the kiss, he is only three hearts to me. but if it takes a long time for your spouse keep on hanging cause u dont want your rival to win. hope this means something to you xd

- obssesd with harvest moon
On the 100th level of the lake cave (in sunny lake in winter) you can catch a Jamasquid!! Bring a fishing pole, the jamasquids ship for 1000 each.
Jamie LOVES every type of jam.

Hear are a couple kinds that I have tried:

- Veryberry Jam
- Blueberry Jam
- Marmalade Jam

Thare are more types of jam, but that is all I have tried.
To make jam you need a pot and any kind of berries.
here are the recipes:
blueberry jam: 2 blue berries
strawberry jam: 2 strawberries
Marmalade: 2 oranges
Veryberry jam: 2 verryberries
Apple Jam: 2 apples
remember to put any of these berries inside the pot at once and they need to be the same berry to make jam.
if you want to get katie to 8 hearts buy a cheese maker then give her any sized cheese.
King Fish
You can catch king fish on sunny days after it rains!talking to ray on a rainy day with a few hearts and he'll say so too. go to the lake and fish at the northwest corner thats the upper right hand conner ->. it may take a few tries but you'll catch a huchen witch is the king of the lake! now befriend the dolphin by two hearts and talk to it to ride it to an island there you can catch the ocean's king the...Jamababab squid..okay thats not the name but it does have jam and squid in it good luck!(they sell for at least 1000 gold depending on how u cook them)
As you probably know, Kurt likes ores, but only give him gold and silver ores. For one, he likes them better then rare ore, and second it won't waste a lot of money because they are only worth 100g and 150g. Give one to him every day, and even skip a couple days then give them to him. In summer, plant tomatoes and give them to him, he likes gold ore, silver ore, tomatoes, and tomato sandwiches.
Kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hearts hearts hearts*

Lives: Woody's Workshop

Likes: Gems

Dislikes: Flowers, weeds, moonstone, copper

1st Favorite Thing: Emerald

2nd Favorite Thing: Amythyst

If u marry Kurt, ur rival will b Dia.

Kurt is a quiet apprentice. The opposite of his brother Joe, he is very sweet and loyal(Joe is 2, but not in the same way) He spends his days off in the caves. He takes Monday and/or Wednesday, Tuesday, Holidays, and his birtthday off(if u marry him) He has a good personality, and is a good person 2 marry(believe me, i no)

I hope that I helped u, and enjoy using this knowlege 4 good!
Alright, so here's something I bet no one know. OUr dear friend Kurt (and my future husband) likes those blue flowers(I forgot the name) you can only find in the fall up in the moutains. If you give him these he will be really happy, and you may even get a heart out of it too. But don't hold me to that.
Lake Cave
In the winter, go to Sunny Lake with your hammer, and when you walk across the lake, there will be a cave, enter it, go down to the next levl. If you want to go further down, when you step on a crack, and your character falls, press Y or X or Z, and you could go to level 8 or something.
Lake Mine
If you're going to the lake mine in winter bring you're fising rod. when you get there go to the bottom(level 100)when you get there you'll get a musical note and there's a pond that you can fish and make major money.
When you start out the game, you should choose the Oceanside property. You can use all of that land for livestock, but don't use it for crops. There is enough room for a large barn, a chicken coop, a level three house, a wind mill, well or watering hole, and anything else. If you didn't already know, you can use other property for you crops or trees, just not property owned by people already. Hope I helped!
Ok so you all know how land can sometimes cost quite abit? well if you want to be a farmer i sugest u live at the ocean but...you can live at riverside because on my profile thats exactly what i did i chose the riverside for my crops and the ocean side for my animals trust me if u try to fit ur animals in the riverside with your house it WILL NOT WORK!!! also i had a lvl 5 house there that probably the other reason too. well i hope i helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
like BLUE?
Give him eggplants and yogurt... he loves those get him to 10 hearts before the 1st winter!
Likes and Dislikes of some Male/Female characters
birthday: 26th of Summer
loves: Sodas,Grapes,Clam
dislikes: mushroom dishes,weeds
birthday: 10th of Winter
likes: tomatos,ores(not junk),Hot milk,squid sashimi
loves: herb tea,tomato juice
birthday: 10th of Summer
likes: fresh water fish,seafood pizza,wood
loves: salted rainbow trout,tuna steak,turnips
dislikes: all sweets,herb tea
likes: fried veggies,Jams
loves: Cake,special milk,special cheese,special butter
dislikes: you (lol)
birthday: 27th of Fall
likes: fish,rare ore,fish dishes
loves: moonstone
dislikes: jams,junk ore,toadstools
Lone wolf note
The only way to get this note is not to speak to anyone all day. Which is really easy if it's winter and there is a snow storm. The easiest way to do this is just wake up and go back to sleep. Then when you wake up you get the lone wolf note! Easy!
This may take you a while to do, but it gets you loads of money. My friend showed me how much gold she had a little while ago on her file and this is how much she had (estimated): 78.000g!!!

Its simple. All you have to do is get the Riverside property, grow plants that regrow about every two days. Until you have about 15.000G. Then, buy the oceanside property and buy the small barn. Buy first, a horse and take care of it well. Then, buy a cow and a sheep. Look after them until their grown up and still look after them. ONLY TALK TO THEM ONCE THEIR GROWN, accept for the sheep when they have been sheared. And, hand feed them. In about two months they should be atleast 5-8 hearts depending on how well you look after them. Buy another cow. So that your small barn is full. Repeat what you did with the other cow. Milk,shear and train the animals until you have enough money to expand the barn. Oh yeah, and, let them out in the pastures EVERY DAY IT IS NOT RAINING/HURRICANE. So that they can feed on the grass that you grow. Once you have expanded the barn, get both your horse and sheep pregnent with the miracle potion thingy. About half a month later they should be born. Do the same thing with them that you did with their parents. Milk, shear and train. Only train your second horse to be about 6-8 stars. When the horse race comes, you should be able to enter it at least into the rank C (if not D) Save before the horse race so that you can reset if you dont win, once you win, sell your horse.

During all of this, get the remodeled houses and marry whoever you feel like. Get the chicken coop and remodel if you like, befriend the people and collect music notes.

I hope this helped ^^
Lots of Money in Spring
Need some cash? You've read the right comment. First choose a location around your area to hold about 27 squares or a little less then that. then plant a whole bunch of bread fruit! wait about nine days and never forget to water them! harvest them then water them for two more days then the fruit grow immediately back! yaaay! so do this the entire spring and you'll make around 50,000g to 75,000g if you do it right!
LOTS OF MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Spring:live by the river and plant only breadfruit and sell them so you can get 300g for one

Summer:Befriend the dolphin and have a 10 or 15 piece rucksack so go to the island and fish for tuna.

Fall: go to the mountain every day and pick and sell the blue mist flower

Winter:Go to the lake cave and go to level 50 and level 70 and only mine for diamonds and fill your cupbpard with a few diamonds so in spring summer and fall you will have money for stuff you need.
try to fish off the back-right end of the island.

i almost always catch a tuna.
hope i helped.
If you want to have lots of money very fast in one season, wait for winter time, get your hammer and go to the lake mine, you can go 2-3 times a day, save some boiled eggs that give you a lot of stamina and drop to the level 6 or level 8, if you pass level 8, you get stuck on level 10, so don't go there...
You can also make sure you have your backpack upgraded, it helps A LOT ( to upgrade the first time, buy it for 1000G at the junk shop, the second time you befriend Martha, she'll ask you to give her some yarn, buy some or get it from your ship and she'll upgrade you level 3 backpack)I did that for 2 winters and I have way more than 200.000 (Just don't know how to spend this much cash...)
lovey dovey festies<3
As in many Harvest Moon games, there are a number of romantic Festivals in
Magical Melody. Some offer a choice of partner. Others automatically involve
the bachelor/girl with the highest affection level.

The first Romantic Festival is the 'Star Festival'. The individual with the
highest heart level will come to your house on the morning of the Festival to
ask if you would like to launch a boat with him/her. If you accept, you will
be asked to meet the person at the Square. The Festival scene will occur
automatically afterwards. If you reject the offer, no other offer will be
made by any other person.

The next Festival that involves an individual of the opposite sex is the
Fireworks Festival. Here you will have an opportunity to speak with a few
people. As usual, once you have spoken to Jamie, the Festival will commence.
The person with the highest affection level automatically will join you to
watch the Fireworks. It may be a boy or a girl.

The next truly Romantic Festival is the Moon Viewing Festival on 9 Fall.
Again, you have no choice in the matter of your partner. The individual with
the highest heart level will come to your door on the morning of the Festival
to ask if you wish to go moon viewing with him/her. Unlike FoMT and MFoMT,
if you reject the offer, you will not be given the option of viewing the Full
Moon with some one else. As in the case of the Star Festival, your partner
will ask you to meet him/her in the Square. This festival basically is a late
night Festival, so the closer to midnight that you enter the Square, the less
time you will waste if you have chores to perform.

Other Romantic Festivals include the Winter Thanksgiving, when you can send
cake to any one you like, and the Starry Night Festival.

The Winter Thanksgiving basically is a festival wherein boys give cake to the
girls they like. If you are playing as a boy, you should give cake to all the
eligible girls if you can afford to do so. If you are playing as a girl, you
need to find every boy who likes you to allow him to offer you a piece of
cake. If you are given five pieces of cake, you will obtain a Musical Note
for being popular. If you play the game as a girl, you can give cake to all
the eligible girls as an act of friendship. They will appreciate it greatly.
If you attempt to give cake to the bachelors, they will accept it but will be
embarrassed and wonder why you are making the gesture.

N.B. If you do not have enough milk, butter and breadfruit to make cakes for
every one, you can obtain these ingredients at the local shops. The Spring
Farm sells breadfruit and the Blue Sky Ranch sells Good Milk and Good Butter.
You will need an Oven to bake a cake.

The next Romantic Festival is the Starry Night Festival. The person with the
highest heart level will be at your door at 6.00 a.m. to ask you if you would
like to join him/her in viewing the stars. You meet at the Square as usual
any time before midnight and automatically experience a scene wherein you will
walk to the Starry Hill to view the starry sky until midnight. Afterwards, as
with all festivals, you will find yourself in front of your first house at

The last Romantic Festival of the Year is the New Year's Sunrise. This one is
a bit different from the others in that it is the Harvest Sprites who will be
at your door at 6.00 a.m. on the last day of the year. They will tell you
that it is good to invite some one to watch the New Year Sunrise with you and
that they will be willing to take a letter to the person that you choose. You
will be given the option of choosing any one with a heart level that exceeds
six. When you make your choice, the Sprites will tell you to meet that person
in the Square.

Arthur: Roger that, yeah! We'll invite the person to the Square, yeah!
Billy: It's best to go out after finishing work, yeah!
Carlos: You won't be liked if you don't show up, yeah! You definitely must
go, yeah!

If you do not pursue one individual on a steady basis, you could spend every
Romantic Festival in the year with a different person! It will not lower any
one's heart level if you spend a festival with another bachelor or girl.
Loving Ray
If you want Ray to like you go to the island.Everytime you go there Ray will be there and give him a fish everyday.Or go to the northwest corner and you will find the king.Give it to Ray and he will love it.
You can buy lumber from Woody for 50 G each.
Also, if you be friends with Joe, Kurt, or Woody they will give you a level 3 house. ^o^
Major stanima made easy
OK, get on your horse, and ride them to a place not very far where there is some kind of wall. If you have a fence surrounding your land, use that. In the real world, find a hair tie or a rubber band. Wrap it around the controller so that the horse is running in the direction of the wall. Go do something else. Wait untill it is 6 am. Then you will wake up in bed. Go feed the horse and groom it. Then do this again. After doing this only a few times, the stamina bar will fill all the way to the top. Hope this helps!
make money fast
If you go up the mountian and look for green herbs they sell for 100G each. hope i helped. ^^
Make over 5,000g in one day - any season
Okay. Here is an easy way to make a lot of money.

What you need:

4 Adult Chickens
4-8 Adult cows
Butter Maker
Cheese maker
(You don't need these, but it'll get you more money)

Now first, you need an egg, butter, milk, and a breadfruit. You can either get them from your farm, or buy it. You get more money if you don't buy it. Now cook those 4 items in the oven to get cake. If you want extra money, add cheese, honey, or coaco(cheese cake, honey cake, coaco cake). Now sell it to get 800-900g. But what if you sell four cakes. Ka-Ching! An easy way is to have 8 cows give milk. Put 4 into Butter. Get 4 eggs from a chicken, and buy/harvest breadfruit. Well, there you go.
Make Your Own Plan
Make Your Own Plan. What I mean by this is try and figure out your own path in terms of getting money and achieving goals. It's good to refer to guides for tips and tricks but try not to fall into a trap of day to day life on what a guide tells you. Anyway hope that helps, and I hope you make your ideal plan.
marry Dan
A good way to get on Dan's good side is to give him cheese. He has a wierd obbsession with cheese. I just thought I'd let you know.
Marry Dan Easy
To marry Dan easy give him Very Berries and Blueberries once a day and try to fill up your fridge with them for Fall, also talk to him once a day. Do all the festivals with him and you should be able to marry him by mid fall of your first year.

Note: Remember to go to the first horse race in spring and plant some fruit trees early too like before the first horse race this will also insure that Dan will move in before the 20th of spring. Also work on getting the third level house and a big bed too.

I was able to marry Dan by the middle of fall and my character got pregent mid winter on my first year.
Marry Gwen Easy
To marry Gwen easy give her the Summer Flowers once a day and try to fill up your cabinet with them for Fall, also talk to her once a day also. Do all the festivals with her and you should be able to marry her by mid fall of your first year.

Note: Remember to go to the first horse race in spring. Also work on getting the third level house and a big bed too.

I was able to marry Gwen by the middle of fall and she got pregent mid winter on my first year.
Marrying Jamie
For marrying Jamie, you need to:

- Have at least 50 Notes (Goddess must be resurrected)
- Ship at least 1 of every Crop (Not including Trees, Flowers or Herbs)
- Use Miracle Potion on at least 1 of your Barn Animals
- Have at least eight (8) hearts for Jamie

After you get the Blue Feather, give it to Jamie,
who will tell you to go to the Goddess Pond, if you still wish to marry

Jamie has not accepted the Blue Feather just yet, so you can still marry someone else if you wish

Go to the Pond and ask the Goddess to be allowed to marry Jamie.
Jamie will appear and you'll present the Blue Feather again,
finally marrying.
After a few scenes, your game will end.

Jamie loves Cake, Special Cheese, Special Milk and Special Butter.
Jamie likes High Quality Crops and Yams

Gender of Jamie:
If you are a girl, Jamie will be a boy
If you are a boy, Jamie will be a girl
I believe that Natsume used the name "Jamie" because it can be used as a girl's name or a boy's name.

Make sure you really want to marry Jamie. If you still want to continue your game, you need to marry someone else.
Mega Money
In Winter go to the lake mine and bring your hammer and hoe. Fall through cracks until you get to the lv. 40s, then use your hoe to find the staircase by finding the glitchy on the ground to go down one lv. Do this until you get to lv. 50. In here almost every rock or gem contains daimonds! One diamond sells for $500!
As we all know, Meryl is a little disturbed girl, and is quite sour just like Dia. Do not waste your time talking to her, she will just tell you to go away, and not to talk to her. Just like Dia eh?? So, if you want her to be less sour and warm up to you, bring her flowers, and bright things. She also likes shiny things. For instance, I brought her a pinkcat flower, and the next day I looked at her heart list, and I was at a 4! (This was after gving her 3 pinkcat flowers) Hope I helped!
mine staircase show
ok look if your running in the mine you will see a faint box on the ground only when running use your hoe there and the staircase will be there
Mining for Diamonds
I don't know about you, but when I go to the mine in the lake during the winter, I don't want to leave it with only 2,000g.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there seems to be only one diamond on most of the lower floors [lvs 40-80].

Take only your hammer and one good stamina-boosting meal [I recommend cake]. Get to the cave early and do what you need to in order to reach around level 40 or 50.

From there, start mining. It seems that diamonds are more often found under the rocks rather than crystals. Maybe that's just my luck. Hit around until you find a diamond- try to ignore anything else you'll find as that takes up rucksack space and energy. Once you collect said diamond, stand on a crack to go down (or up) a floor. Repeat for as long as you need.

What I've experienced, this really saves energy and I can walk out of the cave making around 5,000g - since each diamond sells for 500g a piece.

*If you have the time, please give me feedback to let me know if this has been helpful to you. Thanks!
Mining For Millions
5 - Moonstones**
10 - dead end **
15 - Amethists
20 - Aquamarines
25 - Topaz
30 - Sapphires
35 - Emeralds
40 - Rubys
45 - You´ll find limestones** in the crystals and junk ores in the rocks.
50 - Diamonds

**Dead End : Just skip it by bringing your hoe. Find some stairs going down and you won´t be stopped by the dead end.

**Limestones : These sell for 5g, but you need to ship 10 of them in order to make the Spring Farm sell fertilizer (this makes the crops have a better quality). The fertilizer sells for 150g.
Mining Mania!!! (Gems, Ores, & Accessories)
The Winter Lake mine opens only during the winter. That’s 30 days to make thousands of dollars, thousands a day!! Before I start here are a few things to make this work even better.

The closer you are to the west side of the village the better, preferably the lot right across from the blacksmith or where the blacksmith will be. It also helps to have the blacksmith in place which you do by shipping so many ores. So do a little mining first to gain experience (which gets you the blacksmith as well as getting you the ability for a better hammer). So, it helps to have your house close to this particular mine, and it helps to have a high level hammer of course so you dont get tired out as easily while mining. So, the last few days of fall what you want to do is make sure your hammer is upgraded to the highest it can be (you usually need the blacksmith for this as well). Also, go get alot of green peppers from the seed shop or grow them yourself, it costs either 135 or 120 to buy them depending on the season. Take them home, and fry them up to make fried veggies, you will always get better energy level refreshment from cooked items as opposed to the raw veggies. Stock up your fridge with fried veggies. Once its winter you can start your mining mania!!

Mining (Gems)
Take atleast 1 fried veggie and your hammer in your rucksack and head to the frozen winter mine (you have to walk across the frozen lake in the woods on the west side of the village) go to the lowest level possible (the lower the level the better the chance of the higher value gems such as rubies and diamonds). You have 8 spots in your sack for gems, and then you will have 9 once you eat the fried veggies when you need an energy boost. Fill your sack with gems and you can even carry one home if you want once the sack is full. Empty your sack by shipping them, grab another fried veggies from the fridge and start out again. As long as your stamina is good you can usually make two to three trips a day (this is where the high level hammers come in helpful, you get less tired while mining and your energy stays high longer). So when you do this you can easily get $1000+ a day. You of course will need to sleep every once in a while and pay attention to your energy while mining. (Nothing sucks worse than ending up in the Drs office and having to listen to him fuss at you). I will now post a list of the gems possible their description and their values:
Moonstone- (white and round) $50
Amethyst- (purple and teardrop) $220
Aquamarine- (light blue and round) $230
Topaz- (yellow and square) $240
Sapphire- (dark blue and oval) $250
Emerald- (green and rectangle) $330
Ruby- (dark red and oval) $350
Diamond (sparkly and diamond) $500

If you have enough energy, make it to the lowest levels (70s and higher) and feel like it, you can mine and look for just diamonds which can give you $5,000 in one trip!!! Or you can mine the others and just get the highes value ones possible. You are pretty much guaranteed $1000+ or more each trip depending (even if you only get Amethysts in a trip thats $2200!! Always drop a moonstone for another gem if possible (you can take a gem out and drop it on the ground in the cave to make room for another more valuable one) and remember even if your bag is full you can carry an extra gem back with you in your hands. A few trips a day like this and you can make lots of money!!

Gems (Accessories)
A great way to make extra money off the less valuable gem (moonstone and amethyst) is to go to the blacksmith and turn them into accessories (either a broach or ring). This gets you a bit more money in the case of the amethyst and a lot more than its value in the case of the moonstone. It takes about $500-$550 and two days wait to get a ring or broach made from either of these gems but the shipping value is over $1000 for each. **You can also collect coral from the beach and have it turned into an accessory for the same price and the same return value since coral shipped is just $35** Turning the higher valued gems into accessories has no use really since its costs more to do so and the shipping value in the end minus the amount you pay to get it made pretty much leaves you making the same amount as the gem is worth in the first place, waste of time and waste of money, so the main rule is to only accessory moonstone, amethyst and coral!!

Mining (Ores)
Ore mining can be profitable but definitely not as much as the gems. Ore wise here are descriptions and values:
Junk Ore- (dark gray) $0
Limestone- (very light gray with flecks in it) $5
Copper- (copper colored/reddish brown) $50
Silver (silver colored/light gray) $100
Gold- (gold colored) $150
Rare Ore- (shiny rainbow pastel) $200

When it comes to ores there are a few uses for them. The rare ore has no use and cannot be turned into an accessory or a tool so it is just best shipped or given as a gift if wanted. The junk ore also has no use and should not even be picked up when mining, unless on accident and then can easily be dropped again. The other three ores can be used to upgrade your accessories. The more valuable the ore the better the accessory upgrade to that level will be, in regards to keeping your energy level high while using it. So just take whatever item you wish to upgrade, and the ore you are upgrading it to, go the blacksmith and he will take both and do it in 2 days. This is best done when you are not in need of that item, for example get your watering can, your hoe, your sickle and your fishing rod upgraded in the winter, and if you only use your hammer for mining in the winter like I do make sure its upgraded before then.

In short I find mining the best way to make money in the winter since fishing is bad and farming is impossible. I will also be uploading a hint/tip on raising sheep soon which is another great way to make money all year round and especially in winter when there are not a lot of money making options. If you have any questions feel free to email me at <a href="mailto:askrach@yahoo.com." target="_blank">askrach@yahoo.com.</a>
you may need a few power berries for this!

during the winter go to winter mine and try to get all the way to EXACTLY floor fifty this room is filled with only diamonds.all floors that are multiples of 5 have one jewel type only the lower you go the better(stops at fifty)
if tyou have the second rucksack Thats $4500,a trip) if you have a house thats close you can make multiple trips ($4500times #of trips)

i usually use boiled eggs for food on these trips(theyre cheap!)
A good way to get money is get bell pepers and a frying pan. The bell pepers are 110 each and a frying pan is 500 if you cook the bell pepers and sell it you get 310. Thats a 200 profit!
Money And Ray
First Grab Some crops And Grab The hoe and water can from the tool box in your house then go outside and plant them Buy Bread fruit Seeds get 4500 gold Re water Them they can Grow Back go cut some lumber by grabing your axe outa the toolbox you can put your hoe up now chop up the logs untill you get 40 pieces then go to the junkshop were ann and michael live and buy the bigger rucksack then go purchase the barn go keep harvesting the crops untill yo have at least enough money to buy fodder and animals when that happens purchase a brush also For Ray

befriend the dolphin then wave once when you wave it ask you to ride ray is almost always there (Remember bring Your rod!!!) and fish him a fish press X to throw the rod out when you feel a nibble keep pressing X then youl Catch a Fish Soon bigger fish are harder to catch small fish are easier to catch Give ray 1 Fish You catch Each Day soon Ray Should have 3 hearts for you heres the requirements for marriage:

Large Bed (3500 Gold 0 lumber)
3rd Lv. House (15000 80 Lumber)
30 Notes


Oh Yeah Your rival For Ray Is Maria
money fast in winter
if you don't want to wast time going down to the really low levels in the lake mine in winter and want a bit of quick cash then just mine the crystals in the sub levels 4,5,6,7,8,9 you will find rare ores and amethysts which give you 200-220g and if you fill up your rucksack then you will get ££££ (if you have a 5 space rucksack you will get around 1000 a day if you have a 10 space rucksack then you will get about 2000 a day and if you have a 15 space rucksack then you will get about 3000 a day)
Money Fast!!
To get money fast and easy you need to have a cooked fish in your rucksack and your hoe and hammer...it has to be winter! go across the lake where Ray is usually ocated.(note: not the beach or island.) and then walk across the frozen ice and go into the cave! Only hit the gems and then sell them. keep doing this and you will have 2,000 or more in one day!!!! Yay
money in spring
I'f you live by the river grow lot's of breadfruit and ship them,they sell for 300g for one.oh but be sure to save some for yourself and your dog.hope i helped
money in the ground
ya know how you will be running around on grass, and then youll randomly trip? well, if you dig up the earth (dirt) around that area with your hoe, you will see a strange taco-like object (it looks like a taco to me) run over it and on the bottom right part of the screen the total of money you just picked up will be shown!you can also find these taco-money-like things in the mine by digging around it. ~ weeziferdian.
Money On Earth.
Requirments: Hoe, hammer.

1. Go to Moonlight mine\cave.
2. Go to the 90th floor.
3. Get your hoe and start digging.
Money Tips


Find berries, mushrooms, honeycombs, flowers, etc., in the wild. (Be sure to bring your axe, as collecting lumber will help you progress in the game with building)

Cooking edible items and selling such items will benefit immensely.

Specific Tip: Buying bell peppers from the Vegetable Farm, cooking them in a frying pan, and selling them will bring a large profit. (Approx. 200 dollars PROFIT)

Building a chicken coop and buying one egg from the Animal Farm in the North of the town will bring in a profit in the long run. A very cheap and easy method of making money that will continue bringing a profit daily.


Building a barn and buying cows and/or sheep will bring in more money than chickens; however, it is more expensive to start and continue. (From personal experience, this method is EXTREMELY helpful in many expenses) Buying a cheese and/or butter converter will also help you make even more money. (Again, more expensive to start)

Seasonal Specific Tip for you more advanced players: In the Winter, there is a mine that is inaccessible in all seasons but Winter, located on the lake in the West of the Village. (Lake Cave) It contains MANY jewels, all of which sell for great prices. (From personal experience, all of my large expenses such as remodeling and buying animals have been paid for by this method)


After your land and barn have been established (more beneficial at this time to have an upgraded barn), be sure to have two or more horses, two or more cows, and two or more sheep. (The more horses the better, for your money making purposes).

Train the horses, milk the cows, and sheer the sheep (The cows and sheep will continually make you money, while the horses are being trained).

After your horse(s) has reached TEN stars of skill, enter your horse into a race and win.

Your champion horse will now be worth 50,000 dollars.

Personal Horse Money Method: I always have 1 - 2 horses that I keep in my barn. For example: currently, I have 4 horses in my barn. I will FOREVER keep one or maybe two of them, while I constantly change the others. That way I always have a few horses to race each time the Horse Races come around. (Spring and Fall)

If you have ANY questions about ANYTHING concerning this game or me, e-mail me at: summerland.swimmer@yahoo.com
Now you have to spend money to make money. So when it's Spring or when you start the game, plant breadfruit. It will sell for 150 on normal land and 300 on fertil.
Ok If You Want Money Here You go.

Spring:plant some crops and go in the mountains.U normally find hers.Also Go To The cave by the mountain.

Summer:Make Corn!!!!!! It Just Saves Chicken Feed. Also Look in the mountains to see anything.

Fall:LOOK IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!!There Are rare Blue Mist Flowers, honey combs, and chestnuts. WINTER:Go In The Lake All the way to the left. Then, cross the lake and you'll fing a cave. BRING YOUR HAMMER!!!!!!!Lvl 50+ are diamamonds that sell for 500G. Also rubies, topazes, emeralds, and sapphires on other lvls UNDER. Also On ONLY lvl 45, there is limestone. hip ten of them and get fertilizer.
Ok If You Want Money Here You go.

Spring:plant some crops and go in the mountains.U normally find hers.Also Go To The cave by the mountain.

Summer:Make Corn!!!!!! It Just Saves Chicken Feed. Also Look in the mountains to see anything.

Fall:LOOK IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!!There Are rare Blue Mist Flowers, honey combs, and chestnuts. WINTER:Go In The Lake All the way to the left. Then, cross the lake and you'll fing a cave. BRING YOUR HAMMER!!!!!!!Lvl 50+ are diamamonds that sell for 500G. Also rubies, topazes, emeralds, and sapphires on other lvls UNDER. Also On ONLY lvl 45, there is limestone. hip ten of them and get fertilizer.
more about kurt
i started reading some of the tips and most of them were great but i couldnt help but notice that herb tea isnt listed as one of kurts favorites. theres a lot of writing so i could of missed it but i would just like to remind people who would like to befriend and or marry kurt that he loves herb tea. you can make this by putting a green herb into a pot.

More for the milk.
If you have milk, don't drop it in the shipping bin just yet. If you have a pot, take the milk and make 'hot milk'. (All you need is milk and the pot) Then sell the milk, and you'll get more money. Probably like 220 rather than 200 or less if the milk isn't good. If you have any questions, please feel free to email! Thanks!
More Land
If you would like to get more land, you need to befriend the mayor first. The easiest way to befriend him is to grow potatoes or buy them from the farm. For every heart you get, more land becomes available for you to purchase.
nice beginning
ok u know in the start,u have nothing ,well get the chicken coop and a good egg when u have the money Then wait for it to hatch 5-10 days. In that time go to the beach with ur hoe, you go gather clams at the beach for more money. After it hatches or before get some food for it.Take care of it. When it grows up, use an egg it had in the hatcher, than sell the eggs it lays the fallowining day and repeat until u have 5 chickens if u want to grow plants buy plants if u want to raise livestock save up until you have enough for the barn. Then save up from the chickens and buy a sheep. The sheeps wool is worth a lot . Use it and the chickens to save up for a cow.
No more lumber?
If you cut all the lumber in the town/city you can:
1. buy lumber from woody for 50 a piece.
2. Grow trees (takes from 6 to 20 days to grow them fully) and cut it down.
3. Cut stakes down, but it will take a longer time with gaining little lumber.
4. Wait till next season ~_-
No More Pedometer
If you already got your 10,000 note (walking 10,000 steps) you can put your pedometer in the tool chest so you can have more space in your rucksack you can also put seeds in your chest.
Omelet recipes
Here are some recipes for omelets that you can cook easily in your kitchen.

Plain omelet:
Frying pan

Cheese omelet:
Frying pan

Tomato omelet:
Frying pan

Enjoy. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
One way to beat Jamie
one way to beat Jamie is in winter, go to the mine and then with only some food and a hammer, go to LEVEL 50. in level 50 there is nothing but diamonds. so break all the crystals and rocks and sell them. So there, you beat Jamie.
Outdoor Shipping Bin Wastes Time
When you have a lot of items in your rucksack, it can take an hour or more of your character'
s day to put it all in the shipping bin. If you have a barn, use the bin in it instead of the one outside of your house. While in the barn, time stays still, so you don't waste valuable time dropping items in the shipping bin.
Power Berries
There are 5 Power Berries in the game, this is a list of them.

1. Win the beach festival.
2. Bring 30 notes to the Harvest Sprites.
3. Submit a pumpkin to the pumpkin festival.
4. Get to floor 100 in the moonlight cave after Tim and Tai move in.
5. Win rank B horse race.
Quick & Easy money!
While I was getting ready to plant grass, I was using the hoe and saw something that looked odd. Right in the middle of one of the dirt patches was a small sliver looking thing-yellow and red.
I walked over the patch and got 50G. I've had more encounters with these odd little things, and have earned atleast 500 extra G.

Stay on the look out!
Quick easy Hearts wiht Alex!!!
Everyday no matter what season go to the mounain place on your way to the mini-game grab as many herbs as you can. (Do not play mini game) Once your rucksack (excuse my spelling)is full take all the herbs to Alex! I recommend waiting untill night for summer and taking the herbs the next day! I garnentee you will have it least 7 hearts by fall. DO NOT SHIP ANY HERBS OR GINA WILL COME!
Quick money
have any livestock win a contest and sell them for a quick 50,000 g
Quick Notes
If you don't feel like working hard, and wasting a lot of energy to get a note, here are some quick notes.

-Save your game 30 times.
-Whistle 50 times. (It would only waste little energy.)
-Equip the Pedometer and walk 10,00 steps. After you get the note it's useless.
-Pull 100 weeds.
Quick Stars For Your Horse
All you gotta do, is after all of your chores are done, make sure your animals are fed and brushed and outside. Then, get on your horse and place him in a corner(maybe a corner of your fence or three rocks/stakes placed in an arrow-like fashion). Then get a rubber band and put it around the control stick and the handle. Then go do something else for a little while. Do this every night for 10 nights and your horse will be a perfect rider
Quick Winter Money
In the winter, go to the lake cave every day and try to get to level 50. On level 50 it's all diamonds. They sell for 500g each!!! I got rich that way. But the bad thing is you can only do this once a year. :'( But it works well for the winter and I usually end up with enough money to last me the year!
Ranch Food
This is a list of the prices of what ranch food sells for:
(The food U get from cows, sheeps & chickens)


Milk = 140 g.
Good Milk = 200 g.
Special Milk = 400 g.

Butter = 161 g.
Good Butter = 230 g.
Special Butter = 460 g.

Cheese = 175 g.
Good Cheese = 250 g.
Special Cheese = 500 g.


Wool = g.
Good Wool = 900 g.
Special Wool = 1800 g.

Yarn = g.
Good Yarn = 1200 g.
Special Yarn = 2400 g.


Egg = 56 g.
Good Egg = 80 g.
Special Egg = 160 g.

Mayonnaise = 84 g.
Good Mayonnaise = 120 g.
Special Mayonnaise = 240 g.
Random hints for hearts!
Character faves
Heres(He res,He-res,Her es) a bunch of stuff to make people and animals like you!

Carl: Milk of any sort. Special milk works best
Kaity: Breadfruit, breadfruit, breadfruit!
Blue: Also likes milk
Nina: Any crops grown on your farm or flowers
Ann: ores of any type.
Ellen: Animal products
Maria: Moonstones or moonstone brooches
Eve: Gemstones like diamonds or amethyst. Balms from hearty lyla work too.
Gina: Likes herbs or flowers.
Dia: Blueberries are ESSENTIAL!
Lyla: Flowers or dyed yarn.
Joe: Fish.
Kurt: Ores
Alex: Herbs or (if you have the mixing pot) Potions.
Ray: Fish fish and more fish. And if you cant get fish..... go fishing!!
Basil: I give him mushrooms or toadstools. They work well enough.
Bob: Animal products
Luis:Gold ore is perfect for luis!
Theodore: whatever you find lying in the side of the road.
Michael: not really sure... sorry Copper ore works though
Liz: Crops from your farm. grown in good soil.
Hank: Animal products, wool and the like.
Woody: chestnuts!!
Henry: Flowers or bell peppers or eggplants
Saibara: Good clay is the best gift. Period.
Tai: Ores.
Tim: Eggs or gold ore.
Martha: Herbs.
Ronald:Yes strawberries are fruit but he only like tree fruit!
Gourmet: Food of any sort. egg food works well.
Nami: Anything that is NOT girly. Maybe food or something.
When you have your baby give it milk or egg every day and it will love you.

Animals faves!
Cat: Fish or milk (duh!)
Monkey: Herbs or very berries. Stuff found on the mountain.
Dolphin: Blowfish
Cuckoo: Herbs or corn
Sparrow: Corn
Rabbit: Carrot (also duh)

How to make your animals like you:
Horses: Brush, talk, and hand feed EVERY day. Also ride them a little each.
Cows: Brush, talk, hand feed, and milk every day.
Sheep: Brush, talk, hand feed, and shear when they are ready.
Dog: Pick him up and talk to him every day and also feed him. If his hearts wont go up use the brush (it REALLY works!)
Pig: Pick him up and feed him and take him outside a lot. He will eat weeds or anything so just whatever. The brush doesnt work as well for the pig and it usually just gets a question mark.

When people leave:
If they own a business (which most do) Sell a bunch of things that they might need for their business. For example: When Ronald leaves you have to sell a LOT of Tree fruit. Grapes or oranges or apples. Also. If a shop owner leaves their workers soon follow. It is the same in reverse. When the owner comes back the worker follows a few days after.
Hearty <3 Lyla sell 1 ball of colored yarn
and so on and so forth.

If theres anyone i missed im sorry but i dont know what they like.

I REALLY Hope this all helps. Also a few last notes. 1. Lvl 50 of the lake cave has diamonds ONLY go there evry day in winter and fill your rucksack just once for around 5,000 a day. Be sure to take your hoe for lvl 10 where you always get stuck! 2. Once a horse is a champion it cannot enter the horse race again! Sell it one it wins. I have 4 horses and i am training them ALL at the same time. that way i can win all 4 races and get every prize. This is the ONLY way to win all 4 races. 3rd and final. always know what notes you need. If you already have a note saying someone gave you a gift work on befriening other characters who have NOT yet given you gifts. It will get you your notes and their hearts will stay up as long as you still talk to them once a week.

If you wanna marry Ray, you need a smart and effective plan. First off, he hates ( and I mean hates)jams of any kind, posionous mushrooms,and junk ores from the mine. However, he likes fish of any kind( sometimes giving him fish can result in a new and improved fishing rod)rare ores from the mine, butter, and eggs(especially from your farm!!!) He absolutely lovescorn, yellowtail sashimi, yellowtail teriyaki, and yellowtail(uncooked). His birthday is Fall 27. Also, if you show him the wild animals, he compliments you, (which is nice if you wanna marry him) He is not the most attractve, in my opinion, but he is really sweet, gentle, caring, outdoorsy, and really easy to win over. He is also not embarassed to show his true feelings for you, and after romantic events, will kiss you(Rarely)He is also shy, so unless you have over 5 hearts, he might not give you a kiss. And another wonderful trait about him, he remembers your birthday and gets you fish ( because hes a fisherman). Hope my tips can help for all you potential wives of Ray.
Ray's TV Show
O.K. so Ray has his own TV show and at the end of each one he gives you a hint.

All together the hint is.

"The King is not coming to Moondrop River"

I don't remember wgat the name is of the river.
Riding a horse
If you are having trouble riding your horse wait until it grows to an adult. You will notice the difference in it's size when you enter your barn and take care of it every day. When it becomes and adult you must take it outside with the bell and stand next to it and simply press X. Glad I could help.
Riding the Horse
In order to win a Horse Race, you must have an adult horse with at least 2 stars. When you have filled those reqirements, stand by the horse's side and press X. Then you'll mount up!
Rock Fence
If you are making a fence consider making it with rocks. These will never wear out and have no other practical use. Save the wood for the buildings.
Ship one good clay and he'll come to town!

He appears in the land above the Ranch.
Sandwich recipes~!
Hey everyone, here are the recipes for the following sandwiches:

Tomato sandwich:
Knife set

Egg sandwich:
Knife set
Boiled Egg


Corn bread:

Enjoy your meals~!
Sell horses for $$
First, you need to win in a race. To do that, look at the track as it flies from the finish line, to the starting position. Determine which lane has the most boosters and get into that lane ASAP. If you're racing against Jaime, try and get in front of him, that way, when you run out of energy, he can just push you over. you only need to win once.

Now, sell your horse to the Blue Sky Ranch for 50,000G! Pretty sweet, huh?
Shiney Wool
Also if u hit the Z button once animals name appear above their head. If the name is white it means that they haven't eaten yet if it's green it means it has. If u make sure ur sheep if fed everyday you'll get shiney yarn. I hand-fed my sheep when I did that Idk if you'll get the shiney wool if u just make sure it ewats by itself.
Shiny Wool
When you finally get Shiny wool from your sheep do turn it into yarn but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT Color it Because then the price goes down! Hope that helped!

~ Annoyed with Alex ~
ship out blue farms or whatever its called...
if you buy alot of stuff and have no room for it like i did...u can throw it into the shipping box to get some cash back i dont know if u get a full refund but still,easy small cash!
Smart land choices
ifr you are starting a game and want to pick the smartest land, start by buying the small town area. plot your house there (note this is temporary) once you have enough money for a barn, buy the ocean land and plot it there. as you should do for the chicken coop, windmill, etc, do this because there is more room. river side and town square are not nearly enough room for animals. once you are ready to buy a level three house and get married buy it and buy river side. plot the second house by the river for fishing resources and easy market. by plotting a second house you get a musical note. demolish the first house in flower bud square. and hoe it for crops. you now have tons of room for animals, decent amount for family and resources, and small area for growing and shipping crops!
Some good ol' winter money.
Season: Winter
Day: Any without a blizzard
Items needed: goddess Hammer, 15 item rucksack, Hoe, food (Cake, or an Omlette).
Where: Frozen Lake Mine.
Why is this here?: To make big bux (went from 41k to 49k in one day).
*Animals needed: 3 chickens, 1-2 cows, *a sheep who hasnt been shaved yet and will give shiny wool (its random but still... also you'd need a yarn maker no dye pot though...).

*not needed, i just got an extra 1k from my animals (didnt use the sheep but if shiny wool and followed as it says (aka turning the shiny wool or any wool into yarn) shiny wool will give like $2400)

Ok, first go and pick up any orders in the upgrade shop, talk to any ppl that you need to talk to, and/or take care of your animals (recomended). After that go home and exchange you tools that you have for the goddess hammer and your hoe. Then hurry to the lake mine, make sure you only have atleast 1 thing of like cake or omlette or whatever in your rucksack. Go in the mine, try the hold Z trick (hold Z and it MAY increase your chance of falling) until level 50, its ALL diamonds there, you'll get like 8 or 9. Make sure you DONT fall until ALL of the rocks are smashed and ALL of the diamonds are taken, now go down, after that try and find more diamonds you fill your rucksack, remember ONLY diamonds, if needed eat your food, and if you charge your goddess hammer around alot of rocks you'll have more of a chance to get diamonds. once you have 13 diamonds (2 spaces for tools, and not holding another diamond, its recomended to eat your food)you may go and sell it all, make sure you did not pass out, if done right you'll end up with 6500 G!!! If done every day... you'll end up with 195,000 G by the end of winter!
some mining tips
1) There is a very good mining spot in the first mine on floor 44, I know it takes time to get there but almost every rock has either rare ore or an amythest. Amythests are worth 220 gold or they make a great gift.

2) Tim will meet you if you make it all the way down to the bottom of moonlight mine and give you a free power berry.

3) After you get the power berry from tim you automatically go back up to the surface, but on your second visit to the bottom you can dig up lots of money w/ your hoe.
Some of the musical notes
Make your first meal 4 a note.

Get married 2 get a note.

Ship a dyed piece of yarn.

Faint for the first time.

Having a baby. (u or your wife)

For now this is all I remember I'll post more later
Special Milk
When you get the Special Milk, keep it. The next day show it to your cow. Make sure your cow sees the milk. Then, milk your cow. You should get the Special Milk for about 3-6 days. Every Special Milk can be shipped for 400g. I hope this raises your profit!
Spring farm secret!
Have you ever wondered why the Spring Farm and Jamie's ranch always have sprouts of plants before you do? Well here's how you can have early sprouts as well! First, in one year, save up seeds for both summer snd fall. (This doesn't work for spring.) Then the next year, while it's the last day of spring, use your sickle to chop off your spring plants then replace them with summer seeds. Water them. The next day, you should have sprouts grown in the first day of summer! Do the same for fall.
After it rains or their is a typhoon. Go to the Island were you have to ride the Dolphin. By the way to ride the dolphin you need one heart for it. Ok now throw your fishing rod really far and let a fish bite it. If you keep pushing X for a really long time it's probably a prince squid. Squids are worth 1000g. WARNING only works after it rais or their is a typhoon.
Stay out late
if you're out late and you wanna go home just pause the game by pressing y and press z.
Stay Up Forever!
All you need is the cooking pot, some green herbs and regular eggs!

This is really simple. Your character will stay up forever with NO sleep! You'll be able to get all your chores done with plenty of free time to fish, mine and get to know the townspeople!

If your stamina gets low and your character is feeling drowsy do this:

1) eat one or two boiled eggs (boil them in your cooking pot) - just until the green in your stamina bar gets about 3/4 full.

2) then drink the herb tea. (Make the herb tea using your cooking pot.)

Your stamina should be full strength. It will last a long time too! Repeat when necessary (when your stamina bar gets low and you're drowsy again).

WARNING: DON'T drink the tea if you haven't eaten FIRST! The healing powers of the tea won't work unless you eat first!

I've tried this out and my character has been up for a solid "game" week with NO sleep!! I keep a supply of herb tea and boiled eggs in my fridge.
Stuff you can ship! :D
Having trouble getting money? Here's some stuff to sell that you probably would never have guessed (trust me, I sold this stuff plus what I usually sell and I got a lot):

Hope this helps!
Super Chef Note
2 get this note, you have to own enough utencils to make at least 50 different dishes. Just buy pot and frying pan.
Thanks for the contributions, and I guess this isn't really that helpful, but please read it, okay?
I know that people are saying this a lot, but I recommend that if you want to marry Alex, do not ship any herbs before the actual marriage takes place. I do not agree when you say that it's easy to win Alex's heart. It IS difficult, believe it or not. Thank you for adding advice to the page. It will be a lot easier now.
My little sister deleted my Harvest Moon game, so I had to start again, but I have made good progress.

Even though the game booklet suggests building a chicken coop to start your business, I'm trying to start with a barn. I think that it will help me make money faster, considering the tips that you wrote telling of how horses can make a lot of money.
Thank you all for contributing to this tip page. I'm sure that it will help me do well in various things in the game. I'm eleven and I love Harvest Moon!

The Bow-wow Note
In order to get the bow-wow note you have to feed,brush,and pick up your dog every single day and when you have 3-4 hearts you will get the note.Make shure you do this every single day or else you'll lose a heart and it will take longer to get the bow-wow note.
The Full Story on Bell Pepper "Cheat"
To do this cheat, you need:
- Rucksack (empty)
- Frying pan
- Refrigerator (optional)

The basic idea behind this "cheat" is that Spring Farm (the farm that sells seeds and trees) sell bell peppers year around and you can make a profit by making bell peppers into Fried Veggies. Fried Veggies always sell for 310 g.

However what season it is makes the glitch more or less profitable.

(310 g x number of peppers) - (135g x number of peppers) = Profit

(310 g x number of peppers) - (145g x number of peppers) = Profit

Fall if you grew your own bell peppers
(310 g x number of peppers) - (.8 g x number of peppers) = Profit

Fall if you bought the bell peppers
(310 g x number of peppers) - (110g x number of peppers) = Profit

(310 g x number of peppers) - (120g x number of peppers) = Profit

So let's say I got have a normal fridge that can hold 36 items and I empty level 3 rucksack that hold 15 items. That means I hold 51 bell peppers at one time.

(310 g x 51) - (135g x 51) = Profit
15810g - 6885g = 8925 g

(310 g x 51) - (145g x 51) = Profit
15810g - 7395g = 8415 g

Fall (if you grew your bell peppers)
(310 g x number of peppers) - (.8 g x number of peppers) = Profit
15810g - 40.8 = 15769g

(310 g x 51) - (110g x 51) = Profit
15810g - 5610 = 10200g

(310 g x number of peppers) - (120g x number of peppers) = Profit
15810g - 6120 = 9690 g

So of course the most profitable way is you grow your own bell peppers in fall; followed by buying them in fall. The least profitable seasons are Summer and Spring.

Please note that cheat is very time consuming and boring. And while time (in game) doesn't pass while you cook it will if you ship your items in the outside shipping bin.
the goods and bads
Here are some goods and bads of land
Goods:BIG space, close to good fishing, and good for placing barns and coops.
Bads:REALLY bad soil, so you'll need fertilizer (ship 10 limestone), far from the harvest goddess, and a ways away from stores(although it is close to the smith)
Goods:Close to amagos(fish that sell for a lot), good soil, close to civilization, isn't that far from the goddess, and is close to the square.
Bads:Not very much room for a big house, or anything else. SMALL space.
The other place that I can't remember(sorry!)
goods:Pretty good space. medium soil. could fit a few things in there. good for crops. And it's pretty much in the middle of the town.
Bads:If you want perfect quality crops, then not such a good place to grow them(even though you could just use fertilizer), far from the goddess, and you can't fit a lv.5 house with other things like a barn and crops in that space.
There is other land you could buy, but then I'd have a huge list.....ehehe.......
The Guys That I Like!
If you're trying to marry Alex, you'll have to give him things such as herbs, Blowfish Sashimi (hoped I spelled it right), other dishes, and crops. If you faint, Alex will get a little mad or even lose a heart!!! On Wednesday you'll find him near the lake or near the river by the Blue Sky Ranch. By the way, he really wants to find a wife.

If you're trying to marry Ray, you'll have to give things such as fish, any kind of fish, either fried, salted, made into a dish or even just freash out of the water. Later in the game, he will give you a copper fishing rod at Lake Cave.

If you're trying to marry Louis, you'll have to be very generous giving stuff to him like crops, crystals, and fish. You'll first meet him at the Moonlight Beach: Fireworks Festival, and he lives at the Junk Shop (but he's never there).
The King Fishies!
Hey peeps, my first post. Umm, there are 4 "king" fish which take a long time to reel in, and I'm gonna tell you all 4.

Huchen: Sorry if I am spelling the fish wrong, but in Spring or Summer (I don't know if he appears in Fall) but after a rain or a typhoon, usually rain, go to Sunny Lake. Try to fish there, and if a fish is taking a long time to reel, it's the Huchen. My smallest Huchen is 61cm and my biggest is 1m 68cm.

Jamasquid: Only available in Winter, as you can only go to Lake Cave in Winter. You might want to bring a fishing rod to catch it, a hammer (so you can go IN the cave ) and probably a hoe (Since near level 80 and beyond, the floor cracks cannot be trusted and have a 60% chance of sending you up a few levels.) This is an odd fish, it is black with red eyes. It also has a wierd head of red, yellow, green, and black stripes on its head. I have only caught it once (it's HARD getting down there) and I caught it at 1m 48cm. This is an annoying place since it is the only fish down there, and once you catch it, it does not regenerate.

Squid Prince: I am just gonna call him "prince" here. I have heard he appears in Winter, but have had no success in the cold. He DEFINATELY appears in Summer, and only at the Island. Take the dolphin to fish for prince here. Prince only appears after rain or, more often, after a typhoon. I have caught him at a good size of 1m 89cm.

Boot (Right): Okay, not really a fish, but it is the final king. It can be caught year-round,at the Island or the river,or anywhere you can fish. It is odd since it is a piece of garbage, so it contributes to the Rubber Boots Note. I have caught 27 of them (lol),and yet it says "size: 0cm", which makes no sense since boots are like mabye 30 cm in real life. It does tug hard, like the other kings do, but cannot be shipped.

Well, I hope I have helped you guys fish for Kings. Peace Peeps!
The location of Lake Cave
I know I was confused about where Lake Cave was when I started the game. It is NOT the cave near Jaime's Ranch. You can enter Lake Cave in the winter, when Sunny Lake freezes and you can walk over it. It is located right in the middle of the lake. Make sure you bring a hammer and sweet food (they give you the most energy when you stamina is low).
The secret hole
I was in the Moonlight mine, using my hoe, looking for good clay to give to Saibara, on the second floor. I found some clay and I also found a hole which offered to descend me to the next floor. It helps when you want to go further down rather than going upwards.
Time out
Try take a season each year to take a time out and concentrate on other goals, such as raising the hearts of villagers or on increasing the stars on your horse. My season is winter, I am trying to get the notes of the villagers for the items you get.

Remember: Don't take "Time Out" to the extreame, still concentrate on your animals and raising money, just slow down the pace and concentrate on having fun!
Tips for beginners and up
well if u have ever played animal crossing or harvest moon (others( then you have a good start. so here are some tips for beginners:
fishing: its a combination from animal crossing and harvest moon a wonderful life. the worst mistake you can make is forgetting to press X when you have a bite. Wrong: pressing a over and over while thinking:hm. i wonder why i cant catch it. well fish must hate me. la di da! no. that is stupid. remember: your X is your A

island: at the island all there is to do is fish!
blow fish: 3g
tuna: 300g
prince squid: 1,000g
snapper: 150g
bonito: im pretty sure 35g
well lots more i dont remember but most arent worth much.

Doctor: if you are gonna marry Alex, give him herbs as presents. He will be very happy.

Other: sometimes someone wont be in your game. Ray is not in my game and im in summer 27 year 1. sometimes its good, or sometimes bad.

Okay, so I've been reading through alot of websites that have cheats to let you know what the characters like, and I haven't found anyone say this one. Once, I decided to give Jamie a tomato and he (I'm playing as a girl) absolutely LOVED it. He said something about trying to flatter him? I don't know. But I kept giving him tomatoes and I got up to 2 hearts in just a few weeks durring the summer. Hope that helps!!!

~Lady Kathrine Rose~
Training points on your horse
All you need to do to get training points on your horse is this: get on your horse and go by a wall or something that if you run into it you won't get anywhere , then you take the joystick and get a book or something and push it up against a wall (make sure its pushing the joystick so then you and your horse are riding into a wall) next you can leave it like that and walk away from it.

Note: if your away from it to long it will go to 6am and you'll be in your house and your horse will be where you left it.

Hope you understand what i mean and i hope it helps!!!
Training your Horse
It can be very hard to get your horse to max. stars. What I did, was build a separate rectangle out of stakes, three wide, and maybe 5 long. It was pretty small. I'd move the stake in front, lead the horse I wanted to train in, put stake back, jump into fenced area, and ride the horse. I just kept pushing forward, so the horse ran against the stakes. It's a lot faster than going around town and having the possibility that you hit something and slow down.
Hoe a 2x2 or 3x3 square, plant the tree on the middle of the 3x3 and the top left of the 2x2.

If you plant them on public property, the affection of every one in town increases slightly.
In the summer typhoons will happen so you can't go outside. You can either sleep the day away or gain hearts from your animals. Hopefuly, If your dog/pig hasn't eaten yet, you have some food in your fridge. Give food to them, and then just spend the day picking them up. Just until your energy bar is empty, go to bed. The next day you should be able to go outside.
( Note: If you have crops or grass or flowers growing there is a high chance some of them will be gone. It happened to me.
Hope I helped! ^o^
Unlockable shops:
Ship ores(rare if possible)until he shows up.
you can craft jewelry and upgrade tools here.

Cafe Callaway:
The Cafe Callaway will be open one month after
you meet Carl and Eve.Various sweets are sold here.

Heartly Lyla:
Ship gift items(Clay,flowers,blue berries).

Moonlight Cafe:
Opens in summer after meeting Duke.

Atelier Saibara(clay shop):
Ship a load of good clay.

paradise Orchard:
Plant one grape tree after meeting Ronalnd and Dan.

Perch Inn:
Opens in summer after meeting Doug.

Ship 30 herbs and have Alex with at least
1 heart.

Good luck
Wake Up Your Spouse
If you're married, you'll have the double bed. At around midnight, walk into your house to find your spouse sleeping. Get out any of your tools, (axe, hammer, or hoe) and go to the foot of the bed and face your spouse. Use your tool and hit him/her and he'll/she'll be wide awake. But beware, you might lose a heart by doing this.
Walking through time
Okay, I looked on every cheat site i could find but nobody posted this. If you are getting bored of walking around town then just stay at home. Since time dosent pass while you're inside a building then all you need to do is walk towards the wall. Just put the pedometer in your rucksack and lock the anolog so your person walks by themselves. Now just leave the television for about a half hour to forty five minutes and when you go back you should see your person holding a note. [p.s.] This frees up space so you can carry more stuff!!
Ways to beat Jamie
1. Sell all of your animals produce, and make them into cheese, butter, or mayonaise.
2. Harvest your crops, plant new seeds and water them (gardening).
3. Jamie always beats me at other shipping, as he/she goes fishing or mining everyday. So try and squeeze in some mining or fishing into your Schedule to beat Jamie at least 51 (your score) to 49 (Jamie's score).

Hope I helped!
Win Alex's and Joe's Heart Uber Quick
Buy a frying pan then put spinach then butter in the pan. This will make Spinach Saute. Give this to Alex and hearts will appear over his head. After like 5 of the dishes a heart will appear. Trust me it works. I used this method and I married him! Don't just give him herbs, it will take a long time for hearts to appear.

Go fishing off the beach, you know the one by the craftsmen shop. Catch a flounder and boil it in a pot or oven and give it to Joe. He Loves it!
Win Alex's heart and more money on herbs
Give him coral. I'm not really sure why but he likes corral just as good as and herb. Besides
you can use the herbs to dye your yarn
(requires an adult sheep and yarn maker)
different colors. Coloring yarn makes it worth more money. But NEVER, I repeat, NEVER dye special
yarn or it will lose value. I found the out the hard way.
Winter Money EASY!
In Winter time the lake where you meet Ray,Basil, and Terry at will freeze.Go into the mine over there and go down to the 70 - 80 floors and hit the crystals.If a sapphire or emerald appears leave it!Go only for Rubies and Diamonds!Rubies are worth 350G and Diamonds go for 500G!You could get rich QUICK!Also you can beat Jamie EASILY if you keep them in your cabinet.So keep note of that!
woldlonely musicsheet
in order to get it you have to not talk to anyone and work in silence..after wards it'll say you got the lone wolf musicsheet.^^
When you take care of your sheep and brush them regularly, they will give you shiny wool. Make this into yarn. Do NOT dye it, that will decrease the price by HALF! Hope this tip helps you.
Yarn for double
Hi this id a easy tip/cheat i found on my self.When you have a sheep,and you treat it well it give's really good special yarn right?..Now dont even think about dyeing that special yarn!If you dye it,it will turn regular and will only sell for half the price of special!So right when you make that yarn...Put it in the shipment container and earn......2400 for that special (none dyed)Yarn!
The regular would only sell for about 1200 for it but..dont you want double the price?Well this tip is for you!
Hope this helps
You like Blue?
If you want Blue then try to talk to him
everyday. If he's at BlueSky Ranch and around town then give whatever you have in you pocket.
Blue almost takes anything and stays happy.
If Blue doesn't like you at first, give him a chance, that's his personality
You like Carl or Katie?
If you like Carl or Katie then talk to them everyday and give them eggs or stuff that are sweet.


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Getting Items Out At Festials
Okay press the X button Get any item out(Food,Tools,Other,)at a festial,
and when you do you can give people stuff at the festial!
Preety cool right? Normaly you press the X button and it doesn't let you.
That's not fair!
Note:You should save before doing this,because I took out my
Fishing pole and I casted it and the game frooze.DON'T CAST YOUR FISHING POLE!
Vanishing Cow
You just need the reins, a barn and a cow. Take the cow outside, any day except rainy and take your cow to the shipping box. Keep using the reins and walk past the box with it south of you. If done correctly the cow will float for a brief moment before sinking into the ground and disappears from the radar. Go inside the barn to find the cow inside, perfectly fine.


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Okay this is hard but easy all you need to do is go to moonlight cave And keep Going on the cracks until you get to Level 50 then kill the rocks and BAM
5 music notes
First Step Note
Received when you got your pedometer.

First Shipping Note
Received with your first shipping box shipment.

10,000 Steps Note
Received after 10,000 Steps with your pedometer.

Cooking Note
Received when you made your first food.
Cooking for the first time.

Island Note
Received when you went to the Island for the first time.
A bit of Fishy Money (tuna Steak recipe)
I find that in the summer if you go to the island and catch some Tuna then cook them in the frying pan you make Tuna Steak which sells for 450G.
a cheap chicken
after you buy a chicken coop you go to the blue sky ranch and buy a good egg and put it in 6the incubatoran in about 6-10 days you will have baby - chick
A Farming Plan
In this game, unlike Harvest Moon: AWL and AnWL you don't start out with a barn or anything right? Well this gives you the chance to choose something. Do you want a animal farm, or a crop farm. Or sometimes, both! I have both and I only live at Riverside. Surely you don't think I could fit such big things in a small size, of course not! I bought the land in Ocean Side and I grow all of my crops there. The land isn't fertile so I had to use fertilizer. I don't want to go off topic so let's continue. If you have an animal farm you get to enter contests and that is how you retrieve some notes. But if you have a crop farm, you may get more money depending on how many crops you grow. It's tough to use both but then you get to fully enjoy the game, it's your choice!
a few notes
Poor Note
Received for having 100G or less in the morning.

Lucky Note
Received for finding more than 1000G from coins.

High Spirit Note
Received for drinking soda 10 times or more.

Birth of Life Note
The first baby animal is born!

Owner of Mother Earth Note
Received for owning 10 or more divisions.
Be sure to mary Alex before you start shipping herbs. I'm just sharing advice I've been given. Gina might arrive and steal him! I think he's hard to become friends with, even though you might not think so. I'm not very far so I don't know much about the game, but I know this much because of your tips. Thanks! I a Harvest Moon fanatic!
ALL ABOUT CARL!!!(the sweetiest guy in the game!)
Birthdate:Fall 16th
Likes:Chestnuts,milk,butter,eggs,herbs,herb tea,yams,honey,Pies,cakes,etc;HE LOVES SWEET THINGS
Dislikes:Toadstools,weeds,stakes etc.
Works:Cafe Calliway
lives:Cafe Calliway(AAND MY HOUSE) hehe
First seen:Spring 5th to ask you to ship an egg
Pontianl mate:Ellen
Where he is Before Cafe calliway opens:the bar
Where he is on his days off:Around blue sky ranch
and around town square

An easy and cheap way to win alex's heart
One thing that Alex loves ic coral all you have to do is go to the beach and pickup some coral and give it to him. Tadaaa!!
Animal love
If you pick up the wild animals, the dog and, the pig and they will earn hearts!
Another easy note
Another easy note to get is the 50 whistles with your fingers. Go inside a house and blow 50 times, doesn\'t matter if your dog is near, and you\'ll get another easy note!
Awsome Money!
Okay, so u know about the winter cave right? Well if u bring the hoe with you u could get past the 10 floor and get tons of money! U know u usually go down at least two floors right? Well instead of trying to get down this way u could go down by going down to the second floor and use the hoe. u will get down to level 3. After this u go down like u would normaly. After u get past floor 10 then start mining. Happy mining!!!!!
Cheap Chickens!
Well when you first get started you won't have very much money. But when you get enough money to buy a chicken coop then your next thought is to buy a chicken. Stop what your doing because you can have a chicken for a lot less then 1,500G all you have to do is buy an egg from the animal guy and then stick it in the incubator in about 6 doys you will have a baby chick and you only 1/10 of what you normally would. Hope this helped. Sphinx
Clam Crazy!!!
When u start the game, your downright poor. But in the Spring, Summer, & Fall, grab your hoe and go to the beach. Now, see were the tide comes up? Dig there and your bound to find tons of clams. But only dig in the southest part ofthe beach, on the right side of the gigantic rock, thats were I find all mine. They sell for 80 G. If you have a default rucksack, you can only bring home 5 at a time. Thats about 400 G. When you make the trip 3 times a day, you make 1,200 G. Eazy Cash in 3 seasons. Can also be made into dishes. Hope it helped tons.
~A. Mamakos
Da Notes
Social Craftsman Note
Received when Joe gives you a present. (Dace) (Coral Brooch at 5 hearts:

Cool Craftsman Note
Received when Kurt gives you a present. (Red herb) (Aquamarine Brooch at 5

Doctor Note
Received when the Doctor gives you a present. (Purple herb) (Potion at 5

Patissier Note
Received when Carl gives you a present. (Pudding: 390G) (Chestnut Pie at 5
hearts: 900G)

Master Pick-Up Artist Note
Received when Dan gives you a present. (Apple Soda: 740G) (Grape Soda at 5

Fisherman Note
Received when Ray gives you a present. (Amago) (Salmon Meuniere at 5
hearts: 610G)

Traveler Note
Received when Basil gives you a present. (Limestone) (Orange Heart Perfume
at 5 hearts: 460G)

Male Note
Received when Bob gives you a present. (Good Egg) (Topaz Brooch at 5 hearts)

Shy Guy Note
Received when Louis gives you a present. (Silver Ore) (Caffeine at 5 hearts)

Meek Heart Note
Received when Jamie gives you a present. (Go to the Harvest Goddess when you
have all other Notes.)
Dolphin Is Usful!!!!!
If you become friends with the Dolphin(give it fish)so when you have two hearts with it, it will take you to an island with GREAT fishing! Go to island for a musical note.

Hope I helped!!!!

Easy goddess tools!!
After unlockingthe blacksmith, go into Moonlight cave and get yourself a Rare Ore. (dont worry, it's very common around the 10th floor) After you have a Rare ore, get one of your tools that is ready to turn into a goodess tool(the little bar under the descirption tells you if it is ready) Then, take your tool, and the rare ore to the blacksmith, talk to and say 'tool upgrade' then, pick the tool you'd like to upgrade. chose goddess(make sure you have your rae ore in your pocket) the price would be 4000 g's. It takes bout 5 days to finish. At the junk shop they'are 48000 g's! You just saved 44000 g's!!!
Easy Income
Ok, there are two ways that you can make easy income. First, collect coral from the beach, then give it to the blacksmith and tell him to make you a coral ring. Wait two days afterward, and you will get the ring. Ship it, and you will make about a 500 gold profit. The second way is to buy a bell pepper from Spring Farm. They cost about 120 gold for one. If you have a frying pan, cook the bell pepper, then ship it. You will make a 200 gold profit. You can repeat these processes until you are satisfied.
Easy Money
You have to have the hammer nothing else in your rucksack. You go to the Moonlight Mine and just hammer the crystals not the rocks. I found that level 2 and 4 or most of the floors that ends in 2 or 4 have a lot of crystals. The crystals usually have gold (sell for 150g), copper (sell for 50g), silver (sell for 100g), or moon stone (sell for 50g). If you have the rucksack that has 10 slots I usually got about 500g. I could some times do it about 3 times each day.
Easy Note
This is really easy just stand in one spot go do something else like look up cheats lolz or something and eventually you will get a note
Easy shipping note
An easy shipping note is to grab a log and ship it. It is the easyest note in the game!
Even more tips:
Ok, heres some more. Here are the couples (so, if you marry ray, then maria is your rival)

Ray and Maria
Kurt and Dia
Blue and Ann
Bob and Gwen
Basil and Nina
Carl and Ellen
Alex and Gina
Dan and Eve
Joe and Katie
Bob and Gwen
Louis and Lyla

After you get married, give your spouse a present every day for 20 days. On the 20th day, exit and enter your house and you/ your wife will be sick. Then you will be at the hostpital, and alex will tell you/your husband that your/ your wife is pregnant. If your married to alex, he will tell youu. After 60 days the baby is born. (2 seasons)

The last note you get you will have to go to the harvest goddess springs and then you will get the meek heart note. And, you only need 50 notes to save her anyway. DONT MARRY JAMIE! I havnt married jamie but I heard that i f you do, the game will end. Oh, and please clear out your ruckshack when you have about 20-30 notes or something, the levle 3 house with double bed, and 8 hearts with the person your gonna marry. If you get the blue feather with full pockets, sleep and then go back to the mountain. Empty your pockets out of coures. Then propose after you get it. If the next day is a holiday, you will be married the next day after that. Otherwise, you get married the day after proposal.
To get feterlizer just go to the Lake Cave at lv.45 and every thing is feterlizer stone get 10 of them.
If u want more than alot of food, here's how, u first catch alot of fish then u cook all u can cook then u put it in ur fridge! Now if u get hungry or ur child does just take it out and eat!
Here's a tip on how to unlock one of these animals in MM. When i rains go to the village square. There you'll see a frog hopinng around pick it up make friends with it. You'll see in the friend chart the frog isn't up there. But you can be friends with it

I know it's kinda usless but ya there you go
Gems and money
Look go into the caves durning the winter season and dig up as many gems as you can before 6:00 pm. Take one of them to blacksmith and get him to make them into a assoroy. Do this through out the season and you'll make lots of money the whole time.
Get 2nd cow for less money!!!!!!!
Goto bluesky ranch (i forgot the name ) get the mircal (how do you spell that) potion for 1thousand give it to your cow!
then you save 2 thouasand more!!!
~Hope this helps!~
Getn' Anyone
If you don't have anything your future Husbend or Wife would like or love to be given, just like animals, give them food and they'll love it! But only give them one thing a day or else it'll be hard to win his or her heart.

I hope I could help and be nice to The Harvest Goddess!
Getting to Level 100 without pains
The way to get down to level 100 is to use the cracks. If you hold ( Z ) down you'll have a better chance of getting a ! . When you get to level 80 or so run around and look really closely for light shinning through small slits in the ground. hoe the ground and use the stairs.
Having 1 land for your whole farm(no trees)(can have plants too!)
Take the ocean land and put your house at the bottom right of the territory.
After that get a chicken coop and put it to the very left of the house.
Put your barn to the upper right corner of the farm.
Hoe the land to the very top left to plant crops.(get the fertilizer first)(fertilizer=10 shipped limestone)
then plant grass around the barn.you can decide if you want a fence or not.best to have one since your animals could lose hearts if you water your plants near them.

and there farm on one land.
to get the first heart for your man or woman of your dreams, you give them three things they love and that will give him or her one heart!
Henry Helper!
OK I have had this problem ok. I had 10 hearts with Henry and went into the Wilderness and no movie triggered about the painting. So then I began to get mad because Henry wasn't giving me the picture so I can get the art note. So then I started to befriend Theodore and I already had 3 hearts with his daughter Maria. Then when I got three hearts with Theodore I went into the Wilderness. The movie with Henry triggered now I am getting the painting. So if you had this problem with Henry what you have to do is: Get 10 hearts with Henry or maybe 4-10 hearts. Then get 3 hearts with Maria and Theodore. Then you get the painting! I guess Henry isn't dumb and washed up like Saibara after all!!! YAAAA I get the art note.
horse gets 10 stars in 10-11 days
this is easier if u live near the ocean...Ok

1:feed your horse and other animals(just leave them outside)

2:get on your horse and go to the shop where you buy seeds and other stuff(forgot the name).

3run on the road around the shop farm for 10-11 days and you'll get the 10 stars easy!

make sure you can ride your horse!
how 2 get ppl who left back and how 2 get shops
Gwen: ship 10 fish and 20 home grown crops
Katie and Carl: Ship 10 home made Mayonase, 10 milk, 10 cheese, 5 green herbs
Ray: Ship about 20 fish for 3 days everyday.
Basil: Ship 30 herbs and 10 flowers
Lyla: Ship 20 flowers in a week
Louis: ship 20 fish
Flower bud Library! Opens: Spring 1 Year 1
Perch Inn! Meet Doug at Spring Horse race, shop opens Summer 1
Moonlight Cafe: Meet Duke at horse race in spring and he opens up summer 1 too
Cafe Callaway: Meet Eve at Moonlight Cafe and meet Carl Spring 8 he asks u 2 ship a egg. and fall 1 it opens/ he works 4 duke when waiting.
Hearty Lyla: meet lyla at flower fest and ship gift items
Paradice Orchard: Plant a grape tree!


How do you get money
If you change it to Winter go into Mount Moon
Smash the rock and if you see a white rock
it will have money in it
how to get a pig
When you get a barn you will get a piggy from a big man that is trying to eat it.
How to get your barn animals grown up.
Make sure you have a brush, fodder, bell, and fence around your "area". Everyday, press A by your animal and brush it and give it directly give it fodder. Ring the bell and your animal(s) will go outside. Keep it out there for a couple hours (Harvest Moon hours). Then ring the bell so it/they go inside. Do this for a couple days and It will have one heart. The next day it should be grown up. HOPE THIS HELPS! =]
How to water more in one time
If you hold down the x button when holding the water and wait till our face is red you can water crops that are 3x3
I like notes
Moon Viewing Note
Received for attending the Moon Festival.

Harvest Note
Received for attending the Harvest Festival.

Pumpkin Note
Received for attending the Pumpkin Festival.

Flame Note
Received for attending the Firefly Festival.

Popular Note
Received for receiving 5 cakes at Thanksgiving.
It's snowing! Yay! ....In you rucksack?!?! o_0
Put a rock or stake (doesn't matter if it's old or not) in your rucksack on the day of the pumpkin festival. (A.K.A. last day of fall) Check your rucksack on the first day of winter...the stake or rock will be covered in snow, even though it wasn't outside!!! Old man winter dropped a blanket in your rucksack!
Kurt and other friendship hearts
Okay so guess what?Kurt likes WOOD!Omg who would've guessed?Yes so since we know this now there is an easy way to get hearts for him and you have nothing to lose,kinda.Give him branches.If you are addicted to wood and just have to have all the wood in the village and you need to chop every branch you see to make stakes then you could give Kurt other things like ores. Also here are some other people heart cheat type things....
Alex:Herbs,Turnips,Dairy Products
Jamie:Jams,Dairy foods,herbs

Those are some....so yea xD
Lake Cave

If you're looking for a certain jewel follow this key.

45-not sure
Lake cave each level stairs
Rather than being subjected to the random cracks in the mines, you can use your hoe to find the stairs to the next floor. By running, you will be able to see a faint light on two sides of the square that conceals the stairway. You only will see it if you are in motion. Use your hoe to uncover the stairs. It usually but not always will be within three squares of the stairway that will return you to the ground floor.
Lone Wolf
when u wake up in the morning dont talk to anyone all day and the next morning u get a lone wolf note.
lots of money easy
first get an egg at the blue ranch farm
second make it hatch (you have to have a chicken coop)wait till it grows up and sell it keep doing
and it all comes from one egg the adault chicken
should keep laying eggs.
Lovin' the Notes
Explosive Girl Note
Received when Ann gives you a present. (Good Clay)

Apron Girl Note
Received when Ellen gives you a present. (Char Sashimi: 100G)

Talented Girl Note
Received when Maria gives you a present. (Pickled Cabbage)

Night Moon Note
Received when Eve gives you a present. (Very Berry Soda)

Girl with Glasses Note
Received when Gina gives you a present. (Milkshake)

Princess Note
Received when Dia gives you a present. (Blueberries)

Waitress Note
Received when Katie gives you a present. (Yogurt: 540G)

Ponytail Note
Received when Gwen gives you a present. (Omelette: 620G)

Heartfelt Note
Received when Lyla gives you a present. (Wool)

Cowboy Note
Received when Blue gives you a present. (Milk: 140G) (Sapphire Brooch at
5 hearts)
Making fast money
Ok first get a chicken coop then buy an egg from blue sky ranch then put it in the inbucater wait 7days for it to hatch wehn it haches wait seven more days when all grown up it will lay egg buy a frying pan and a pot and you can make sunny side up and boild egg they sell for 160.
Making money in the kitchen.
All you need is a frying pan. Next buy tons of Bell Peppers at the Spring Farm, it cost about 110 gold. Then all you do is cook the Bell Peppers on the frying pan (Fried Veggies). Then sell the Fried Veggies. You will get 310, thats a 200 profit.
many of the notes
Snow Note
Received for working 10 hours straight in the snow.

Fodder Note
Received for cutting the grass 20 times.

Brushing Note
Received for grooming livestock 20 times.

Egg Note
Received for 10 eggs shipped.

Milking Note
Received for 10 milk units shipped.

Shearing Note
Received for 10 wool units shipped.

Dyeing Note
Received for 1 coloured yarn ball shipped.

Gem Note
Received for shipping any one gem.

Calling Animals Note
Received for ringing the cow bell 20 times.

Cultivation Note
Received for tilling 100 squares.
Marrying Kurt
Hi! My name is Haruto and I'm totally addicted to Magical Melody. (I have dreams about it ) Anyway, I decided I was going to marry Kurt. All I did was give him stakes. I also befriended Joe and Woody by giving them wood. (Tee hee ...) It was weird because my third upgrade was only 8000g not 11,000g. Anyway, I got married to him on Fall 11, Year 1. It was funny because in Winter Joe came to my house and said he liked me ^.^ I was like, "Sorry Joe, I'm married to your brother."
When you mine, you can go down levels. You will see cracks in the ground inside the mines. Walk over them and you will go down a level. You can go down 100 levels in the mine.
when you get a full grown cow you get milk so you get 200g for one good milk
Moonlight Cave
Go to the second lvl and use your hoe. Hoe the ground alot and you should see a weird lump. Pick it up, it is clay and you need to ship it to get the the clay artist person. Also, you can find the staircase that leads to the next sublevel if you hoe in the right spot. Hope I helped! - Mikaela the Cheat Girl

P.S. If you need more cheats or would like to tell me some, I have msn, and hotmail. they both are: theheartgirl@hotmail.com
More horses and lots of money
First off, you need a barn and a horse.

1: Treat the horse really well until it grows up.

2: Win with that horse at a horse race

3: buy a horse potion (for a baby) and give it to your horse.

4: wait until the baby is born and you'll have a new horse and a horse worth 50,000 G!
Musical note instruments
This cheat will tell you what each 5 notes play.

5 notes- marimba
10 notes- timpani
15 notes- harp
20 notes- piano
25 notes- violen
30 notes- cello
35 notes- flute
40 notes- acoustic guitar
45 notes- trumpet
50 notes- the whole orchestra plays!

Im sorry to say but after you find 50 notes, there are no more instruments!

Your cheat master, Cockatiel_Gal.

PS- At the 50 notes mark, you free the goddess!

PSS- even though theyre playing the credits, THE GAME IS NOT OVER!!!!! So dont even think about touching that power button, you still have 50 notes to go!
musical notes
A Stationary Note
Received for no Controller inputs for a long time.

Lone Wolf Note.
Received for not talking to any one all day.

Whistle Note
Received for finger whistling 50 times.

Limitation Note
Received for a zero strength.

Hustle-and-Bustle Note
Received after meeting 35 villagers.
Need money in the beginning of the game?
You know what's hard? The beginning of the game. So I have a couple of tips for you to get you started rich.
Your best friend is your fishing rod. If you go down towards where the river turns into an ocean, fish right below the bridge and catch lots of blowfish. Take them to your house and turn them into sashimi using the knife set which is already provided for you, and sell them. Do this alot, then once you have 1000G, I advise to buy a bigger rucksack.
While you're down there, catch fish like cureall or any not costly fish and give them to the dolphin, who is on the pier. Also wave at it everyday. Befriending the dolphin is a really good way to make money since once it reaches one heart, it will let you ride over to the island. I'll talk more about the island later.

Keep up the blowfish ritual (and dont forget to forage in the mountains or talk to the people daily!!) and once you have around 500g, buy a frying pan. A VERY easy way to make money is to buy a frying pan, go to the crop store and buy lots of bell peppers. Cook the bell peppers and turn them into fried veggies. Sell the fried veggies, it gives you about 200G more each time. Trust me, it helps alot.

Now, if you have been befriending the dolphin to 1 heart, and hopefully upgraded your rucksack, talk to the dolphin. It will give you the option to go to the island, and say yes. Now fish like crazy! Make sure to make a bonfire too. If you catch things such as squids and blowfish, make them into sashimi. Bonitos, on the other hand, cost more when tossed into the bonfire. FYI, if you're into befriending Ray, I advise to keep the yellowtails and cook them. Ray loves any form of yellowtails. Also, snappers are good for Alex and can be fried into grilled snapper, a food he adores.
Using these methods, I can guarentee you can make lots of money!
Book Note
Received for reading all the books.

Super Chef Note
Received for collecting 100 or more recipes.

Second House Note
Received for constructing a second home.

Expert Angler Note
Received for catching each type of fish.

Master Angler Note
Received for catching 100 or more fish.

Rubber Boots Note
Received for catching 10 pieces of garbage.

Wild Note
Received for a wild animal visiting your home.

Art Note
Received by getting a picture and an aging pot.

Very Rich Note
Received when you have more than 100,000G.

Flower Girl Note
Received when Nina gives you a present. (Honey)
note galore
Stork Note
Received for having a baby.

Baby is Born Note
Received for a baby being born.

You Can Walk Note
Received for your baby's first steps.

Spring Footsteps Note
Received for attending New Year Festival.

Egg Dish Note
Received for attending the Egg Festival.
Starlight Note
Received for attending the Starry Night Festival.

New Year's Sunrise Note
Received for seeing the first sunrise of the year.

Full Bloom Flowers Note
Received for shipping each type of flower and herb.

Treasure Hoard Note
Received for shipping each type of ore.

Animal Kingdom Note
Received for raising barn animals and a chicken.

Rock Climber Note
Received the first time you scaled Mt. Moon.

Underground Lake Note
Received at the 100th underground level.

Night Owl Note
Received for staying up until dawn.

Rain Note
Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the rain.

Sun Note
Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the sun.
notes, notes and more notes
Gardening Note
Received for five flowers blooming at once.

Forest Note
Received for planting one tree.

Destruction Note
Received for crushing stones, rocks, stakes, etc.

Diary Note
Received for 30 diary saves.

Cock-a-Doodle Doo Note
Received for winning the Chicken Contest.

Moo Note
Received for winning the Cow Contest.

Baa Note
Received for winning the Sheep Contest.

Horse Race Note
Received for winning the Horse Race.

Bow-Wow Note
Received for a dog friendliness level with 3 hearts.

Oink-Oink Note
Received for your first Truffle shipment.

Fire Prevention Note
Received for putting out your first fire.

Lost Child Note
Received for finding a lost child.

Mole-Whacking Note
Received for whacking 10 moles.

Bluebird Note
Received for getting a Blue Feather.

Wedding Day Note
Received for holding a wedding.
WARNING::: IF YOU DO THIS THEN MAKE SURE THAT IT IS THE TIME YOU WANT TO GO TO BED!!! THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS CHEAT IS TO HIT THE HAY THE Z BUTTON WAY. BELEIVE ME. ITS THE ONLY WAY OUT. Thats right folks! in harvest moon magical melody, there is a way to make your person, boy or girl, to go and walk off the entire map. All it does is makes you walk until you get bored. All you have to do is ride your horse to the gate in the east with the horse head on it. place your horse with its side against the gate, then get off. if done correctly, then you will jump halfway through the gate. move to the right, right through the gate. walk down the small path until you see the edge of it. Walk off the edge. WARNING::: IF YOU DO THIS THEN MAKE SURE THAT IT IS THE TIME YOU WANT TO GO TO BED!!! THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS CHEAT IS TO HIT THE HAY THE Z BUTTON WAY. BELEIVE ME. ITS THE ONLY WAY OUT. This trick makes you walk directly under the map. you will still hear sounds, and the map will still show the people but you can not leave unless you go to the menu and then to bed with Z. Hope this glitch works for you! Make sure you read the warning! Have a great cheat!
One CHEAP chicken!
Ok, here is a cheap chicken cheat that will make it easier to get a chicken without spending so much money. ~*WARNING*~ If you don't have a Chicken Coop, this cheat WILL NOT work!

First, on any day, but Thursday, head over to Blue Sky Ranch. Walk inside and talk to Hank(the dude at the counter) and buy a good egg.

Next, Run to your Chicken Coop. Go inside and walk over to the top right corner of the coop- or if you want the other way of saying this, the incubator- and take out the egg.

Last, Place the egg in the incubator and go do whatever you have to do. Feed your horses, etc.

This will take a while to hatch the egg. But, hey, it is worth it. Less money, easy chicken. You can do it the hard way, but this is easier! You can enter this Chicken in the Chicken Festival in winter too!
Recipe for Cheesecake
Note: It sells for 1080 gold a slice, so can earn you a tidy sum.



Veggie Salad: Cabbage, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Mayonnaise, Boiled Egg

Tomato Sandwich: Bread, Butter, Tomato, Mayonnaise

Egg Sandwich: Bread, Butter, Boiled Egg, Mayonnaise

Quesadilla: Tortilla, Tomato, Onion, Bell Pepper, Cheese

Amago Sashimi: Amago

Char Sashimi: Char

Rainbow Trout Sashimi: Rainbow Trout

Yamame Sashimi: Yamame

Salmon Sashimi: Salmon

Huchen Sashimi: Huchen

Snapper Sashimi: Snapper

Opaleye Sashimi: Opaleye

Shinapper Sashimi: Opaleye

Snadore Sashimi: Snadore

Bonito Sashimi: Bonito

Yellowtail Sashimi: Yellowtail

Tuna Sashimi: Tuna

Sardine Sashimi: Sardine

Halfbeck Sashimi: Halfbeck

Saury Sashimi: Saury

Halibut Sashimi: Halibut

Flounder Sashimi: Flounder

Maple Flounder Sashimi: Maple Flounder

Squid Sashimi: Squid

Nice Squid Sashimi: Squid Prince

Jamasquid Sashimi: Jamasquid

Lampsquid Sashimi: Lampsquid

Blowfish Sashimi: Blowfish
(Caution: This is poisonous.)

Chulowfish Sashimi: Chulowfish

Lobster Sashimi: Lobster

Shrimp Sashimi: Shrimp

Pie Dough: Breadfruit, Butter, Egg


Sunny-Side Up: Egg

Plain Omelet: Egg, Milk, Butter

Cheese Omelette: Egg, Milk, Butter, Cheese

Tomato Omelette: Egg, Milk, Butter, Tomato

Char Meuniere: Char, Breadfruit, Butter

Rainbow Trout Meuniere: Rainbow Trout, Breadfruit, Butter

Yamame Meuniere: Yamame, Breadfruit, Butter

Sardine Meuniere: Sardine, Breadfruit, Butter

Salmon Meuniere: Salmon, Breadfruit, Butter

Halibut Meuniere: Halibut, Breadfruit, Butter

Flounder Meuniere: Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter

Maple Flounder Meuniere:Maple Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter

Yellowtail Teriyaki: Yellowtail

Tuna Steak: Tuna

Grilled Clam: Butter, Clam

Steamed Clam: Grape Soda, Clam

Mushroom Saute: Butter, Mushroom

Truffle Saute: Butter, Truffle

Toadstool Saute: Toadstool, Butter

Spinach Saute: Butter, Spinach

Baked Potato: Butter, Potato

Fried Veggies: Cabbage, Onion, Bell Pepper, Spinach, Eggplant

Spicy Fried Veggies: Cayenne, Cabbage, Onion, Bell Pepper, Spinach, Eggplant

Popcorn: Corn

Tortilla: Corn, Milk

Pancake: Butter, Breadfruit, Milk, Egg, Honey

Boiled Egg: Egg

Hot Milk: Milk

Cocoa: Milk, Cocoa

Herb Tea: Green Herb

Potage Soup: Milk, Potato

Corn Soup: Milk, Corn

Tomato Soup: Milk, Tomato

Pumpkin Soup: Milk, Pumpkin

Mushroom Soup: Milk, Mushroom

Onion Soup: Butter, Onion, Bread, Cheese

Bouillabaisse: Tomato, Onion, Herb, Fish, Clam, Prawn
(Note: Prawn is Shrimp)

Stew: Milk, Butter, Breadfruit, Carrot, Onion, Potato

Cream Salmon: Milk, Butter, Breadfruit, Carrot, Onion, Salmon

Spicy Stew: Butter, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Cayenne

Stewed Pumpkin: Pumpkin

Stewed Potato: Potato

Stewed Yam: Yam

Boiled Spinach: Spinach

Stewed Eggplant: Eggplant

Stewed Flounder: Flounder

Stewed Yellowtail: Yellowtail

Stewed Snapper: Snapper

Miso Mackerel: Mackerel

Tomato Sardine: Sardine, Tomato, Herb

Tomato Squid: Squid, Tomato, Herb

Caramelised Amago: Amago x 2

Caramelised Smelt: Smelt x 2

Caramelised C. Carp: Crucian Carp x 2

Caramelised S. Carp: Silver Carp x 2

Strawberry Jam: Strawberry x 2

Very Berry Jam: Very Berry x 2

Blueberry Jam: Blueberry x 2

Marmalade: Orange x 2

Apple Jam: Apple x 2


Grilled Rainbow Trout: Rainbow Trout, Herb

Grilled Sardine: Sardine, Herb

Grilled Snapper: Snapper, Herb

Grilled Saury: Saury, Herb

Grilled Salmon: Salmon, Herb

Grilled Halibut: Halibut, Herb

Grilled Tuna: Tuna, Herb

Grilled Smelt: Smelt, Herb

Squid Teriyaki: Squid

Nice Squid Teriyaki: Squid Prince

Jamasquid Teriyaki: Jamasquid

Lampsquid Teriyaki: Lampsquid

Grilled Lobster: Lobster

Grilled Crawfish: Crawfish

Grilled Shrimp: Shrimp

Bread: Breadfruit, Butter, Egg

Corn Bread: Corn, Butter, Egg

Pizza: Pie Dough, Tomato, Cheese, Onion, Bell Pepper, Corn

Seafood Pizza: Pie Dough, Tomato, Cheese, Prawn, Clam, Squid

Potato Gratin: Butter, Cheese, Milk, Potato

Eggplant Gratin: Butter, Cheese, Eggplant, Tomato

Mushroom Gratin: Butter, Cheese, Milk, Mushroom

Seafood Gratin: Butter, Cheese, Milk, Prawn, Clam, Squid

Pudding: Milk, Egg

Cocoa Pudding: Milk, Egg, Cocoa

Pumpkin Pudding: Milk, Egg, Pumpkin

Cake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk

Cocoa Cake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Cocoa

Honey Cake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Honey

Orange Cake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Orange

Chestnut Cake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Chestnut

Cheesecake: Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Cheese

Apple Pie: Pie Dough, Egg, Apple

Pumpkin Pie: Pie Dough, Egg, Pumpkin

Chestnut Pie: Pie Dough, Egg, Chestnut

Yam Pie: Yam, Egg, Milk, Butter

Strawberry Milk: Strawberry, Milk

Milkshake: Egg, Milk

Very Berry Juice: Very Berry

Blueberry Juice: Blueberry

Orange Juice: Orange

Apple Juice: Apple

Grape Juice: Grape

Tomato Juice: Tomato

Veggie Juice: Carrot, Spinach

Grass Juice: Cabbage, Spinach, Green Herb, Bell Pepper

Pickled Turnip: Turnip

Pickled Cabbage: Cabbage

Pickled Eggplant: Eggplant

Grape Soda: Grape x 2

Apple Soda: Apple x 2

Very Berry Soda: Very Berry x 2

Yogurt: Milk x 2

Deviled Egg: Boiled Egg

Salted Amago: Amago

Salted Char: Char

Salted Rainbow Trout: Rainbow Trout

Salted Yamame: Yamame

Salted Dace: Dace

Salted Salmon: Salmon

Salted Huchen: Huchen

Salted Cureall: Cureall

Broiled Crucian Carp: Crucian Carp

Broiled Silver Carp: Silver Carp

Broiled Snapper: Snapper

Broiled Opaleye: Opaleye

Broiled Shinapper: Shinapper

Broiled Snadore: Snadore

Bonito Steak: Bonito

Broiled Mackerel: Mackerel

Broiled Yellowtail: Yellowtail

Salted Smelt: Smelt

Broiled Tuna: Tuna

Anchovy: Sardine

Salted Halfbeck: Halfbeck

Salted Saury: Saury

Broiled Halibut: Halibut

Broiled Flounder: Flounder

Broiled Maple Flounder: Maple Flounder

Broiled Squid: Squid

Broiled Nice Squid: Squid Prince

Broiled Jamasquid: Jamasquid

Broiled Lampsquid: Lampsquid

Broiled Blowfish: Blowfish

Broiled Chulowfish: Chulowfish

Broiled Lobster: Lobster

Broiled Crawfish: Crawfish

Broiled Shrimp: Shrimp

Broiled Clam: Clam

Baked Yam: Yam

Baked Chestnut: Chestnut

Baked Corn: Corn

Potion: Green Herb, Honey, Pontata Root

Caffeine: Milk, Cocoa, Cayenne

Stamina Drink: Red Herb, Pontata Root, Honey

Bravo Drink: Egg, Pontata Root, Honey, Purple Herb


Moon Balm: Moondrop Flower x 3

Green Balm: Green herb x 3

Pink Balm: Pink cat flower x 3

Purple Balm: Purple herb x 3

Orange Balm: Orange herb x 3

Blue Mist Balm: Blue Mist flower x 1
regain health
ok,if you save the harvest godess(50notes)go back to her if your health is low do not get 5 more notes or this will not work then go to her and she will regain your health!this beats eating food so now you can sell it!!!!
If you befriend other towns people they may reward you! But if you neglect them, they may leave. If you befriend Martha you can buy the last Rucksack. Befriend Saibara and you will potato gratin but befriend him even more and get the mixing pot. Befriend Henry and get furniture. If you grow close to the towns people you might view family events. But don't forget to befriend the animals. That is how you retrieve a note.
Ride a horse without a controller
When you put rocks in the shape of a triangle, it makes a "tredmil" so to speak. When you do that, ride into it and wrap the controller wire around the analog stick, so now you can walk away and get a soda or something. When you come back your horse will be pretty fast.
Rivals in love
Okay for this cheat I am going to give and example. Say my character was a boy, and he was going to marry Eve. His Rival would be Dan, here is a list of the couples:

Alex and Gina
Basil and Nina
Blue and Ann
Bob and Gwen
Carl and Ellen
Dan and Eve
Joe and Katie
Kurt and Dia
Louis and Lyla
Ray and Maria

Some of these people might not be in the village already, like in mine, I started a new one and i'm marrying Kurt and Dia's not in my town, WOOHOO! Anyways, hoped this helped!
Saving note
Save your game 30 times, just keep pressing \"Yes\", and you will get ANOTHER easy note! One of the easyest!
Saving the Harvest Goddess
As you collect more musical notes and create more instruments, the Harvest Goddess Spring will become more vibrant (more flowers, lights, etc.). Also, the Harvest Sprites will play a tune when you're all done that will wake the Harvest Goddess.
Smash lots of rocks all at once!
I just figured this one out! I really hope it helps! When you are about to smash a rock with your hammer, hold down the x button until you hear your character whine. Then, wait until the sparkles show up and then release it! Good luck! I'll post more later! Hope this works for everyone!!!
Some tips.
If your a girl, I suggest you marry Alex (hes so easy) All you have to do is give him any herb and give him toadstools and you can win his heart (dont ship any herbs) If your a boy, marry Ellen. Thats who my brother is trying to marry and he gives her flowers.

Get 30 notes (half of them are easy) and befriend joe by giving him fish. You only need to get on heart from him. Then buy a level 3 house. You/ your wife will get pregnant 20 days after if you give your spouse presents.

DO NOT MARRY JAMIE! The game just ends.

When you have your baby, it will be 60 days after your pregnant. I think it might depend on what gender you are that what gender the baby is but I could be wrong. Mine looked like a boy to me. Oh and your child is always a toddler.

After you collect 99 notes, go to the harvest godddes spring for the last note. You rescue her at 50.
sprite notes
Big Eater Note
Received for eating 50 meals.

Woodcutter Note
Received for cutting 20 trees or stumps.

Cloud Note
Received for working 10 hrs. on a cloudy day.

Garbage Can Note
Received for throwing away garbage 20 times.

Weed Note
Received for pulling 100 weeds.
Sun note, Rain note, cloud note, snow note!!!!!
On a sunny, raining, cloudy, or snowy day, ride your horse (if you have one. if you don't just walk) up the mountain and collect any herbs or flowers or whatever and ship them. Do it really early, no later than 7;30. 10 hours later you will get a note. simple ain't it. WARNING! If you don't get the note 10 hours later, wait a couple minutes. you will get it. Also on the sunny day one, do it early because you might not get it at night. There's 4 easy notes! =]
The dolphin glitch
The makers of the game only found this out once the game was released and is that if you befriend the dolphin to 10 hearts then it will ask you to go on a date. (only hapens if you bought your game before the 8th of April and only with you as a boy.)
Hey peeps, my first post. Umm, there are 4 "king" fish which take a long time to reel in, and I'm gonna tell you all 4.

Huchen: Sorry if I am spelling the fish wrong, but in Spring or Summer (I don't know if he appears in Fall) but after a rain or a typhoon, usually rain, go to Sunny Lake. Try to fish there, and if a fish is taking a long time to reel, it's the Huchen. My smallest Huchen is 61cm and my biggest is 1m 68cm.

Jamasquid: Only available in Winter, as you can only go to Lake Cave in Winter. You might want to bring a fishing rod to catch it, a hammer (so you can go IN the cave ) and probably a hoe (Since near level 80 and beyond, the floor cracks cannot be trusted and have a 60% chance of sending you up a few levels.) This is an odd fish, it is black with red eyes. It also has a wierd head of red, yellow, green, and black stripes on its head. I have only caught it once (it's HARD getting down there) and I caught it at 1m 48cm. This is an annoying place since it is the only fish down there, and once you catch it, it does not regenerate.

Squid Prince: I am just gonna call him "prince" here. I have heard he appears in Winter, but have had no success in the cold. He DEFINATELY appears in Summer, and only at the Island. Take the dolphin to fish for prince here. Prince only appears after rain or, more often, after a typhoon. I have caught him at a good size of 1m 89cm.

Boot (Right): Okay, not really a fish, but it is the final king. It can be caught year-round,at the Island or the river,or anywhere you can fish. It is odd since it is a piece of garbage, so it contributes to the Rubber Boots Note. I have caught 27 of them (lol),and yet it says "size: 0cm", which makes no sense since boots are like mabye 30 cm in real life. It does tug hard, like the other kings do, but cannot be shipped.

Well, I hope I have helped you guys fish for Kings. Peace Peeps!
These are all diff. cheats/tips; some I know/found
-If you forget where the heck you live (like I did on my 1st week.....), then all you have to do is hit the Y button, hit the Z button, and click on YES. This will make you go back home & go to sleep.

-If you have several animals (dog, pig, sheep, etc.......) you can hit the Z button 2x to make their names pop up. If the name is white, you haven't fed them. If it's green, then they have been fed for the day.

-You don't have to get 100 notes to wake the Goddess......you only need 1/2 of them (50 notes).

-The cheapest way to feed your pig is to feed it weeds.

-Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy a chicken!!!!! Buy the egg, it's much cheaper. It will take a while to hatch, but you will save money in the long run. (Note; you can get the egg at the Blue Sky Ranch)

-Do not, I will say it again to warn you, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DOOOOOO NOOOOOOOT marrie Jamie. Even if you want to. When you marrie him/her, the game will just end. You won't be able to see your child or finish where you left off.

-Types of gasses & what they do;
*pink gas: some of your satmina is restored.
*black gas: light disappeares until there is only a small circle around you.
*purple gas: you become confused & you move in diff. directions than the controller points.
*orange gas: you become parilized.
*yellow gas: you speed up (alot) so you can zip around the floor.
*white gas: removes affects of other gasses (this is a very rare gas).

-I found that in the mines, if you don't seem to be falling when you need to (through the cracks) that if you find a crack next to a rock/crystel, & you go on the crack & hold the R button (makes a lock onto the square of soil) you will fall faster. It works even better if you hit the object.

-If you check the weather channel at the beginning of the day, & there will be a typhoon, work in the mines all night untill you're forst to go home. The next day you can sleep the whole day to regain the lost stamina.

-The best house spot at the beginning of the game (to my opinion) is the River Side home because there is pretty fertil land for crops, & you can also fit in a small barn. If you want a large barn, you can also buy the Ocean Side land. There you have alot of space for a large home & large barn.

-In order to get married, you don't need 30 notes. All you need is 8 or more <3hearts<3 for a person of the opposite gender, & a level 3 house so you can get the double bed.

Well, I hope that I have helped you all in some way. I hope you all have a great time playing the Magical Melody!!! I know that I will/am!!!!!
I will tell more hints/tips/cheats later but I have homework to do & my dad is yelling at me to do it so I hope I see you all later. E-mail me if you want to talk about the game. I will if I need to!!!! SEE YAH!!!!

~A True Harvest Moon Fan~
This Is A Cheif Cheat!
Okay, this cheat is for people who like to cook only! Just Joshin! If you fish and catch blowfish, don't throw it back or ship it! Normally a regular blowfish is worth 3G but if you turn it into Sashimi then you get 113G!!! Actually if you get something eatible turn it into food and it sells for more! Hope this was helpful! E-mail me for help! meggiepoo919@yahoo.com
Truffle Crazy
Only in the fall, bring your pig to the orange chesnut trees (mora trees). Wait for the ! and grab the truffle before the pig eats it.
Want some $$ and more?

2 horses one 2 stars and other about 8 stars
When the horse races come win with the 2 star one and youll get free fodder for a month. Then win with the 8 star one and youll win somthing its always different cause its the junk cup race!
So then Sell both your horses and youll have 100,000g,free fodder, and w/e you won from the junk cup race! Hope i Helped
watch out
If u go along time without giving ur future husband/wife a present a heart will disappear(i found it out) Check out my profile
Weather Typhoons
This has always been one of the ways to avoid typhoons and snow storms. Every night before you go to bed, save in your diary, and every morning check trhe weather, if it says there will be a typhoon, reload your game to when you saved it the night before, then when you go to bed and wake up the next morning and check the weather, it will have changed.
Win the Horse Race with a inexperienced horse!
If you enter the horse race with a horse with lets say 1,2 or 3 stars training, you're bound to lose. Not with my cheat. When Theodore shows you the other horses training, say like Jamie has 7 stars training. When the race begins, get in front of Jamie. Now when you go to 'Conserve' Jamie will push you over the finish line!

Hope it helps!
Winning The Horse Race
How to win the horse race:

1 first of all u have 2 be able 2 ride ur horse.

2 next u should have at least 1 star beside ur horse's name.

3 when it is time 4 the horse race the mayor will ask u if u want 2 be in the horse race select yes (don't worry if the other horse's have a lot more stars this will still work 'cause i only had 2 stars and the other horse's had 7-8 stars and i still won)

4 when the horse race is about 2 begin and the mayor is explaining how 2 play instead of skipping it look at the bottom of the screen and u will see the track on it u will see x's that's where the power up's r along the track.

5 once u know where the most r then skip the instructions.after the mayor has finished explaining how 2 play switch the horse's speed 2 "flying".

6 now get in front of some horse's and switch tracks so u can get the power ups (food) this lets ur horse regain it's stamina. the other horse's will lose there stamina trying 2 keep up with u. and u will most likely win (sorry if this dosen't work)