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I See An Island, No Sign Of Happiness


My appreciation of the Harvest Moon series can easily be summed up as enjoyment but eventually feeling repetitive. With a few ups and downs this has remained largely true - I like them even though the farm chores end up feeling like chores after a while. After the success of Rune Factory 2 that mixed Harvest Moon with classic RPG action I decided I wanted to sample a more pure Harvest Moon experience on the DS. Misfortune led me to Island of Happiness, a subtitle so woefully inaccurate as happiness is one thing that was missing. It's strange because essentially most of makes up Harvest Moon...


Harvest Touch! The Island of the Stylus!

The good:

1. A Complete List of New Characters
2. Touch Screen Movements
3. A Very Touching Storyline
4. Characters Arrive As Island Progresses
5. New, Cute Animal and Character Styles
6. More Challenging But Way More Fun!

The bad:

1. Stamina and Fullness
2. Wonderful Stones The Only Way to Upgrade Tools
3. No Cow Barn Or Chicken Koop At The Start Of Game?
4. No Dog, No Horse?


Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is the 2nd Installment of Harvest Moon games for the Nintendo DS portable. It was released on August 26th of 2008 to most North American game stores. With one very exciting storyline and a completely new area of play, the Island of Happiness is a place of many wonders.

You can play as ether a boy or girl main character. Embarking on a voyage across the sea your hopes are of finding a place in this wonderful world to call your own. But to your dismay a violent storm tossed your passenger liner completely off ship to wash up on an island with a handful of your...

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