Harvest Moon DS review
Farming means fun?

The good:

  • A unique story.
  • More to do than just farming.
  • Some great mini games.
  • Always fun to play.
  • A nice change from all the violent games.
  • Some great character designs.
  • The ability to get married.
  • Hidden mini games.
  • The ability to raise a child.
  • They've given all the characters their own dislikes and likes and personalities.
  • The ability to view heart events.

    The bad:

  • You can marry girls from the other gameboy advance games but your game immediately ends.
  • Full of glitches
  • After getting married there's not a lot to do
  • You can only have a boy child


    I know what you're thinking. "A Farming Game?" Well it's not just about farming. You have to get married, find sprites and many other things. The basic plot to the game is a goddess, known as the harvest goddess, has been turned into stone by a princess, known as the witch princess. So then the witch princess sends all the sprites to find her. Then she turns the task onto you so you must collect 60 sprites to save the harvest goddess. You get harvest sprites by doing jobs around the farm and outside of the farm. The storyline makes it a great game.

    Although you're a farmer in this game there is much more to do than just farm. You can get married, raise a child, play mini games, collect accessories and many many more. Though towards the farming part of the game you can plant crops, like plant some tomato seeds and water it until it grows into a tomato. To plant them you use the hoe then simply plant the seeds. As far as taking care of animals it's not that hard. You basically buy some yarn and put it into their food boxes. If you want them to win farming competitions you groom them with the brush. They use the heart points system for this too. Like, let's say you had 8 hearts on a single cow then if you enter them you have a higher chance of winning the competition. I mentioned some mini games, there are quite a few like the girl fighting mini games. Basically in this game you play it like a final fantasy fighting style, not with swords but with tools, like fighting the girls you can marry. The grooming mini game, if you use this on your animals they will have a higher chance of getting another heart.

    If you have ever played the games on Gameboy Advance you can marry the girls from that game if you plug it into the DS while playing Harvest Moon DS. Though when you get married to one of them your game immediately ends as you move to Mineral Town. Although I've heard if you buy the version 'Cute' then you wont have to leave.

    This has a great replay value. I'm constantly playing it. I usually restart and try to marry all the girls.

    The whole game is drawn in anime form. The cute graphics in the game give it a true Harvest Moon feel.

    In this game there are things known as 'Heart Events', which are like small cut scenes of dates. If you view one of these a person's love points will go up quite a bit.

    If you don't get what I mean by love points it's like how much they like you, as in if you gave them a lot of gifts they will like you more so their love points will go up. There is also a friendship points system, which basically works the same. You can only get love points with the girls that are available to marry but the friendship points are for anyone.

    In this game the whole child system may sound great but it's missing one major thing: female children. You can only have boy children in this game and you never really see your children as adult because after becoming a teen they just stop growing.

    There's a real downside to Harvest Moon that was a big let down for me. It's too glitchy; within the first five minutes of playing I encountered many glitches. The version 'Cute' is supposed to be less glitchy though. If this version was not that glitchy it would get a 5 out of 5 and be the best game on DS. Harvest Moon DS is still a great buy and I highly recommend it. The glitches aren't so bad really. They hardly bother me but there is a big one. There's an ability to marry the Harvest Goddess or the Witch Princess but on some versions it won't work. Harvest Moon wont disappoint even with all its glitches. It won't let you down.

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