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I'd like to start off with a warning - if you are going to buy this game, do NOT compare it to the regular Harvest Moon! You don't own animals or grow your own crops, you do not marry and you do not even have cash. If you're going to compare it to the traditional Harvest Moon games, you'll hate this.

However, if you treat this game as its own, it's a good game! I was very iffy about it when I got it for Christmas, feeling terrible that my parents had wasted their money, but I found that this game is good on its own merits.

To start off with, it's more of a relaxing game. Harvest Moon itself is relaxing but, face it, even HM has its times of stress - especially when trying to unlock events, manage your money and keep your animals alive all at once. Frantic Farming allows you to play without thinking TOO hard - because you can start over if you lose.

It gets repetitive, however, because as you play through each character the story overlaps a lot. It's interesting to see where characters went after they talked to other characters, but it's also hard to keep up with who went where and when as you try to gather information and find out exactly what happened that day.

The puzzles themselves are barely varied. You play the same way each time but you have different goals - sometimes you play to get points, sometimes you play to get certain crops, and sometimes you play to race or outlive others. The puzzle is repetitive but still fun if you're looking for something to do for a while.

A slightly bad thing is the length of each characters' role in the game. Thinking about it, it would be worse for the game to drag on with one character, but each character has about 10 chapters (that's an estimate) and each chapter lasts for maybe 20 or so puzzles. They go pretty quickly. It's good in the sense that it gives you a change of scenery often, but not if you're expecting to play your favorite character for a while.

The added options to free play are a better part of Frantic Farming because sometimes you just don't feel like following the story line. When choosing a game other than the story mode you have the choice of which game to play, so you can choose from the in-game options such as score win or crop win. Choosing your preference breaks the monotony of the story mode and allows you to play for a little longer without getting bored.

In all, the game isn't amazing, but it's not as terrible as people say it is. I've found that people who hate the game usually hate it because it's different than previous Harvest Moon games. But if you want a fun, relaxing games that includes your favorite characters from Sunshine Islands, this game is the one you're looking for!

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