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Harvest Moon DS: Cute

The good:

-Many different crops from vegetables to fruit which grow at different seasons and rates.
-Many different tools to obtain, and upgrade.
-Many different paths to take to complete goals in the game.
-Large town to roam around in.
-Fishing, and cooking.
-Many hidden events to obtain.

The bad:

-Graphics are decent, yet not the best
-Game play a little repetitive


Harvest Moon DS Cute Review

It's a cool crisp Spring morning in your village. You arrived recently, and you are starting a brand new farm with very little supplies and materials. At the start, things are rather rough. Just cleaning your crop field, or getting fodder for the animals! As the game progresses, you learn the responsibility of owning a ranch. Making sure you feed your animals every day, water and harvest your vegetables, and attend monthly festivals to get to know the villagers a little more! In the end, it pays off with a nice large house, respect from many peop...


A Harvest Moon Game to Beat

The good:

This game is like Harvest Moon DS Boy version except there are some new features. Which improved the game a lot. Here are a few pros:

-Farming is a big part of the game. All you have to do is buy seeds from Vesta who lives at the east of the Valley or buy it from Karen over the phone.

-There are many more bachelors

-You could customize your farm to how you like it

-The game never ends

-Really good storyline

-You can have a male of female child unlike the boy version wherein you may only have a male child

-You could see your friendship and love points with other villagers/bachelors

-New places like a May's Clothing store where you can buy new clothes

-There are now 101 sprites instead of 7

-The Sprites are divided into teams like Watering, Farming, Brushing and Petting, Fishing, Stamina Healing, Lumber and Animal Shipping & Feeding Teams. You may already know what they do from their team name.

-New features (Like being able to change your wallpaper and your clothes!)

-Your child has three stages: Baby, Child and Teenager

-A new bachelor named Skye!

-You can choose between the blond girl from MFoMT or the brunette girl from AnWL.

-Natsume has fixed the glitches and bugs that were in the boy version!

The bad:

Of course, there are some bad points too:

-It doesn't have Wi-fi

- Watering can be a pain sometimes especially if you haven't upgraded your watering can (You can call up the Blacksmith and ask him to upgrade your watering can so watering your plants can be easier because if you "charge" your watering can, it will water more squares of land. But it only waters tilled land.)

-Throwing things on the ground reduce love and friendship points with villagers

-There are no dog or horse competitions/festivals


The story starts with the Harvest Goddess and Harvest Sprites coming to your house at midnight. Your deceased mother sent a request to the Harvest Lord to help you raise the farm. When the Harvest Goddess and Harvest Sprites appear, the Harvest Goddess has decided you don't seem to be able to fulfill your mother's request. So, the Harvest King comes and they get into a fight. He banishes both the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites. So now you are left to rescue the Goddess and her Sprites, and fulfill her mother's dream.

In this game, you have to rescue the Harvest Goddess and the spri...

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