Harvest Moon DS Cute Tips

In order to grow crops in your basements, you will need to have some suns. A Summer Sun will allow you to grow summer crops, Spring Suns will let you grow spring crops, etc. You can put one sun in each basement. Be careful about removing the suns - if you do any crops in that basement will wither and die. The game will double-check with you if you're about to pick up the sun though, so you won't likely do it by accident.

When Gotz builds your basement, he will randomly give you one of the suns. If you want a different one though, you'll have to go to the mines. The suns are found in the 3rd mine by smashing rocks with your hammer.

Spring Sun........ Floors ending in 1
Summer Sun..... Floors ending in 2
Fall Sun............ Floors ending in 3
Winter Sun....... Floors ending in 4

Note that the Winter Sun has no value other than helping to complete your shipping list and to give as gifts to people who like it.