Harvest Moon DS Cute Glitches

Cooking Festival Glitch
Yes, I know this has been already done. I just wanted to finish what I started [Yes, That was another account of mine].

Okay, So this year the cooking festival is MIXER. You enter GRAPE JUICE. But, once you get to the festival, and tell Gourmet [Or Thomas. I forget] that you are entering, he won't ask what you are submitting. Instead, He'll carry on and say "Okay, Should We Start Now?" [Or something like that.]

This is because they re-submitted what you had last year [Ex. POT dish, Rainbow Curry.]. You have no choice but to carry on with the festival.

Everyone else will have a MIXER dish but you. He'll do what he does every year [G.0.0.D, B.A.D, Etc] but once he reaches you he will say "Disqualified! This is not a POT dish!" [Or close to that].

You will then be sent home.

This will happen every year until the POT year comes back.

Thanks For Reading!

Reiko. xxx