Harvest Moon DS Cute Tips

Pluto the Sprite
Pluto is a particularly hard sprite to unlock because you need to ship 100,000 of something produced on your farm (i.e. crops and animal products such as milk and eggs). Here are a few things to make it easier:

1. Sell things to Van instead of shipping them. Even though you're not actually shipping things, it still counts as though you are, and actually counts as though you're shipping more things than you're actually selling (probably because Van pays more than the Mayor does when you ship things).

2. Levelled-up crops [and presumably animal products] make you more money, and count as even more crops being sold, especially when sold to Van. In order to level them up, I suggest planting them in your basement(s) in the seasons prior to when they are able to grow outside.

Overall, I suggest picking one crop, and planting it multiple times. Then sell them to Van.

I chose yams, since they grow so quickly, and they grow back, so you don't have to waste crops on making more seeds. I have yams between level 7 and level 13, that I sell to Van. I planted them in every possible spot, which was probably a bit of overkill, but it works. I'm not even at the end of Fall of Year 2 and I've already 'sold' almost 97,000 yams. (This is from using my technique in Year 2 only. I bet you could do it by the end of the first year).