Harvest Moon DS Cute Tips

Easy Cash in Winter
It's Winter! What about winter, you ask? Well, since you have no crops, and if you don't have animals, you practically have no easy cash-making activities. Well, now you do!

One night, before you head off back home and go to sleep, collect all the white grass in the valley, or at least twelve to fourteen is good. And once that's done, now go to sleep.

The next morning, do your morning chores if you have any livestock. If you don't have any animals, go to the excavation site and bring your hoe with you. Don't forget to bring the white grass you collected the day before, too! Once your in the excavation site, stay in the undergrounds, and don't go into any of the mines.

Before you do anything else, save your game. Then, get your hoe out and dig up the edges and ends of the undergrounds. It should look like a square, or a picture frame, except without a picture in it.

After that, try to mimic the pattern you just made, like a frame, except the next row.

Face turned blue already? No problem! The moment your face turns blue, or a skull appears in a bubble above your head, eat the white grass. Every time your face turns blue, eat two white grasses, and that should do the trick. Now, keep on doing the frame pattern.

Once you're done digging up all of the squares, you should have a lot of items you dug up! Only one to four items? No problem! Reset your game and do it until you get a lot.

Keep doing this every day until winter ends. It should really work!

It really worked for me; trust me. I got a little more than 32,000G in just two days! That's more than you should earn in any other season in just two days.

This works best for winter, because that's the only time when white grass is in season. This is also good for the grass-eating sprites you need to save to get married and to save the Harvest Goddess.

Good luck, and I hope you make some quick money from my tip!