Harvest Moon DS Cute Tips

TV Shopping Items
<span style="color:maroon;"><font size=1>Available at the Beginning

Round Table (500 G)
Clock (2000 G)
Tool Box (2000 G)
Ornament Box (2500 G)

First House Upgrade Required

Shelves (2500 G)
Refrigerator (2500 G)
Kitchen (4000 G)
Pot (1000 G)
Frying Pan (1200 G)
Mixer (1200 G)
Oven (2500 G)
Steamer (2000 G)

Second House Upgrade Required

Big Bed (10,000 G)


Note: These are the only items that you can buy from TV Shopping. If you see a different kind of item other than the ones on this list, those require a different kind of currency called "korobos." There is no way to earn korobos.</font></span>