Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats

Popuri and the Kids
Exit the Sprite Company Tree
10:00 am to 11:00 am, Sunday, sunny day
Popuri 200+ FP
You are not married
GBA connection required

Popuri figures it would be bad if she became weak from too much studying, so she suggests that they (Kate and Hugh) come play with her. The kids ask what she wants to play, but Popuri seems more upset that they're referring to her as aunt (obasan) instead of older sister (oneesan). The kids talk among themselves and Kate blames Hugh for calling Popuri an "aunt". Hugh denies that he did and says it was because Kate said it first. As the two of them bicker Popuri gets upset. She tells them she's going home and she leaves crying.

(The reason why Popuri is upset is because Obasan is usually a term of respect for an older woman, not for someone as young as Popuri feels she is. That is why she prefers Oneesan.)