Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats

Your farmhouse
10:00 pm or later
Husband has 5000 LP or less
Only available before your pregnancy

If you have treated your husband poorly and dropped his Love Points to below 5000, go into your farmhouse after 10:00 pm and your husband will still be awake. He asks why you haven't been talking to him and if he's done something that you aren't satisfied with. You answer his question with complete silence, which will anger him. The only solution he can think of is to demand a divorce and he storms out of the house!

You stay up for another hour but he doesn't come back. Another 2 hours go by and you decide to go search for him. Right as you leave he walks in and you get smacked by the opening door! It turns out your husband didn't really want a divorce and he's come back.

The next morning your husband will have about 20,000 more LP than he did the night before, although his FP will not have increased.

This event won't occur anymore if you have seen the pregnancy event, or if you have a child.